THOSE WHO ARE UNKNOWN (aka TWAU, aka THE COVEN), the Neo-Legendary Mystery Pokégirls
Type: Near Human
Element: Unknown (assumed to be Magic/varies)
Frequency: Extremely Rare (only 28 exist)
Diet: Unknown
Libido: Unknown
Role: Unknown
Strong Vs: Unknown (varies between Coven members)
Weak Vs: Unknown (varies between Coven members)
Attacks: Uncertain, each TWAU seems to use a different elemental classification of attack. (Observed: Flamethrower, Water Gun, Lightning, Gust, Psychic, Gravity, Dark Blade, Iron Punch, several others)
Enhancements: Uncertain. (Observed: Elemental manipulation)
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: Unknown

Those Who Are Unknown, also called simply TWAU or The Coven, are a living mystery among Pokégirls. They are a secretive group, and are considered to be a major threat by all Leagues, even the ultra-liberal Silver Islands League. In addition to the other names used, for a brief time they were also called Twats, as per the general sexualized naming convention.

This practice was ceased after the horribly mutilated corpse of the man who first referred to them as Twats was found.

These strange, mysterious Pokégirls first appeared when the rumors about Sanctuary and the Sanctuary Goths began flying around. Capital League regents, through their alliance with Sanctuary, have sighted members of The Coven around the borders of Sanctuary, and even within the city itself, talking heatedly with members of the Council. So far, the only thing we can confirm about the reasoning behind this is that the The Coven greatly distrusts Sanctuary, although all interviewed members of the Council refused to go into detail. At least four TWAU have been present to observe at every major event in history since their first appearance, which occurred during a Widow attack in the Slot League shortly after Mao’s attacks on humanity ended.

At first The Coven was believed to be various different breeds of Pokégirls acting together in one group. However, as research on these mysterious Pokégirls was done, it was revealed that they were a breed into and of itself. Further research indicated that The Coven might actually be one Pokégirl in several bodies, as while each member of The Coven has shown slight individuality, the few psychic scans of them have confirmed that they do have a shared mind, a link deeper even than Recognition. Each one seems to possess a different elemental ability. So far, only 18 abilities have been successfully identified, one of each Pokégirl elemental typing. When four or more members of The Coven are united, they can utilize each others abilities, allowing for confusion to be caused during battles.

TWAU are tall Pokégirls, almost eight feet high, an ample bosom, aquiline features, and jet black flesh and hair. Even their bones, teeth, and the inside of their mouth are jet black. The only time this blackness is broken is in their eyes, which constantly glow white. The only real way to tell the difference between them is that each one bares an odd, almost letter-like marking on their chest. They appear in groups of no less than four at all times, and if one or more is captured the others can summon their ‘sister’ back to their side, piercing through any barrier. All members of The Coven wear only a face and body concealing hooded robe that bears their distinctive marking, leaving only their glowing eyes showing. A Tamer/Historian in Indigo has commented that they look like a “much meaner Ghost of Christmas Future.”

There is little data on what their purpose is. The only real certainties about them is that they are against Sanctuary. Oddly enough, however, they have shown distaste for the three Egyptian Legendaries, Sexmet, Bastit, and the recently discovered Anubust. The reasoning for this is unknown, and the TWAU have not been forthcoming about their motives. Neither is their reason for observing every major event. In a raid on a Sukebe-controlled laboratory, data was found on The Coven, suggesting that they may be chronicling the history of the world on Sukebe’s orders. This has led scientists to believe that their distaste for Sanctuary and the Egyptian Legendaries is because they believe that they may threaten the history of the world. Their full purpose, however, remains elusive to the point where some have called them more frustrating than Megami at times. The only real response they give when questioned about their duties is a playful grin and the following admonishment: “That… is a secret.”

The Taming habits of The Coven tend towards group orgies. They have a tendency to surround Tamers they are interested in before their Pokégirls can react, seducing the entire Harem as well as the Tamer. Because of their shared mind, each one experiences the pleasure of the other. Psychic types that have been tamed by TWAU have subsequently been able to link their Tamer’s mind to their own, allowing the pleasure of both to be shared with one another. Those that have been Tamed by a TWAU briefly bare the mark of the TWAU that was in physical contact with them at the time.

Battling a TWAU is risky business. They can trade powers between one another, and are rarely if ever caught alone. They are very offense oriented, but are capable of healing each other mid-battle, and rarely if ever break formation, soldiers who have studied their fight patterns calling it a ‘perfect phalanx.’ Because the TWAU have the ability to alternate powers between one another it is presumed that fighting The Coven as a whole would be tantamount to suicide. There is one rumored encounter of the Neo-Legendary Evangelion battling the entire TWAU Coven to a draw, however like many of the Evangelion sightings post Advent, this is unconfirmed.

Research data found on The Coven has discovered that they are possessed of all standard Legendary Salient Qualities, leading The Coven to be classified as Neo-Legendary Pokégirls.