MUFFGOOSE, the Snake-Eater Pokégirl, AKA the Hard-Rocker Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (cat/mongoose cross)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivorous. Mostly human-style food supplemented with the occasional snake-type Pokégirl
Role: Snake predator and guitarist
Libido: High to Very High (Extreme is her tamer can sing very well)
Strong Vs: Ghost, serpent Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Scratch, Slash, Cut, Fury Swipes, Slice n' Dice, Leap, Take Down, Double Edge, Glare, Yell, Screech, Call me Queen, Agility
Enhancements: All stats x2. Giving them a guitar or 'stringblade' can enhance most of their attacks as well as teach them new ones like Sword Dance, Parry, Hammer, Power/Armor/Special/Metal Break, Battle Song, Last Dance with Mary Jane, I'm Doing the Best I Ever Did, and Guitar Heroine (the last one only leaned from the rare 'Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special' stringblade). Some stringblades can also grant projectile/elemental attacks.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
    The Muffgoose species is a rising star in the Pokégirl world. She stands about 5'3", with a humanoid body, a fine 'not too skinny' figure, and (on average) a C-cup bust. She's mostly covered in white fur with a mix of cat and mongoose-like features, such as medium long pointy ears, large eyes, a slight muzzle, a black nose, sharp, claw-like nails on her fingers and toes, and a large, bushy tail that is about half as long as she is tall. Her most distinguishing feature is a patch of red fur that usually starts with the entire left ear then crawls down her face ending in a 'check mark' shape across her left eye. There's a similar red zigzag mark on her torso, starting at her right hip and moving into an 'M' across her chest, and her forearms and shins are also covered in red fur, usually up to the elbows and knees, respectively. Muffgooses also like to decorate themselves with colorful barrettes, hairclips and pet collars in addition to dressing flamboyantly (if they wear clothes at all).
    Most Muffgooses have an affinity for rock 'n roll, especially the ancient works of one David Bowie. While it isn't entirely clear why, some speculate that this is due to the red marks on their faces giving them a resemblance to the character 'Ziggy Stardust'.
    Because of their love of rock, most Muffgooses take up and become quite proficient with the electric guitar, and many learn to use it as a weapon in battle! Mostly like a club or a sword, going (as one tamer put it) "El Ka-Bong" on their opponents. When armed with a guitar of any type it is possible for them to learn a number of song techniques as well as other physical attacks.
    Another quirk of this species is their utter disdain of any and all snake-Pokégirls, most of who will run in terror from them, as a Muffgoose will never hesitate to make one into a meal.
    There is a famous story of a reputed Team Rocket boss who, when faced with possible indictment, flooded an airship with Lamias in an attempt to assassinate the prosecution's star witness in transit. The man was saved by the pilot's pet Muffgoose, the Pokégirl declaring: "Get these MOTHER FUCKIN' SNAKES off my MOTHER FUCKIN' AIRSHIP!!!!" before single handedly fending off the Lamias and saving all onboard. As this story circulated Muffgooses began to enjoy some popularity among airship pilots.
    Muffgooses enjoy having music played during taming. They also greatly enjoy performing fellatio on their tamers, or as they call it 'Swallowing the Snake.' Depending on how loose their snatch is and/or how large their guitar is, they may also enjoy being masturbated with it. If it can't fit inside them they're quite happy to just have the head rubbed against their vulvas.
    Muffgooses will usually get along well with Divas and other musically inclined Pokégirls. However, if you have any snake-Pokégirls you might want to rotate your active harem so that your Snake and Muffgoose aren't in it at the same time, if not trade/release one of them. They CAN be thought to get along, but it is a difficult and ill-advised prospect.
    Domestic Muffgooses who desire a tamer will often seek one who can sing or otherwise has some kind of musical ability. A few have talked their tamers into starting bands, which have enjoyed some minor success, though the Muffgooses say they won't stop until they're bigger than Mineko and the Pussycats!
Tamers should be wary that tamed feral Muffgooses (and some domestics) can be prone to excesses in food, sex, alcohol and narcotics. In the case of sex, this is not always with their tamer or harem-sisters, which has led to many a fight. "Rockin' out is hard work," said one tamer of his experience with a Muffgoose, many of whom seem to live by the Credo: 'Live fast, die young, and leave a big fat corpse!'
    Special Notes: There is a guitar-smith, a strange woman by the name of Haruko Haru-hara, who has taken to designing and building weapon guitars for Muffgooses. Called 'stringblades,' they are usually noted as guitars with bladed edges, literal 'axes' if you will. They can also have a variety of special features, ranging from everything between built-in shotguns, to taser, to flame-throwers (granting the Normal-Type Muffgoose elemental attacks!) and the like.
    Haruko's greatest creation, however, is the Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special. This rare double-neck stringblade has an automatic shotgun built into one neck (no 'cocking' necessary) and a grenade launcher built into the other neck capable of firing a multitude of specialized grenades (explosive, incendiary, flash, freeze-bombs... whatever floats your boat!). Also, the whole thing can disassemble into two separate units for easy dual wielding. Optional 'homing-bracers' worn on both the PokéGirl’s wrists will allow her to throw the weapon and have it return like a boomerang.
    The Gibson Double-Neck Cherry Special can also teach a Muffgoose her greatest song-related technique, 'Guitar Heroine.' This support action causes the Pokégirl to glow with a rainbow colored aura, and during which all her stats double! She can also use her 'backlash techniques' (attacks like Takedown) without sustaining damage! The drawbacks are that she cannot use any other song/dance/aura related techniques while Guitar Heroine is in effect, the effect is canceled if for any reason she lets go of her guitar(s) and when the effect runs its course (or is canceled) it leaves her exhausted and vulnerable. Plus she cannot use the ability again for at least an hour.
    Haruko doesn't have a shop, per sé. She wanders the countryside usually hanging out near concerts or other musical events, so look for her there is you'd like to buy one of her custom guitars. And bring a big wallet, because these babies don't come cheep! Also note that most leagues forbid the use of stringblades except as melee weapons, so no blasting away with your shotguns or flame-throwers in official gym battles (the homing-bracers are still cool, though). And whichever type of stringblade you choose, they all play really well.