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Pure Vanilla Chapter 2


         Daniel waited for Trish to shut the door before taking a deep breath of the afternoon air. This was it. He was really doing it.


         “So. Which way to Cardiff?” Lea asked, stretching as she waited for Daniel to respond. “Well?”


         “The road is that way.” Daniel replied, pointing out of town. “We’ve got a ways to go before we make it to Sarah’s place, and from there it’s another couple of hours to get to Cardiff.”


         “Let’s get moving, Master.” Trish smiled at Daniel. “We don’t want to waste our daylight.”


         “Right, right.” Daniel replied, striking out along the path. “Trish, get up here and take point. Lea, watch our backs.”


         “Sure.” Lea replied, cracking her knuckles as she scanned the area. “Anything you’re worried about?” She paused. “Sir?”


         “Just the usual roaming ferals.” Daniel replied. “There’s a huge flock of bird pokegirls that like to frequent the road to Cardiff, and you never know what might have come out of the forest.”


         Lea looked around with slightly more apprehension. “Ok. So that’s a big question mark.”


         Daniel stayed relaxed as they walked, only coming to attention as they approached the uncut grass that marked the edge of town. “Right. Anything goes, now.”


         Almost as if on cue, Trish noticed movement ahead of them and stopped, sword at the ready. “Master, there’s someone on the path.”


         Daniel pushed past her, blinking at the scene. “Oh, dear.”


         A young boy lay face down, a figure working him over. As they watched, the figure turned, revealing itself to be a pokegirl, tears streaming down her cheeks. “Please! Help us!”


         “Trish, you’re faster, get back into town. The local doctor lives in the only house with a red roof. Tell him what’s going on here.” He slapped her shoulder. “Move!” He hurried over to the boy, Lea right behind him. “What happened.”


         “We were attacked.” The crying pokegirl replied. “Master Benjamin tried to protect me, but I should have protected him!” The girl broke down into new sobs. “I managed to get him here but now he’s not breathing!”


         Daniel none too gently shoved her off the unmoving body. “Tell Lea everything you saw. And be QUIET.” He snarled, closing his eyes and shoving two wax plugs into his human ears. Bending down, he began listening carefully.


         “It was too fast.” The girl whispered, her body still shaking. “Master saw it first, and I only saw it as he jumped in front of me.” She sniffed. “It’s probably still out there. Who knows where it might attack next.” She began to step towards Daniel, her hands outstretched. “Please, you have to destroy it.”


         “That’s enough.” Lea retorted, her hand whipping out and hauling the girl back. “I recognize you from the ranch.” She turned back to Daniel, who had flipped the boy over. “The kid got caught up in Celestial bullshit, Sir.”


         Daniel grit his teeth. “Figures.” With a cry he pounded the kid’s chest, waiting a tick before repeating. Every few he bent down to blow another breath into his mouth. “My CPR isn’t doing anything.” He muttered. Suddenly he straightened, diving away as two figures came running up to the body. “Doctor. I couldn’t resuscitate him.”


         “Thank you, Daniel. Julie will take it from here.” The man began rifling through a bag as the pokegirl accompanying him began pouring healing magic into the boy. “How’s the tissue damage?”


         Daniel sat back as the two continued conversing, only giving a cursory glance when Trish ran back up, panting in exertion. “I’m sorry, Master. They were too fast for me to keep up.”


         “That’s fine, Trish.” Daniel soothed. “You did fine.” He turned to the now quiet pokegirl. “As for you. Who is she, Lea?”


         Lea sneered. “She never told anyone her name. We were all told off as she is ‘too important’ to speak to the likes of us.”


         Daniel sighed. “Megami. Don’t try to fool me. What really happened here?”


         The Megami calmly looked at him. “The One who was meant to bear my fate was stolen from Me. This boy took His place.”


         Daniel grit his teeth. “You were at the ranch. What happened.”


         “The One who was supposed to take Me was sent on a different path by that meddling girl. Instead of being in the chosen room, I was set to the back of the line.”


         Daniel’s eyes flashed. “I had a choosing group derailed due to a ‘meddling girl’. If you tried to send a PSH into a situation that I would have barely escaped from…”


         The girl looked him up and down, nodding dismissively. “Yes, you were the one. But you were lost.”


         Daniel reared back, driving his fist into the Megami’s stomach, leaving her doubled over and choking for air. Glancing back at the doctor he could only watch as he stood, unraveling a sheet over the boy’s body. Lea stepped back unconsciously as a sound assaulted her ears, Daniel’s teeth grinding as he fought not to continue attacking the Megami. “I cannot begin to express the hatred I have for you right now.” He whispered, fighting to get the words past his clenched teeth. “But unfortunately for you, I will not pass judgement on your soul.”


         The girl sneered, her breath steadying from the initial shock. “You have already doomed yourself by laying a hand on me, boy. You should attempt to pass your ‘judgement’ while you still can.”


         Daniel ripped his pokedex off of his belt, keying in a number. His father showed up on the screen, a worried expression on his face. “Daniel? You’ve only just left. What’s wrong?”


         “I need you to get me in contact with Angelica.” Daniel snarled. “NOW.”


         “That’s no way to talk-“ His father started to snap before Daniel swiveled the camera to face the shrouded corpse. “…oh. She’s on her way.”


         Daniel stood still as a woman suddenly appeared next to them. “Daniel.” She peered at his face. “Hm. Your eyes have changed color.” She reached out, brushing at his wolf ears. “Lower your ears and relax, Daniel.”


         Daniel took a shuddering breath, steeling himself as he did. “I will try.”


         “Good.” The woman turned and looked at the Megami, Lea still restraining her. “Is she who you called for?”


         Daniel nodded. “Her original target escaped, and so she took a life to get it back.”


         Angelica smiled. “I see.” Trish and Lea whimpered at her look, the calm smile radiating hatred. “The young boy behind me was that life, I take it?”


         The Megami frowned. “Who are you?”


         “Your judge.” Angelica replied, placing her hand on the girl’s forehead. “I have queried the consciousness, and Those that Are have agreed. Your punishment is removal.”


         Fear flit through the girl’s eyes. “Wait, what do you mean? What are you going to do to me?”


         Angelica began to hum, magic power building up around her as blue markings began to creep up her face. “I am your direct superior, child. And you have committed an ultimate sin.”


         “No, please!” The girl cried, trying to squirm out of Lea’s grasp. “I did as was instructed!”


         “It is agents like yourself that give us a bad name.” Angelica intoned, her voice ringing with a deeper undertone. “Let your sins be washed clean, as We wash ourselves of you.” Daniel winced at the scream, magic blasting into the Megami’s body as it reshaped. When the light cleared, a much shorter girl stood there. “It is done.”


         Daniel pointed his pokedex, reading the scan. “An Ingenue?” He started at a hand on his shoulder, turning to see the doctor staring at him.


         “Daniel. We weren’t able to save him.”


         Daniel bowed his head. “I know.” He looked at the unconscious Ingenue in contempt. “She killed him by putting him into that situation.”


         The doctor gazed at Angelica curiously. “You are one of Emmanuel’s pokegirls, yes?”


         Angelica bowed her head. “Yes, Sir. I was called here to pass Celestial judgement on this pokegirl.” She straightened, her markings beginning to fade from her face. “She has been sentenced according to Our laws. She is yours to punish as you see fit.”


         “I’ll write a report.” The doctor muttered. “Julie, find this girl’s pokeball and attach a seal to it. She will most likely be sentenced to death or similar.”


         The woman nodded, extracting a pokeball from the body’s bag and triggering it, returning the unconscious ingénue. She then affixed a small electronic device over the button.


         “Well then.” Angelica continued, nodding in approval at Daniel. “You’ve calmed down, and I do believe this situation is under control.”


         “Whatever killed him is still out there.” Daniel replied. “And while I’d love to go find it, I’d rather not follow him to the afterlife.”


         Angelica blinked. “That’s true. Wait here.” She said, disappearing. About a minute passed before she reappeared, tossing a mass of flesh and bone onto the ground. “That’s what killed him. This is just the leader.” Daniel looked in morbid fascination at the severed and crushed head. “I’ve left the rest, as they are now scattered and of an appropriate threat.” She grinned at him. “You’ll probably fight a few on your way through.”


         Daniel chuckled nervously. “Mind telling me what that was?”


         Angelica winked at him. “That would ruin the fun, wouldn’t it?” She nodded to Trish and Lea. “I have confidence in you both.” She waved her hand, vanishing once more.


         Daniel shuddered, ignoring the head on the ground as he stepped forwards. “Alright, you two. Let’s get going.”


         “But, isn’t it extremely dangerous right now, Master?” Trish asked worriedly as the doctor hoisted the body and began walking back into town. “If there are more of these things…”


         “Angelica says we’ll be fine, and I trust her.” Daniel replied. “Unlike that shitstain of a Megami, she doesn’t send you to your death.”


         “But she’s still a Megami-Sama.” Lea muttered.


         “A Megami-Sama that I watched get mortally injured in order to save my life.” Daniel snapped back. “She had no reason to. I could have taken the knife and won the fight, but she instead took the blow so I had a fair chance.” He strode forwards angrily. “If she says she has confidence in us, she means we can make it through this without much danger. Her precognition is precise enough.”


         Trish glanced at Lea worriedly, the other shaking her head and jogging to catch up to Daniel. “If you say so.”






         The sun was past its peak before they encountered anything else along the path. This encounter was much calmer, consisting of only a few nods between Daniel and another Tamer who had stopped to take a rest. Daniel thought about asking him about what Angelica had seen out here, but decided against it almost immediately. She had implied that he was supposed to face a few of these mystery pokegirls, and with luck that would mean good practice for Lea and Trish, and enough money from the sales for a meal or two. Worrying about what they could be wouldn’t do him any good.


         They made it another few hundred feet before Trish slowed. Curious, Daniel tapped her on the shoulder. “See something?”


         Trish pointed at a tree by the path. “Those vines. I hadn’t really been paying attention, but none of the trees so far have had them, right Master?”


         Daniel glanced around before looking back at the hanging vines. “Nope. Is that bad?”


         “I don’t know.” Daniel looked at her in surprise, Trish visibly worried. “Something in my head is telling me yes, but I can’t remember why.”


         “Well the path is kept moderately clear of ferals.” Daniel replied, pulling up his pokedex. “But just in case, I’ll check entries.”


         He hummed to himself as he perused the entries. “There are a handful of breeds that ambush travelers, but none of them use vines as a trap. That’s saved for after they snag someone.” He scrolled to the next entry. “Here we go. It’s possible that’s a Treant, but if it is, we should just leave it alone. They’re harmless unless provoked.” He turned on the scan mode, pointing the antennae at the vines. “Let’s see…” He nodded at the result. “Inconclusive. So yea, at worst a hibernating Treant.”


         “Why do I feel so worried then?” Trish muttered.


         “Not sure.” Daniel patted her shoulder. “But we’re ok. C’mon, we’ll walk on the other side of the path.”


         The three did so, Trish nearly inching along until they were past the questionable tree, at which point she jogged a few steps before stopping. “Ok! Nothing happened.”


         Daniel chuckled, giving her a playful shove as he passed. “Thank you for the caution, but you can calm down a little.”


         “Yea.” Trish replied, not missing the look Lea shot her as she passed. “jerk.” She muttered.


         Lea snickered to herself, skipping past Daniel and spinning around a few times. “The path is policed, there’s nothing to see. But Trishi gets terrified by a tree!” She sang mockingly, backpedaling so she could watch Trish’s reaction. “Such a scaredy – WHOA!”


         Daniel jumped back in surprise as she went flying backwards, skidding along the ground and coming to an undignified halt. “You alright, Lea?”


         Lea groaned, sitting up and rubbing her back. “That sucked. I tripped over something.” She looked at the path in confusion. “But there’s nothing there.”


         Daniel attempted to yell a warning as a second vine shot from the undergrowth and lashed across her legs, but was too late as Lea, caught by surprise, felt it tighten around her knees and yank her off the path. “HE-E-ELP!” She managed before being unceremoniously pulled through the trees.


         “LEA!” Daniel screamed, instantly bolting to where she had disappeared. “TRISH!”


         “Master.” Trish replied, only wasting breath on the one word as she drew the sword off her back. The tempered wood helped her quickly beat a path as she chased the still wailing Lea through the underbrush, Daniel hot on her heels. It didn’t take long before they broke into a clearing in time to watch Lea get hoisted off the ground and above a pair of pokegirls.


         The two immediately turned to Daniel and Trish, the one still lifting Lea backing up to let her partner take the new threat. Daniel made a motion towards his pokedex to scan them, but refrained when he saw the bulbs on their backs. “They look like Boobisaurs. Lea, please tell me you’re not going to fold up this easily.”


         Trish sniffed, stepping back and covering Daniel warily. “She’s unable to fight right now.”


         Daniel’s eyes widened as he noticed the pink powder drifting off of Lea’s body and the lack of comprehendible sound she was making. “Well, shit.”


         Trish swiftly pulled a pair of panties from her pack and put them on as a makeshift mask, her battle instincts completely glossing over what she was doing. “I can take care of this one, Master. Recall Lea.”


         Daniel had to stifle laughter as he noticed her equipment but did so, the capture beam snagging Lea from the Boobisaur’s grasp, causing it to turn and look around for it’s prey in confusion. Seizing the opportunity, Trish dashed forwards, slashing at the leading Boobisaur before diving to the side in order to avoid a Razor Leaf attack. Quickly closing once again she avoided the Boobisaur’s panicked attempt to snare her in its vines, jamming her sword into its stomach.


         Behind her, Daniel quietly released Lea, holding his breath as he brushed the remaining dust from her body. It wasn’t easy, as Lea was bent over, furiously kneading her breasts and groin as she fought the effects of the Lust Dust. With a glance to make sure Trish was doing well, Daniel attempted to bring Lea back to her senses. “Lea. HEY.”


         Lea’s eyes snapped open, her breath labored as she gazed at Daniel. “I’m… Stronger… Than… This…” She wheezed, her body twitching. “But… Mas… Ter…”


         Daniel cracked a grin. “And here I thought you would never call me that.” He teased, dragging his hand across her chest as she shivered in ecstasy. “Trish! Take care of that one! I need to help Lea.”


         Trish nodded, stumbling as she tripped on a vine but pulling herself back together before the Boobisaur could manage to snag her. “Capture her, Master!” She called, whipping her sword around and across the back of the Boobisaur’s head. With a jolt the girl’s body went limp and she fell to the ground, followed very closely by a pokeball, the light only blinking once before the capture tone sounded. Turning warily, Trish began circling the remaining Boobisaur, this one also taking up a cautious stance. “This one is older.” Trish called. “She will be a bit harder to defeat, Master.”


         “Lea will be able to help soon.” Daniel called back, fending off Lea’s feeble attempts to get into his pants. “She’s resisting the dust pretty well, so relieving her should allow her to get right back in the fight.”


         Trish did her best to ignore them as Daniel dropped his pants and slid Lea’s bikini down, slapping his stiffening penis against her leg before thrusting it into her soaked pussy. Trish was rewarded as her opponent completely forgot about her, turning fully to Daniel with a hungry look in her eye. Seizing the opportunity she lunged forwards, slashing the sharpened side across the Boobisaur’s stomach to leave a nasty cut. The girl screeched in pain, swiveling from the bouncing Amazon and her potential prize to the Slicer. The Boobisaur’s eyes narrowed and she bent over, her bulb opening slightly as a thin stream of dust began floating around her body.


         Holding a deep breath, Trish leapt forwards, using the opening to land a few solid hits against the Boobisaur’s sensitive back before leaping out of the dust, shaking off the powder before leaping back in to pound at her opponent’s chest and arms. The Boobisaur hissed, raising her vines along with her arms to defend her body, Trish’s sword scoring shallow cuts wherever she hit. Meanwhile Daniel pulled out of Lea as he felt her climax. The liquid spurt across the ground, Lea moaning breathlessly as the poison was flushed from her system. Panting, she staggered to her feet and surveyed Trish’s fight. “Thanks…”


         “My pleasure.” Daniel quipped, wiping himself off and pulling his pants back up. “Mind helping Trish?”


         Lea nodded, readying her fists as she watched the flow of Trish’s battle. Seizing an opportunity she leapt in, landing a solid blow to the Boobisaur’s side before being plucked off the ground once again with a yelp. Trish watched with a look of disappointment as the Boobisaur swiftly bound Lea’s arms and legs, slamming her against the ground like a trussed turkey. Lea’s screams of indignation were swiftly cut off as the Boobisaur added two more vines, one filling Lea’s mouth as the other jammed into her still soaking vagina. Daniel just sighed as he watched Lea stop struggling and begin moaning from the Vine Bondage technique, staring helplessly at Trish. The Slicer snorted, striding forwards and using the distraction to slip through the Boobisaur’s guard, rapping her sword hilt into the feral’s temple. The Boobisaur instantly fainted, the vines still binding Lea falling limp as the girl keeled over.


         “If I didn’t know better, I’d say Lea likes to lose.” Daniel grumbled, triggering her recall and tossing another pokeball at the Boobisaur. “Thank you, Trish.” He blinked. “Trish?”


         The Slicer moaned, scrabbling at her makeshift mask. “I… There was some dust.”


         Daniel groaned. “Shit. And the panties were working so well.” He quickly triggered her recall, picking up the two ferals and stuffing them into his bag. “There’s got to be a rest area nearby.” He muttered, pushing back onto the trail and jogging further along. “Cmon… Cmon… Yes!” He yelled triumphantly, skidding to a halt and ducking along a small side path. He emerged into a well-groomed clearing, two tents already set up near a campfire. Quickly setting up his own he ducked inside and triggered Trish’s pokeball.


         The Slicer materialized sprawled on the ground, her eyes wild as the Lust Dust took hold. Daniel eased Trish out of her clothing as the girl’s eyes rolled back into her head, a shiver of pleasure hitting from his touch. With a quick squeeze of her breast Trish’s eyes shot back open and she began panting. “Master…”


         Daniel chuckled and finished stripping her, nuzzling against her lower stomach. “You did so well.” He breathed, Trish shivering as his breath blew across her clit. “Lea’s was a requirement. Yours is a reward.”


         Trish moaned as he licked her vagina, sending his tongue probing slightly while he teased her nipples with his free hand, the other already stroking her hair. He had started to unbuckle his pants when something started rapping on the tent fabric. Biting back a curse he struggled up, fumbling for Lea’s pokeball and releasing the Amazon on top of Trish. “Lea, take care of her.” He muttered. “Trish, I’ll have to give you your reward later.” Trish replied with a cry as Lea started grinding, each of their soaking groins allowing easy motion.


         Pushing out of the tent he stood, brushing himself off. “What do you want.”


         Two Tamers stood in front of him, likely the ones owning the tents he had seen. The one in front waved. “Hi there. I’ll cut right to the point. This is our site, and you’re going to have to pay the toll to stay here.”


         Daniel looked at the kid incredulously. “This is a public campsite. AND it’s barely used. You honestly expect me to pay you to set up here? Get lost.” He started to turn before a hand grabbed his shoulder. Turning, he gazed calmly at the Tamer. “Take your hand off me.”


         The second one snapped his fingers. “Feli. Get out here.” Daniel watched as a Catgirl poked her head out of one of the tents, quickly stumbling to the Tamer’s side. He sneered. “Pay up. It’s only 200 poke, and in return you don’t get to see Feli’s claws.”


         Daniel cocked his head at the Catgirl, standing nervously next to her tamer. “She looks pretty new. You boys just come from the ranch?”


         “That’s none of your business!” The second snapped, slapping his Catgirl on the shoulder. “Feli, rough him up a little.”


         Daniel’s ears tilted as he heard the noise from inside his tent die down. “Let me educate you in something.” He said, brushing the first Tamer’s hand off his shoulder. “Pokegirls have abilities beyond a human’s. One of them, which they seem to have kept while humans ignored, is a danger sense.” He smiled, baring his fangs slightly at the Catgirl as she started to walk forwards. “Feli, what’s it telling you right now?”


         The girl froze solid at his look, prompting her irritated tamer to slap at her again. “Feli! I said to rough him up! He just talks big.”


         Daniel shook his head slightly. “Lesson two. As pokegirls and humans have mated, their children have been born with special gifts. Most people call them Blood Gifts.” He took a step closer to the first Tamer, his ears standing up straight on his head. “Neither of you are locals, so you don’t know me. Too bad for you.”


         The first tamer yelled in surprise, a curse that swiftly turned to a choking sound as Daniel drove his fist into the boy’s throat, crushing his windpipe. The second Tamer yelled, forcing his Catgirl into motion. She ran towards Daniel, her claws raking the air in front of her. Daniel just stepped back, watching as she tripped over the now convulsing first Tamer. He stepped past the two bodies, closing on the second boy and continued. “My mother is of the Wolf Queen breed. I was lucky enough to inherit some of her attributes.” He reared back, his elongated nails popping into view as he opened his fist. “And unluckily for you, I have had a pretty shit day.


         The boy screamed as Daniel drove his claws into his chest, pulling back to leave three red spots on his shirt, which slowly began to expand as the blood trickled out of the punctures. Turning, he stepped past the two on the floor and pulled open his tent door, giving a cursory glance to the two passed out pokegirls. “Well. So much for resting.” He recalled them; packing up the tent and slinging his bag back onto his back. “Hey kid. I’d recommend not pursuing a life of crime. You suck at it.” He called back over his shoulder, turning back to the path and leaving the two Tamers to recover.






         It was another half hour by the time Daniel walked into the small outskirt that Sarah lived in. He used the time to calm himself, smothering the rage that had been threatening him since that morning. The dried blood tipping his nails wasn’t helping, only reminding him of the off-hand remark he had made earlier. “No intention of getting in a Grand Melee.” He muttered sullenly. “Sure felt like I wanted to back there.”


         “Daniel!” He heard a voice call. Turning, he waited as Sarah came running down a side road, skidding to a halt in front of him. “You got here faster than I expected.”


         Daniel bared his teeth. “There are a couple of idiots trying to extort protection money on the path. I would have tried to find more ferals to fight if they hadn’t confronted me.”


         Sarah blinked and backed up a step. “Are you in control?” Daniel sighed at her cautious tone.


         “Yes. I am. You know I’m always in control.”


         Sarah cracked a smile. “When you eviscerated that bully 3 years ago I couldn’t quite tell.”

         Daniel snorted. “Oh, I was in control then. It’s why the jackass lived.” He waved his hand dismissively. “The two idiots back there are fine, too. Hopefully they won’t try to rob anyone else.”


         “Yea.” Sarah looked around expectantly. “Well, where’s your Amazon? It’s not safe to be traveling without her out to protect you.”

         Daniel tapped his belt. “Ran into a couple of Boobisaurs along the way. She’s currently sleeping off a bit of Lust Dust.”


         “Boobisaurs, huh.” Sarah frowned. “There were reports of a large pack of those moving through the area. There was even a disappearance. Good thing you didn’t hit the main group.”


         Daniel blinked. “Oh. So that’s what she found.” He shrugged. “The pack won’t be a problem anymore. One of my dad’s pokegirls killed the Alpha and scattered the rest.”


         Sarah grinned. “Man, it really pays off to live near an Elite Tamer. Something pops up, boom, its taken care of before you can even send in a report.” She giggled. “Sooo. What was your present?”


         Daniel gestured at his chest. “My dad gave me his old bandolier. Same one he used while he was journeying.”


         Sarah nodded. “Nice. Was that all?”


         Daniel waved a hand dismissively. “Y’know, some cash, gear, extra potions. Clothes. A pokegirl.”


         “Yea, pretty standard.” Sarah made to turn away before spinning back around. “Wait, a POKEGIRL? Your folks bought you a SECOND POKEGIRL?”


         Daniel snickered. “Yep. And she’s the reason I’m standing here, instead of being gang-raped by a pair of Boobisaurs.”


         Sarah’s mouth set. “Stronger than the Amazon.”


         Daniel grinned. “Smarter, yes. Stronger, not sure yet.”


         “Hmm.” Sarah measured him up for a moment before stepping aside. “Come on.” She led him down the street, stopping in front of her house. “JACKIE!”


         There was a scrabbling sound and the Amazon appeared over the peak of the roof. Seeing her Tamer she quickly slid down, landing softly in front of her. “Yes, Mistress?”


         Sarah jabbed her thumb at Daniel. “You’ve seen him already. Apparently he’s picked up a new girl. Not your sister.” She smirked. “Feel up for a fight?”


         Jackie glanced at Daniel, her eyes darting across his face before she looked away. “It wouldn’t be a fight, mistress. Let them heal, then I can obliterate them.”


         Sarah blinked in surprise but nodded. “Alright. Daniel, you know where the mobile unit is.”


         “Yea, thanks.” Daniel called back, walking up the steps and pushing into the house. It was quiet, Sarah’s family probably in the city for the day. Walking into the small laundry room he popped open a cabinet to reveal a PPHU. Popping the two pokeballs in he shut the lid and waited for the cycle. When the light blinked he pulled the two balls out, casually tossing them from hand to hand as he walked back outside.


         Outside, Jackie was finishing drawing a circle in the vacant lot next door. Daniel strolled out, placing Trish’s ball back on his belt while keeping a hold of Lea’s. “What’s this, then?”


         Lea glanced over, waving at him. “Hey. I want this to be a one on one.” She pointed to the ring. “You said you don’t know which of your pokegirls is stronger. So, settle it. Then we’ll have Jackie fight the winner.”


         “After healing.”


         “After healing.” Sarah conceded. “Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair.” She waved at Jackie. “Hey! Go get the unit and bring it out here, ok?”


         Jackie bowed, hurrying back along the path Daniel had just taken. Daniel waved Lea’s pokeball. “You know, if she loses, she’s going to be pissed that she isn’t able to fight her sister.”


         Sarah grinned. “That’s what makes it interesting. If your Amazon beats whatever else you got, she gets to duel her sister. If whatever you’ve got beats your Amazon, and then my Amazon beats that one, your Amazon will always want to push above your other one so she can fight her sister. And if your other one somehow beats Jackie, your Amazon will also constantly push herself to be better.”


         Daniel nodded. “Seems like it works out in everyone’s favor.” He stepped aside as Jackie reappeared, setting the PPHU down beside Sarah. “Fine. We’ll do it your way.” He said, stepping up to the ring and triggering both pokeballs.


         Trish and Lea appeared standing up, each glancing around before focusing on Daniel. “Mas-“ Trish started, before Lea noticed her sister.


         “CHO!” She bellowed, taking two steps and vaulting forwards. Neither Daniel nor Sarah could react before the two collided. Daniel started scrabbling for Lea’s pokeball but stopped when he noticed the Amazons’ demeanor. They weren’t fighting, Lea instead clutching her sister tightly as the two lay on the ground.


         Sarah coughed to break the mood. “It’s been like, what, 12 hours?” She remarked drily. “Stop acting like it’s been years.”


         Jackie tried to squirm free, Lea still latched on. “Bri, it’s ok.” She whispered, patting at Lea’s head. “They kept their promise.”


         Lea suddenly seemed to remember where she was and pushed off Jackie, trotting back to Trish’s side with a sniff. “Still just as weak as ever.” She stretched before noticing her lack of pants. “OI! What the hell?”


         Daniel snickered, pulling them out of his pocket and tossing them to her. “You got fucked by a number of things. If I hadn’t held onto them, you’d probably have lost them in the woods.”


         Lea shot him a dirty look but slid them on, pretending to nonchalantly look about. “So, uh, where’s this?”


         Daniel cracked a smile at the tears Lea was trying to hide. “This is Sarah’s home. It just so happens that there’s a nice abandoned spot next to it which is the perfect size for an arena.”


         Lea nodded excitedly. “Alright! Jack… Jackie, yea? Jackie, you’re going down!”


         Daniel chuckled. “Not yet. Sarah has requested this to be a one on one fight.” He gestured at Trish. “Which means you two will be fighting first. The winner gets to face Jackie.”


         “Eh wha?” Lea responded. “I… But… Sir…”


         “Let’s get this over with.” Trish murmured, walking to the far side of the circle. As she passed Lea she slapped her butt with the flat of her blade. “C’mon, slut.”


         Lea started shaking at the taunt, quickly striding over to her side where she danced back and forth impatiently. When Daniel tried to call for her attention she ignored him, her gaze locked on Trish’s face.


         “Alright…” Daniel called, raising his hand. “3… 2… 1… Begin!”


         Trish barely had enough time to raise her guard before Lea blitzed in, raining a flurry of punches on the Slicer. Daniel whistled in surprise when Trish had to leap back just to get a breath in before Lea continued her assault.


         Ducking, Trish feinted at Lea’s face before whipping her arm to the side, smacking her hilt against Lea’s left wrist. The blow rendered it numb, allowing Trish to quickly step in and begin jabbing at Lea’s newly unprotected side. The chase reversed once again as Trish overextended, allowing Lea to rotate into her strike and send a punch squarely into Trish’s stomach. Winded, the Slicer dropped to one knee, rolling out of the way as Lea pummeled at her head and chest once again.


         On the side, Daniel watched carefully as the two battled it out. Trish put up a good fight, but the lack of real damage from her sword combined with Lea’s constant blows had already shown him the victor. It took a few more minutes, Trish landing two more solid blows, including a jab that drew blood, but finally Lea slipped through Trish’s flagging guard and delivered a solid blow to the side of her head, rendering the Slicer unconscious.


         Daniel recalled Trish, raising his other hand. “Winner, Lea.” He turned and placed the pokeball inside the PPHU, nodding to Sarah. “Looks like Lea’s stronger.”


         Sarah shook her head slightly. “Trish won that fight. She was failed by her weapon.”


         Daniel blinked. “What do you mean?”


         “Trish landed at least one fatal blow to Lea. If her sword weren’t made of wood, the battle would have been over there. Unfortunately for her, it isn’t, and since she never attempted to use the sword as anything less than a metal katana she used too much energy on attacks that would never succeed.”


         “Huh.” Daniel stared at the cycling PPHU. “So I should probably get her a real sword.”


         Sarah snorted. “Unless you want your Slicer to be heavily underpowered, then yes.”


         “But swords are expensive.” Daniel muttered.


         “Your pokegirl. Your problem.” Sarah quipped. “Speaking of your pokegirls, I think she wants a word with you.”


         Daniel turned to see Lea staring him down not two feet away. “Uh, hi?”


         “I won.” She stated, her small wound already clotting. “I’m fighting my sister.”


         “You definitely are.” Daniel agreed quickly. “But we’re not going to start it for a few minutes, since we need to wait for Trish to cycle. So, uh, rest a bit, ok?”


         Lea grunted and sat down where she stood. “Hey. Can I have something to drink?”


         “Uh, sure.” Daniel turned to Sarah. “Got anything around?”


         “Yea, there’s some milk in the fridge.” Sarah replied. “Jackie, could you…?” She trailed off as she noticed Jackie had disappeared. “Huh. Oh, she’s probably changing. I’ll get it.”


         Lea steadied her breathing as she rested, she and Daniel both waiting for Trish’s healing cycle. The ding of the machine coincided with Sarah’s return, the girl hefting a mug. “Here we go. Couldn’t find Jackie, but I doubt she’s gone far.”


         Lea chuckled, snatching the mug out of Sarah’s hand. “It’s a good thing she didn’t intercept you.” She quipped, her grin widening. “Oh, there she is!” She cried as Jackie emerged from behind the house, clad in kick boxing gear. “Guess what, little sister! Sarah here was kind enough to get me a glass of milk!”


         Daniel watched as Jackie’s composure shattered. “She WHAT?” She screeched, diving towards Lea.


         Lea just laughed and downed the drink before Jackie could reach her, staring her sister down with glee. “Now you know you’ve lost.”


         Daniel and Sarah looked at each other blankly. “Uh, that was just milk, right?” Daniel muttered.


         “Yea. Is your Amazon sane?” Sarah whispered back.


         “OI. Tamer man.” Daniel watched Lea stagger to her feet. “Les’ start this thing.”


         “Lea, are you feeling alright?” Daniel asked worriedly. “You look light headed.”


         “’s OK.” Lea replied, wobbling slightly. “Jes’ hurry it up.”


         “Mistress!” Sarah started and glanced at Jackie, who was standing at the far end of the arena. “I can not fault you for this. I will do my best.”


         “What the hell is she on about?” Sarah muttered, looking to Daniel in confusion.


         “I don’t know, but let’s find out.” Daniel replied, raising his hand. “This is a one on one between Amazon Lea and Amazon Jackie. 3. 2. 1. Begin!”


         Daniel dropped his hand in synch with Lea falling backwards and hitting the ground with a loud thud, the mug clinking as it rolled away.


         There was complete stillness for a moment before Jackie sighed and looked to Sarah. “Can I give up now?”


         “WHAT? NO!” Sarah spat back. “I don’t know what she’s trying but she’s wide open! GET HER!” Behind her, Daniel suddenly grabbed at his pokedex and began scrolling. “She’s on the ground, so KICK. HER!”


         Jackie cautiously walked forwards, freezing when Lea shifted her feet into her body slightly. “Mistress, can I please just forfeit?” She asked with a panicked note to her voice.


         “What in hell is going on.” Sarah muttered. “Jackie, start KICKING HER. That’s an ORDER!”


         Jackie bowed slightly. “As you wish.” With a cry she darted in, planting her foot and beginning to sweep her other leg at Lea’s unmoving body. Suddenly Lea came to life, her entire body jumping off the ground and over Jackie’s kick before flipping back to her feet with a sly grin.


         “Hey sis.”


         Jackie yelled again, focusing her strength into her anchor and whipping her leg around in a vicious roundhouse. Sarah watched, dumbfounded, as Lea almost seemed to wilt, her body scraping under the attack before bouncing back with a flurry of blows that sent Jackie flying back as she fought to protect her body. “What the fuck?”


         “You know, I could be a dick about this.” Daniel muttered. “But I won’t.” He held up his pokedex. “Since neither of us had any idea this would happen, I don’t feel too bad about sharing.”


         Sarah whirled around. “What did you find?”


         Daniel closed his pokedex. “Lea appears to be of the –chan variety of Amazons. Her sister is seemingly of the –lee. Amazonchans get intoxicated by dairy.” He snickered. “She’s drunk because you gave her milk.”


         Sarah watched as Lea nearly lay out flat on her back, avoiding Jackie’s attack before springing back up to land a solid blow against her upper arm. “If she’s drunk, then what the hell is all this?”


         “I looked that up, too.” Daniel replied. “Some martial artists practice an old style called drunken boxing. And while the user usually isn’t actually drunk, alchohol is used to add to the effect.”


         “So what?”


         Daniel nodded at Lea’s movements. “She’s actually drunk. One hundred percent drunk. I’m guessing she discovered what she could do during one of their fights at the ranch, but isn’t able to recreate it normally.” He gasped.  “That’s why she was so straightforward during the Boobisaur fight. Her fighting style is this, but she hasn’t been able to do it without being under the influence.”


         “Okay, but what’s that have to do with JACKIE GETTING HER SHIT PUSHED IN.” Sarah screamed as Jackie was sent to the ground. “PULL IT TOGETHER!”


         “The article said drunken boxing is highly chaotic, designed to trick an opponent as to where the attacks will land.” Daniel replied. “If you’re good enough you can counter it, but truly drunken attacks? They’re almost completely random.” He smiled as Lea stood up straight, Jackie’s kicks sailing through the space around her as she tried to anticipate Lea’s movement. “Lea won before the fight even started. Look.”


         Sarah looked at Jackie in disbelief. She was panting, clearly exhausted, while Lea stood easily with a drooping grin and flickering eyes. Lea merely grabbed Jackie’s leg as she tried to kick her, the weakened girl struggling just to resist. “Shorry, sis.” She slurred, twisting backwards to pull Jackie off balance. “I win.”


         Daniel winced in sympathy as the punch took Jackie squarely in the face, the added momentum from her falling forwards only adding to the crunch as blood splattered from her now broken nose. Lea let go and Jackie slid, unmoving, to the dirt.


         “JACKIE!” Sarah screamed, fumbling with a pokeball before finding the return beam. “MOVE.” She shoved Daniel off the PPHU and slammed Jackie’s pokeball in.


         Daniel carefully walked over to Lea. “Nice show.”


         Lea giggled, grabbing onto his arm and nuzzling against his cheek. “Ya like whatcha’ see?”


         Daniel chuckled. “Drunk Lea. I like you better than sober Lea.”


         “Hey.” Lea pulled back with a pout. “Ai’m still Lea.”


         Daniel ruffled her hair and pulled himself free. “And hopefully won’t try to beat me up once you get sober.” He pulled out her pokeball, returning her as he took note to get her a refrigerated flask sometime soon.


         “I can’t argue with what happened.” Sarah muttered, removing Jackie’s pokeball and hefting the PPHU. “It’s my fault that Jackie was unable to easily fight back, and I’ll have to make it up to her. But mark my words.” She glared at Daniel. “We’ll be ready for that next time.”


         Daniel grinned. “Now that I know what she can do, I’ll make sure she trains it.”


         Sarah blew a raspberry before turning and stalking back to her house, slamming the door behind her.


         Daniel smiled and gazed into the evening sky. “Probably too late to get to Cardiff.” He muttered. “Oh well.” Sitting down, he unpacked his tent and set it up in the middle of the ring. “We’ll get there tomorrow.”









Daniel Adams

Age: 18

Tamer: Y



Trish – Slicer

Lea – Amazon



Sarah Evies

Age: 17

Tamer: Y



Jackie – Amazon