CHARLIE ANGEL, the Magical Harpy Pokégirl
Type: Near human, avian
Element: Flying/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon, Common (Gold Continent)
Diet: nuts, pretzels, berries (Vegetarian)
Role: spying, homemakers, morale boosters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Normal, Fighting, Plant
Weak Vs: Rock, Electric, Psychic, Dragon
Attacks: Gust, Dissolve, Tackle, Cheer, Speed Storm
Enhancements: Flight, Cooking Knowledge, Enhanced Speed x7
Weaknesses: Inept at Magic, Low Intelligence
Evolves: Cutey Charlie Angel (normal)
Evolves From: None
    Charlie Angels were originally made by Sukube, so he could have decent cooks, as well as his own army of magic wielding harpies. Besides their one attack of Dissolve, Charlie Angels have the ability to learn any magic attack through artifical means. However, they cannot learn magic on their own. They seem to have problems with tutoring as well, and only learn magic from another magic pokégirl at half the speed of other magic pokégirls. For this reason combined with their almost Bimbo level intelligence, Charlie Angels were considered a failure during the War, and only the first and second production lines were produced. Luckily for that breed, their flight ability and tendency to run when feral lead to an ever increasing number that lead to the Commonality of the Breed today.
    Despite this Breed’s drawbacks, they excel at cooking, and it is the one area of knowledge that the Charlie Angel is known for. In fact, before the discovery of the Iron Chef pokégirl, Charlie Angels were recognized at THE penultimate chef pokégirl. As such, it’s not recommended to allow Charlie Angels around an Iron Chef, as the two have a rivalry instigated by the Charlie Angel –who often tries to ruin the Iron Chef’s cooking. They also have the ability to learn any magical TM or T2 without any of the problems that they have as tutors. This means, that while expensive, Charlie Angels can become magic wielding powerhouses in their own right.
    While Charlie Angel’s have the name Angel, they have more in common with Harpies than the celestial pokégirl. On average, a Charlie Angel stands a 4 ft, and typically has hair either blond, red, brown, or black in color, sometimes with opposing colors layering into the hair. Their wings are separate from their arms, one easy way to tell them apart from the Harpy breed, usually colored White or varying shades of gray or brown. They are rather busty for their height, filling out at a generous C to D cup, and have the four toed talons and duel jointed hips and knees of most bird types. Feralborn Charlie Angels tend to have body feathering on their backs and below their waist, with the exception of their pussy, which is hairless. Domestic Charlie Angels have feathers only on their wings, but also tend to have hair on their pussies. As a breed, Charlie Angels also tend to be better looking in general than Harpies, but less effective fighters than their more vicious cousins.
    It should be noted that Charlie Angels get along wonderfully with Cheetits. This appears to be due to feline DNA encoded into the Charlie Angel, that, like an Armsmistress gives the two pokégirls a rapport with the Cheetit breed. Unlike an Armsmistress, however, a Charlie Angel’s encoded DNA allows her to reach incredible aerial speeds the highest recorded at 200 Mph (320Kph). These are short bursts, however, as the Charlie Angel tires quickly as well as loosing a lot of her maneuverability when reaching these high airborne speeds. Their average speed is still an impressive 100 Mph (160Kph). With such a love for speed, it’s easy to see why a Charlie Angel is nearly worshipful of a Cheetit. Any Tamer with both a Charlie Angel and a Cheetit in their Harem is sure to find their Cheetit gets ‘smothered’ with attention from the Charlie Angel.
    In battle a Charlie Angel isn’t very effective, relying on her high speed to the point that if she is slowed down, even her tackles and gusts are less effective. But in lower level battles, they manage to hold their own. Feral Charlie Angels tend to flee from battles, and will only fight if forced. Thresholding into a Charlie Angel isn’t common, but tends to happen to more ‘air-headed’ girls with strong flying type ancestry.