SIDHE, the Regal Fey Pokégirl

Type: Near Human to Humanoid Metamorph
Element: Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human-style diet
Role: Distraction, direct combat
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Plant, Psychic, Celestial, Infernal
Weak Vs: Magic, Poison, Steel
Attacks: Call Me Queen, Imitate, Phase, Reflect, Absorb, Teleport, Psychic Illusion, Dominate, Phantom Touch, Eternal Softness, Aura Sensation, Foresight, Power Bolt, Force Bolt
Enhancements: Greater Metamorphic Abilities, Ghost Affinity, Psychic Affinity, Magic Affinity, Mental Defense, Nature Connection, Wingless Flight, Fey Aura, Enhanced Agility (x4), Longevity
Disadvantages: Iron Vulnerability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Faerie (normal)

    Sukebe’s War took an incredible toll on the population of the Faeries. It is perhaps due to this that so few of the Faeries had the opportunity to obtain enough experience to evolve, because the Sidhe (pronounced, “Shee”),  was a Pokégirl that did not exist in any record of the War, leading Researchers to believe that they either did not exist, or were so few as to not merit mention.

    Sidhe are physically indistinguishable from humans in their base, original form, although this information has only been obtained from the observation of Threshold Sidhe and Sidhe Pokékits. However, due to the fact that the Sidhe shares the Faerie’s ability to adjust their form to become more in line with their ideal of beauty, they opportunity to observe this natural form of the Sidhe is understandably an only momentary opportunity. The evolution from Faerie to Sidhe retains their previous appearance, although they don’t stay in this form for any length of time as their body immediately continues trying to move closer to their ideal of beauty.

    While what they consider beauty to be is no different from what it was before their evolution, their metamorphic abilities are greatly increased from that of the Faerie. The process of change is faster, as the simple cosmetic changes of the Faerie can be accomplished in mere days. Sidhe, however, can take their shape-changing to an extent the Faerie could only dream of. Horns, antlers, wings, tails, even extra eyes may be grown in their journey towards their perfect form. As such, the appearance of any given Sidhe will be drastically different from that of another. Their appearance can cover a very, very broad range, although fortunately their metamorphic abilities are not able to bring their appearance all the way to the Inhumanoid level, and few Sidhe assume truly hideous or horrific appearances, although they have no more control over this process than do the Faeries.

    The Sidhe can at times seem to be even more separated from reality than they did as Faeries. It is impossible to not be aware of the presence of one of the Sidhe; not only are they almost palpably, indefinably different from everyone else, even if their physical appearance is identical to that of a human, but a great many of the Sidhe are rather arrogant Pokégirls, with a commanding air about them, and it is not unknown for the Regal Fey Pokegirl to continually make use of their Call Me Queen attack simply to force others to recognize them. The Sidhe often seem to be almost unreal, and move with an unnatural grace. Even though they are not the most agile of Pokegirls, their every move exudes a sense of confidence and refinement.

    The attitude of the Sidhe undergoes a noticeable change upon their evolution. Sidhe often seem to be rather haughty, arrogant, and unemotional Pokegirls. Many choose not to show what emotions they feel, and many misunderstand them as being standoffish or rude, although some of the breed may feel superior enough that this is the truth. The usually cool and confidant Pokegirl, however, continues to feel the tumultuous emotions that helped define the personality of the Faeries, they simply have more self-control. However, when pushed enough their emotions may explode, and a furious Sidhe is a terrifying sight indeed. The Regal Fey have long memories for those who have helped them or done them a wrong, and they always repay their debts, with interest, even if they must wait years or decades for the opportune moment, and should the recipient of their debt die many will turn to a descendant or relative of said individual to reward or punish.

    Whereas the Faerie could only affect nature in minor ways, the connection of the Sidhe with nature is much deeper. The world about one of Sidhe can indicate her mood; when she is happy, flowers will bloom and trees will sprout fruit out of season; when she is sad, they may wilt, and the wind might die down around her in response to her melancholy; when she is full of fury, the plants may begin to move, and the wind may roar, and nearby sources of water may froth violently. Exposure to one of the Sidhe for long periods of times may have semi-permanent effects on the environment. A Sidhe who is often happy may have a forest glade that will stay in bloom for years after she leaves, and the flowers may come in shades and colors not normally found in nature. One of the crueler Sidhe may instead warp and twist the vegetation about her, and Feral Pokégirls will go to great lengths to avoid entering one of those dark and dreary places. However, despite their increased connection with the natural world, most are not able to control it to the extent where than can use it to attack

    As a side effect of the changes their body may undergo, many Sidhe are capable of learning to use attacks from elements other than their own, of which the most frequently found is Plant. With their Imitate, they can learn such attacks with a fair amount of ease, and as such Sidhe make for potent combatants. Many of the breed manage to learn attacks such as Aura of Cute or Fear Aura, to reflect their appearance. Not only do they have a broad range of supporting abilities, and may have access to attacks of other elements, but they are also potent spellcasters. The magical abilities of the Sidhe far outstrip those of the Faeries, and although the Sidhe are not as capable as such as breeds as the Archmage, they are nevertheless one of the more magically powerful of Pokégirls.

    The mental defenses of a Sidhe are potent, and with their improved magical and psychic abilities, to attempt to enter the mind of one of the Sidhe is folly. However, the Sidhe are quite vulnerable to attacks of magical nature; their defensive spells are generally easily pierced by offensive magics, and they suffer more pain from a magical attack than many other Pokegirls would be subject to. But their weakness to iron is, again, a crippling one for the breed. Even using Phase is insufficient to protect them from its touch; while their body receives no visible scarring nor damage, they nevertheless suffer extreme pain from it passing through their incorporeal body, and a strike with an iron weapon that would knock another Pokegirl unconscious, especially if blood is drawn, can be sufficient to incapacitate them for days, induce a coma, cripple, or even kill the breed. Magical healing way be require in order for them to survive, but although the expensive process may return mobility to the breed it will never be able to remove the scars the attack would cause, and such scars are a mark of shame for a breed, as it eternally prevents them from achieving their ideal of beauty.

    The Sidhe in general have no set preferences when it comes to Taming. However, with a Tamer they like the Sidhe is much more desiring of contact than the Faerie was. Because they feel emotional extremes so strongly, a Sidhe who cares for her Tamer tends to be rather heavy on contact. While most retain the cool demeanor many of the breed possess, they will like to hold, cuddle, or at least touch their Tamer at all times. The Sidhe are indifferent to public Taming; with their disconnection from reality, most see no real difference between doing something in public or in private. They like being admired, however, and complements to her form (even if they are lies) will be sure to earn their Tamer a rather amorous Pokegirl. They are often quite passionate and wild in bed as their emotions take over. Sidhe, because of how strongly they feel many emotions, are often hurt even more by the death of their Tamers, particularly by old age, than some other long-lived Pokégirls are, and they value the time they have with Tamers they particularly like a great deal. No Sidhe who had Delta Bonded has survived her partner’s death.

    Feral Sidhe can be truly terrifying, and are everything Feral Faeries are and more. Aloof, cold, vengeful Pokegirls, the Feral Sidhe tend to embody some of the worst aspect of the breed. They tend to be cruel, and occasionally go out hunting humans or other Pokegirls purely for recreational purposes. Although they are mostly loners, the few Feral Sidhe that find other Faeries tend to gather miniature courts about them, as Feral members of the breed usually adopt an almost servile attitude around the Regal Fey Pokegirl. Sadly for Tamers, they are not as curious as they were before evolving, and as they retain a great deal of their mental and spellcasting abilities are very dangerous Ferals to attempt to capture. Because of their tendency to attempt to hunt and kill challenging “prey” (often humans, as they realize that a Tamer’s harem would provide them with a “sporting” fight), there is a reward for capturing one of the breed, and a hefty fine for letting them go Feral again.

    Thresholding into a Sidhe has not become a possibility as of 300 A.S., as no Sidhe has yet become a Pokewoman. The only exception to this were those Sidhe who had both survived Sukebe’s Revenge and been injured by iron. Although they became Pokewomen early (as any Sidhe or Faerie who has been greatly injured by iron is expected to do, due to the advanced aging the metal brings to them), they were unable to reproduce after becoming Pokewomen. This is believed to be due to the damage received from the iron-inflicted injuries, rather than to a flaw inherent to the breed.