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  • Kerrik Wolf
    I'm glad you like my work. I enjoy writing and I have to keep going to keep the voices silent. As for the application for author access, I'm not sure what the answer is. I'd guess work too. I'd suggest going to the Pokegirl Pokecenter and PM Grimwauld. He's the admin and owner for this site. Hope this helps!
  • PlatinumOtter
    Btw, I've been reading your works for a while and I wanted to say I love your stories. Pokegirls is a great genre but most people either can't write very well even if they have good ideas or they don't have the fortitude to finish what they start. You keep coming up with interesting and creative twists and you bring it home in the end. Your work has actually inspired me to start writing and I've found it's a lot of fun, so thank you for doing what you do. :-)
  • PlatinumOtter
    I keep trying to apply for author access, but it keeps saying I failed the security question. I assumed the answer was "work", but am I missing something?