HILD, the Excelsis Arcana Pokégirl

Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Dark (Infernal)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Energy
Role: Supreme sorceresses
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Magic, Psychic, Normal, Dark, Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, Bug
Attacks: Night Shade, Mega Drain, Aura of Trust, Reflect, Absorb, Sketch, Burst, Energy Blade, Force Bolt.
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Memory, Intutitive Aptitude (Magical Analysis, Spellcasting), Sleepless (4/24), Longevity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Masui (Arcana Magica)

Despite the existence of their pre-evolved form, the Masui, Hild were long assumed to have gone the way of the Sphinx during the Revenge War. Although many reports exist of the havoc Hilds caused, the breed apparently vanished from the face of history near the end of the war, presumably from the effects of the Monster Flu. Whatever the cause of their disappearance, however, the method of catalyzing their evolution had remained unknown since, which has, along with the extreme rarity of Masui, prevented a return of the breed until very recently. However, due to the diligent research of a prominent Infernal Pokégirl Expert of the Celestia Gym in the Scarlet League, the Hild breed has recently made a reappearance, something that has made many glad that very few Masui exist and fewer have made the evolutionary leap. Perhaps one of the few breeds capable of outdoing an Archmage in the field of spellcasting, Hilds are quite a fearsome breed indeed.

Physically, Hinds tend to be slender, lithe very near human types. Their hair and skin colors vary greatly, with no trends discernible from the specimens available as of 300 AS save, strangely, that some possess Megami-like facial markings, and a few specimens have been noted to have a strange pattern of dual-toned skin, generally being one of each side of their body. The former markings have lead to occasional confusion of the two breeds, which generally amuses Hilds to no end, whilst infuriating those Megami who're aware of it, and many reports from the Revenge War Era seem to indicate that the latter pattern was prevalent in the original population of Hilds. Beyond these basic traits, however, the breed does not seem to possess many definitive characteristics, a fact that some find to be disappointing, considering the extreme rarity of Hilds.

The most distinguishing feature of Hilds, rather, is their general mindset, which involves a great deal of scheming. In this regard, it has been noted that Hilds are somewhat similar to Daimons or even Demonesses, but although as compulsive as the former, they share the more practical approach to their schemes of the latter; that is, they don't feel any inherent need to make their schemes overly complex, and are more likely to concentrate of the practicality of said schemes. They also are more prone to exploring the long-term ramifications of their schemes, often tying several plots together to achieve a greater effect, as opposed to looking at each on only its isolated short-term advantages. This, along with the ruthlessness that is displayed by many, has led at least one tamer to describe his Hild's ways as "Machiavellian" (a historical reference that was lost entirely on its audience), although others have disagreed, finding the breed to be far less diabolical than Demonesses, a fact that seems to indicate a good degree of individual variance.

However, although their scheming is their most distinguishing feature, it is their combat prowess that they are most known for: to be blunt, Hilds are extraordinarily powerful. Disturbingly powerful, many say; with a command of magical forces that rivals and often exceeds that of Archmages and generally enough life experience to command a vast array of magical powers, a Hild is quite the force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. In addition, the breed's ability to form simple-but-effective plans is often a boon in combat, with numerous cases of a Hild pulling together a win from a set of seemingly unrelated on-the-spot tactics having been recorded. It is also notable that the type-classifications that Hilds are considered weak to, Fighting and Bug, are likely to have difficulty getting close enough to a Hild for their advantage to take effect, which renders said weaknesses semi-void.

Sexually, like with appearances, Hilds are not particularly notable, being a decent choice in sex battles only when armed with erotic magics, and having a fairly normal range of taming preferences. One exception to this, however, is that a decent majority of those observed seem to have an almost paraphiliacal attraction to the clever and cunning, especially when said qualities enable a person to understand and accurately commentate on the Hild's schemes. In general, this means that, for example, if a tamer's commands and strategy in combat are particularly innovative and deceitful, that his Hild will be quite amorous in the aftermath, and has also led to Hilds becoming a much-sought breed amongst politicians. Another off-key quirk that some Hilds have been noted to possess, despite a lack of any preference for female partners, is a strange attraction to and amusement with the Spectra breed, a fact that no reason has yet been discovered for. Feral Hilds are, as of 300 AS, nearly inconceivable, considering the breed's rarity, as is thresholding into one.

Unauthorized Review or Divulgence of Information Beyond this Point is StrictlyProhibited and Considered a Capital Offense in All Leagues.

Although the information in the official "Hild" article is accurate, it must be noted that the breed it describes is not the true Hild breed. Rather, it is a recently synthesized breed that has been devised by the Legendary Demoness as her ultimate attempt to throw us off her trail. As such, it is imperative that she not learn that we are aware of her duplicity, and anyone party to this information will be terminated with extreme prejudice should they be deemed a security risk.

It should also be noted that, although Hild has (thankfully) yet to devise a perfected Superior (de-) Evolution spell, that the item apparently used to create the breed described above is presumed to have been created with an imperfect version of the said spell, and its success can be attributed to her already considerable hold over the Masui breed.