BABEOON, the Violent Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Near Human to Not Very Near Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Fighting/Plant
Frequency: Rare, Uncommon (Forrest and Slot)
Diet: Omnivorous with a preference for Meats
Role: Jungle Assaults
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Bite, Flower Kick, Counter, Hurricane Kick, Flying Kick, Stone Palm, Giant Toss, Rose Whip, Wood Tower, Lance
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x2), Enhanced Agility, Balance, Reflexes, and Flexibility (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x3), Prehensile Tail (Ferals only) and Feet
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: Pri-Mate (Leaf Stone)

Aggression. That is the word that comes to mind when one mentions a Babeoon. With the application of a Leaf Stone the Pri-Mate seems to trade in her curious nature for a more aggressive one. The Babeoon gains anywhere from six to eight inches when she evolves, her bust gaining very little, a half cup at most. The most prominent change to them when they evolve is that their ass swells, giving them a 'bubble-butt' appearance. Their rumps are much firmer than what people think. Their fur turns either white or some off color of white that always has a slight green tint to it. Feral Babeoons tend to have a slight muzzle instead of a mouth, and all Babeoons have elongated canines. Most Ferals tend to be slightly more animalistic in appearances.

Babeoons are fierce fighters. One of the breed's major drawbacks are their quick tempers, able to go from calm and loving to raging like a Gynadose in about the same span of time. Because of their tempers it isn't recommended for any beginning tamer to have one in their harem. They attack with everything in their arsenal at once. They strike hard and fast in short bursts. One minute they're attacking with everything all at once in a confusing rush, and the next you allowed a quick breather before the assault begins again.

The first discovery that Babeoons are an evolution of the Pri-Mate was by accident, before they were just considered a stand alone Pokégirl. An E-stone merchant had a Pri-Mate in his harem that usually wore gloves while helping to avoid any chances of evolving on accident. While they slept one night there was an attempted robbery and the Pri-Mate, in her hurry to protect the stones, forgot to put her gloves on. While fighting off several of the offenders' Pokégirls the Pri-Mate accidentally grabbed hold of a Leaf Stone and evolved. She managed to fend off the intruders and recover all of the stones except for the one that caused her evolution.

The Babeoon is very proud of her luscious ass. They enjoy anal as much (possibly even more) than a Mini-Top and share the Excessively Violent bunny's dislike of any jokes, comments, or remarks pertaining to her lack of a chest. The skin on their asses become sensitive, and if a Tamer knows what he's doing, he's capable of getting a Babeoon off playing with her ass alone. No one knows why the Babeoon has a love for spankings, but Babeoons often act up with favored tamers just to give them an excuse to 'spank their Monkey'. Because of their canines most tamers will only let a Babeoon pleasure them orally if they truly trust in her. While there is no chance of being poisoned, as with the Arachnae, most tamers admit that they still find it slightly uncomfortable allowing their dick to be placed into the mouth of a Pokégirl with a short temper and sharp teeth.

The Feral state of the Babeoon is something that puzzles researchers. They can't seem to figure out why a girl that shows aggression when she's tamed becomes much more laid back when feral. This torpid state as often allowed researchers to wonder right into the middle of a Babeoon troop. They tend to stick with their own kind and can be very territorial to unwanted company, but they can be found in charge of Pri-Mate troops and frequently on the move. When company has over stayed their welcome the troop bands together and drives the unwanted guests out, biting and clawing. The time periods vary, but most seem to allow a week or two grace periods. They show no signs of provocation before attacking, so caution should be used when dealing with these feral Pokégirls. While they are more passive when Feral, they are still no Pokégirl you'd want to run into in a dark alley.

As of right now, while possible, Thresholding into a Babeoon is unlikely. Most girls that do Threshold into a Babeoon have a heavy combination of monkey Pokégirls and plant types in their heritage. Thresholding into a Babeoon is similar to the thresholding process of a Pri-Mate, although an early sign is that the young girl will generally become more violent and hostile. Another sign is that the girl tends to go through all of the discomforts and pains that the rest of the Ape types go through, including the painful foot cramps as the bones reposition themselves.