Wolf Institute for Theoretical and Applied Magic

The Wolf Institute (or Institute if already in Peacetown) is a privately funded and operated teaching school for magic using humans and pokegirls that opened its doors in 302AS. The Institute teaches both beginning magic users and experienced mages looking to expand their skills. The Institute’s goal is to train students in a mix of magic ranging from formal to informal so as to maximize the potential that individual students possess. Tuition is modest and scholarships or work study programs are available at the headmistress’ discretion.

A smaller program involving week long courses teaches magical techniques and specific spells to individuals or small groups. Prices and availability vary widely.


Prospective students are tested on magical potential and aptitude. Those showing the necessary potential are also tested on a range of other subjects, including literacy. Illiterate students will be expected to become literate before starting classes, but the Institute has a range of T2s and other accelerated learning programs to aid in achieving this goal.

Prospective students are scanned by a psychic pokegirl for antisocial tendencies and those proving too problematic are refused admittance no matter what their potential.

The standard curriculum is based on the student being a beginning mage.

First Year

The first year a student is exposed to a broad overview of methods of magic as well as various specializations in an attempt to help the student determine where his or her interests lie. The student will be allowed to determine this entirely on his or her own, and tamers or other owners, while they may be consulted, do not make any final decisions.

Students will also be taught the basics of laboratory work and safety concerns for all aspects of magical use.

Students will learn Blue League history from the present back to pre-Roman times as well as math, science, literature and other basics, including non-magical self defense. Pokegirls sometimes have a hard time in the beginning, but remedial classes are available and the course load will be reasonably adjusted to accommodate them.

The Institute’s programs at all levels are designed to inculcate a high level of personal honor in the students. Students or graduates have died before violating this code.

Second Year

Students decide what specializations, if any, interest them and begin channeling their studies in those directions. The Institute staff includes resident and visiting mages from other schools, including Vale and Nuevo Tenochtitlàn, who teach a variety of subjects and styles including sex magic, something seldom taught elsewhere.

Electives include orienteering and survival along with other skills that a tamer or anyone else wandering in the wilderness might want to know.

Third Year

Third year students continue the path of specialization, if any, and can take a wide variety of courses on magic and item creation, pokegirls and magic, art, some basic engineering courses and some very specific courses on law and politics with a special focus on the Blue League. Third years are also eligible to become paid research students working with the faculty on a variety of subjects. Applications are required.

Professor Ygerna’s class on ley lines and their uses is especially popular and she handpicks her students with an eye more towards finesse than power.

Fourth Year

Fourth year students are preparing for the first level of exams to become the basic Tradesman Mage. Also included in the exam is the league’s tradesman test, so most graduates (including free pokegirls) will have tradesmen pokedexes and be governed under the league’s tradesman program.

Fourth years may also apply to remain at the Institute for advanced magical study which leads to the higher magical ranks recognized at the Institute. Such study may last for up to three years, with exceptional students being offered associate faculty positions.


The Wolf Institute campus is designed as a cohesive whole and the architecture is based off of historical Scottish manors. The school is growing steadily and new buildings go up every year. Returning students should be aware that over the off season buildings are sometimes relocated and new maps will be issued with the student packets.

The Wolf Institute Library is composed of books from a variety of sources, including pre-Fall, and is the largest repository of otherdimensional magical and non-magical literature on the planet. It also has an interesting private collection of British literature that reportedly dates back to before the time of Christ. Parts of the library’s otherdimensional collection are supposedly over ten thousand years old and the entire complex is jealously guarded by Professor Caspa, a male ghost. Research scientists and mages journey here from all over the world to utilize the library’s resources.

Students stay in dormitories up to the fourth year and after that are given private rooms separate from the faculty’s quarters. There is a cafeteria that serves a variety of foods from all over the world as well as smaller food kiosks scattered around the campus for students requiring extra sustenance between classes. Exotic foods such as blood and life energy are provided as needed for individual students.


The faculty of the Institute includes visiting, associate and full professors. Visiting professors are on sabbatical from other magical schools and teach here while attending private lessons from other members of the staff to increase their personal knowledge or are doing research work in the library.

Associate professors are former students who assist full and visiting professors with teaching classes and administering practical tests. Other associate professors teach at the Institute part time while having jobs within the Caomh Sith infrastructure such as the clinic or the guard. Some associate professors come from the Elf preserve to the north as well as the Wet Elf colony offshore.

The number of full professors is small, but slowly increasing as the headmistress convinces worthy applicants to come to Peacetown. Full professors include magic using pokegirls and they are accorded all the respect of any other teacher. Anyone violating this rule gets a meeting with the headmistress they remember for the rest of their life.


The Institute is policed by the full professors as well as the Caomh Sith Guard. Teleportation, phase and telepathic blocks can be found on most buildings. Recording equipment covers all parts of the campus except for the private rooms of the students and staff, but the records are only used for efficiency studies and to investigate allegations of criminal activity.

Free pokegirls have access to a dedicated staff of taming personnel who work not to form bonds with them. Taming a pokegirl against her will is considered rape on all parts of the island and the Caomh Sith Guard is relentless in pursuing criminals, utilizing the full resources of the Institute to track and arrest lawbreakers. Guardsmen have recovered criminals from as far away as the Orange League and rumors say they have even gone to the Dark Continent and returned successfully with their targets.

The library is policed by Professor Caspa and no book has ever successfully been stolen from it and not recovered, always leaving behind the lifeless body of the thieves and anyone who received the book from him or her. Attempts by league officials to stop Caspa from slaying those who purchased books from the thieves have ended in failure. Fortunately, Professor Caspa always recovers stolen items within thirty six hours of their disappearance, so usually only the thief receives his wrath. Overdue books do not merit this kind of behavior from him and he merely retrieves them without fail the day after they go overdue. In many cases, he is willing to create duplicate copies upon request for a fee. These duplicates become the property of the person purchasing them and are of no further interest to him.

Students and visiting professors are advised to keep in mind that the entire island of Caomh Sith, including the grounds of the Institute are private property and that league laws do not always provide protection. The Wolf family, including the headmistress, has the privilege of high, middle and low justice across its lands and it exercises that right as it wills. It should be noted that there is no right to appeal judgments to the Blue League.