BUNNYGIRL, the Ditzy Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Anthropomorphic (Rabbit)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: typically used in industries where high intelligence or strength is not required such as cleaning
Libido: High (Extreme)
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, dog Pokégirls, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Tackle, Kick, Leap, Splash, Dumb Luck, Trample, Double Edge, Helping Hand, Love N’ Affection, Double Kick
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Retarded Aging, Luck Factor
Evolves: Beach Bunny (Water Stone), Bra-er Rabbit (Sun Stone and Leaf Stone), Playbunny (Orgasm), Moon Bunny (Moon Stone), March Hare (Dream Stone), Snow Bunny (Ice Crystal), Mini-Top (abuse or witnessing extreme violence), Ingenue (stress), Gun Bunny (Shiny Stone), Mist Bunny (Mana Crystal), Cabbit (Cat E-Medal), Snugglebunny (Delta Bond), Lopiki (Battle Stress + Thunderstone), Dust Bunny (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: None

Bunnygirls were another Pokégirl that was thought to be a mistake on Sukebe’s part, although in terms of intelligence, they’re just a few steps away from being furry Bimbos. They’re cute, they’re adorable, they’re VERY friendly and helpful, they’re fun-loving and affectionate, they have short attention spans, and are just flat out ditzy. Useless in a fight, they are more popular with college students, high school boys, and anyone fond of domestics or who just wants a lot of taming from a friendly Pokégirl. On finding a Master who responds well to their affectionate advances, their libido tends to get a bit higher with a corresponding rise in attention span.

Bunnygirls, like Kittens, are mostly human in appearance, save for a light down of fur on their skin, which is thicker around their rabbit-like hands and feet, small whiskers on their faces, as well as long rabbit ears instead of normal ears. Their legs are longer than most Pokégirls, and are more muscular and well defined, signifying their tremendous leg strength. More animalistic Bunnygirls also have slight rabbit-like muzzles.

Bunnygirls are among the more commonplace Pokégirls in the general market. Due to their lack of fighting potential, they are not usually found among a journeyman Tamer’s harem, unless they’re trying for an evolution. Typically, Bunnygirls are found usually as the Pokégirls of an owner who needs someone who can be trained to basic proficiency in a single set of skills, usually cooking or other basic domestic work, or in a sex battle harem. Although due to the tendency Bunnygirls have to be distracted, clumsy, and flaky, seeing a Bunnygirl cook is a very rare thing, and is usually only done with a T2 machine. (Some Ranches that carry Bunnygirls also sell uses of a Cooking T2 machine with them, as teaching Bunnygirls normally is usually very difficult.) They can be taught basic stuff in terms of cooking, and with training can be good with instant foods (so long as someone else takes it out of the microwave, as the Bunnygirl is likely to trip and drop it on themselves), but it’s considered extremely unwise to give them any pointy objects. More often they are used for keeping things neat, as like Titmice they are generally clean Pokégirls. Their most common use is that of a friendly, loving sexpet that will eventually evolve into something better.

Bunnygirls are very loving, trusting, innocent Pokégirls. They aren’t violent in the least, save for friendly sparring and cuddling. They do not respond well to violence, so much so that witnessing extreme amounts of it will actually cause them to evolve into the vicious Mini-Top. Once that happens… Er… Well… It was nice knowing you. Very rarely does a Bunnygirl become a Penance, as they usually morph into a Mini-Top first.

Due to their sheer, unadulterated cuteness, Bunnygirls have fan groups and enthusiasts similar to those that exist for other ‘cute’ Pokégirls, such as Kittens, Titmice, and Mermaids. Like Cabbits, Bunnygirls simply ADORE carrots, having been known to eat them by the basketful and occasionally using them as dildos during Taming. Using a carrot as bait is almost guaranteed to catch you a Bunnygirl.

Bunnygirls are among the most common results of Threshold.