ARCHANGEL, the Angel of War Pokégirl

Type: Near Human Metamorph
Element: Flying/Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human style foods.
Role: Aerial Commanders.
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Electric, Poison, Water
Attacks: Double Edge, Air Recovery, Seismic Toss, Hurricane Kick, Crescent Kick, Reverse Crescent, Healing Meditation, Feather Shuriken, Gust, Wing Buffet, Tempest, Energy Blade, Dazzle, Power Bolt, Rune Chain, Artemis’ Bow.
Enhancements: Metamorph (Dismissible Wings), Disease Resistance, Night Vision, Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Speed (x3 (Flight x2)), Reduced Feral.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Fallen Angel (Combat Variety Only: Return of Emotional closeness + Dawn Stone), Angel (Shield Stone)

One of the rarer Pokégirls, even in this day and age, it is speculated that the existence of Archangels might not have ever reached beyond a -very- select group of tamers had it not been for the discovery of their parallel evolution from the Angel. Although details of the discovery remain unknown, rumor has it that the Archangels and the Cherubim were both discovered by a researcher during experiments to test the plausibility of Fallen Angels being able to return to their previous forms. Regardless of the circumstances of its discovery, the Archangel breed has proved to be a great help to many tamers and depressed Fallen Angels.

Once having emerged from her self-hewn emotionless shell, a Combat-type Fallen Angel gains the potential to evolve into an Archangel, but the actual change can only be brought about by simultaneous contact with a Dawn Stone. Once this is achieved, the evolution occurs. As far as physical changes go, they vary from case to case. Some Archangels’ hair returns to the original blonde, others’ stays its fallen color, and still others’ becomes a new color all together. Eye color has a similar change, but it tends to slide most often towards staying the same. Many times, an Archangel’s skin will also become more tanned, but this varies a tremendous among, with the very uncommon case actually growing lighter. The only real physical change shared by all Archangels is the development of a second set of wings, usually matching the first pair, but being placed lower on the back. The two sets of wings can be summoned and dismissed separately, allowing Archangels to pass for Angels or Fallen Angels if they so desire.

Insofar as combat goes, Archangels tend to be mistresses of aerial combat, especially close-range. Having gained the fighting type, increased strength, and improved aerial speed and agility, she tends to fight at nearly point blank. But the techniques available also allow slight ranged combat abilities, mostly used in the event that the Archangel needs a moment to recover her breath and suchlike, and some magic attacks allow for challenging those Pokégirls upon whom physical attacks are weak or ineffectual. The Archangel’s wings, both sets, are also significantly more durable than her previous evolutions,’ allowing them to be used as a limited shield.

Having previously Fallen due to overexposure to violence of combat, but then having been redeemed by becoming willing to care about another again and acknowledging that maybe not everyone isgoing to die immediately, the evolved Archangel will be similar in mentality to the ‘redeemed’ combat-type Fallen Angel she evolved from, but with a slight difference in that she now tends to find joyin battling, so long as it is with the Master. Also, so long as she remains with the Tamer who redeemed her, the Archangel will be more overtly loving, even in public, and will tend to be amorous. Researchers have shown that Archangels evolved from Angels show much of the same traits as those evolved from Fallen Angels, without the excess emotional baggage.

When it comes to the actual subject of taming, Archangels tend to be fairly open about it.  That isn't to say an Archangel is going to try to get in her tamer's pants in public; she still has a sense of decency. Also, some (perhaps 60% of documented cases) seem to develop, if they do not already have such, an enjoyment for somewhat rougher sex. Of course, this is only true with the tamer who redeemed them (and is a coin-flip among Angel evolved Archangels); if they somehow end up in the harem of another, Fallen Angel Archangels will tend to act more like a garden-variety Celestial. Thresholding has not yet been recorded for the breed. Feral states are much like that of the breed's pre-evolved form.