ACROBABE, the Tumbling Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style food
Role: Acrobat, trainer, wreckball player
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Pounce, Air Recovery, Quickturn, Quick Attack, Takedown, Taunt, False Praise, Counter, Seismic Toss
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x10), Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Durability & Endurance (x4 each), Enhanced Strength (x3) High Flexibility, Elastic Body
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Jigglyslut (Battle Stress)

During the Revenge War, there have been a few records of acrobatic Pokégirls that pulled all sorts of mischief and damaged many things during their time. At one point, it was thanks to them that certain human strongholds were finally broken and those within were scattered once more in the aftermath. Though no reports of these oddly strong and quick Pokégirls suggest that they survived the Revenge War, in 97 AS one Jigglyslut evolved into an Acrobabe. The Researcher community supports the theory that the Acrobabe is the rumored and reported Pokégirl in question that did these deeds, though there is no evidence to either confirm or deny this possibility.

Most often, these Pokégirls are physically short and slender, rarely reaching over five and a half feet in height. Though none of this breed naturally have large breasts, the Acrobabe find themselves (as a breed, some researchers state) envious of those with larger breasts. Oddly, they flaunt their tight bodies against almost all Pokégirls with breasts larger than a D-cup, teasing them about their eventual back problems and giant beach balls that they could crush their tamer with. The only breed that they do not make fun of as a whole is the Milktit breed, as that Pokégirl was designed to produce milk- they can't help but to have giant cow udders, and most of this breed actually understands and respects this. One thing that is common amongst the breed is the fact that the Acrobabe seems to always be moving, though not always by intent. Indeed, the longest that any have managed to make an Acrobabe sit down is merely ten minutes, and that was for a meal. Fortunately, certain fruits act as a natural sedative for the Acrobabe and are often used to calm one down.

Their tendency for movement causes the breed to act out in order to become the center of attention at times. Though this can be trained out of the Pokégirl, or one can use a Taming Cycle (level 3) to eventually grind this predilection from their systems, many tamers utilize it in another manner: to put on shows for any audience. Their specialty are things like high wires, trapeze, and horizontal bars, but quite often one can find them playing Wreckball. This breed actually makes up a good 30% of the Pokégirl population playing that popular sport. Some Watchers suspect that the Acrobabe love being airborne more than any Flying type Pokégirls. As a result, they always volunteer for anything having to do with scaling heights, climbing trees, or even working in a circus, as one might suspect. Many of this breed overestimate their abilities in such high-altitude stunts and climbs, and as a result many of this breed are lost due to feral attacks, natural disasters, or just one miscalculated step.

In a harem, the Acrobabe still loves to be at the center of attention. And they still love to move around, often either training, practicing their performance routines, or just trying to play with her harem sisters. This breed is typically fun loving, and get along quite well with Bunnygirls and Ingenue. Tamers are recommended to have a schedule set to try and wear down an Acrobabe as best they can, which can be quite difficult considering the Pokégirl’s ample endurance. Their constant need for action of some sort grates on the nerves of numerous Pokégirls, however, most notably Psi-dykes and Neo-Iczel breeds. Considering the breed's inability to stand still, they are a poor choice for an Alpha and average at best as a Beta within any harem. When taming, the Pokégirl’s flexible and elastic body allows her to contort herself into almost any position, and the tighter the positioning the better for this breed. This often leads to possible interest in BDSM for some Acrobabes, though this has been shown to be only on a case-by-case basis.

In battle, the Acrobabe relies on her endurance and durability to outlast her opponents as best she can while avoiding being hit. Her flexibility and elastic body, along with her durability, ensure that the Acrobabe takes less damage in a battle than most might think, while dishing out powerful attacks of her own. Often, the Acrobabe begins with a Taunt followed by Quick Attack or Takedown (which, oddly enough, the Acrobabe only takes 1/8 damage from instead of the normal 1/4 to 1/2 that her opponent takes). Though many Acrobabe are found using weapons that are of middling weight and are maneuverable or small, the breed seems to enjoy using Seismic Toss to finish off an opponent. The Acrobabe does well in sex battles also, since many Jigglyslut are trained and versed in such types of battles, and so are well suited to this domain if they were as a Jigglyslut.

Feral Acrobabe have never been found, though there have been many reports of feral Pokégirls too fast for a Pokédex to get a lock on in the trees all over the world. There are sightings once in a while, but none of these have ever been captured, and so it is unknown if these are feral Acrobabe or some other Pokégirl teasing traveling tamers and others with their presence. Thresholds are very rare, but known. They are among the most favored of possible thresholds, though definitely painful over the course of the two weeks it takes to completely go through the process. Having to shed her skin in order to allow for the new elastic epidermis that grows in this span of time and then the sudden strengthening muscles, often ripping them before healing as they get bigger and stronger, means that any thresholds into the Acrobabe are as much feared as they are favored.