GODIVA, the Hair-Lashing Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Plant
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human-style
Role: Hair-care and styling, police Pokégirls
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Ground, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Fighting, Poison, Fire, Flying
Attacks: Tackle, Wrestle, Hair Whip, Hair Blade, Lust Shaker, Hair Hammer, Hair Angel, Hair Wrap, Hair Tentacles
Enhancements: Hair Manipulation. Hair grows at double human rate. Hair can change consistency to a rubbery substance at will. Enhanced Hair Strength (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
    These Pokégirls were almost never seen during the war. The reason for this is simple: they blended in and didn't do anything truly destructive. Instead, this breed was simply used to get information. This was, of course, before Sukebe began working on psychic types, and soon after those Pokégirls began production, these were relegated to even more mundane tasks such as administrative and inventory takers. Even after the war, the breed as a whole were among the most commonly tamed Pokégirls for beginning tamers, and even today they are fairly common around civilized areas. The Godiva are noteworthy for how like humans they are, with only their eyes and their hair as the only true give-away as to what they truly are (other than a Pokédex). Almost completely like a human woman, Godivas nevertheless have no less than B-cup sized breasts, though a large C-cup is far more common. Their hair and eyes, however, are the exact same color, but the the most startling difference between Godiva and humans is the fact that the Godiva adore having long hair. Often, their hair is at least as long as the Pokégirl is tall, though even more common is longer. Their hair also grows at a rate that is twice as fast as that of a human's, although they do not grow hair anywhere but from their head. This is assumed to be the main reason that their hair grows so quickly. One quirk about this breed is that they prefer to go nude, no matter what, which also makes them an easy target for tamers. Their hair can be of any color other than brown... but in some cases (to be noted below), this hair color can be seen. Another tidbit of information for tamers to take in is the fact that Godivas cannot sunburn, and instead seem to absorb sunlight like a plant type does.
    Godivas have an ability unique to any other Pokégirl species: They have absolute control over the hair on their heads. They can shorten it, lengthen it incredibly, and shape it into almost any form they want. A Godiva can make her hair as dense as a metal staff and use it to strike the opponent or parry a blade, or shape it into wings and fly, or nearly anything else. They are a very arrogant, vain breed, always sensitive about their hair and trying to keep it clean, and they will not, under any circumstances, let a Tamer come in their hair. But they are excellent with oral sex and always swallow, so most Tamers are willing to overlook this. The Godiva is not above using their hair to attack or pleasure their tamer/lover, however, or to bind a target in place to allow them to do what ever they may need to. However, this is only done when the Godiva’s hair changes. The startling revelation of the Godiva’s hair strength was discovered in 22 AS, when a tamer was attempting to tame a feral Godiva. The Pokégirl’s hair changed to a pure-brown color and had the consistency of extremely elastic rubber, but was (and is, for the most part) stronger than any man-made rubber ever devised, both then and now. It took some doing to test this ability among other Godiva, but all seemed capable of using this new-found ability. Since the rubbery strands are easily washable in this form, this Pokégirl can still perform many feats with her hair without worry of stained hair. Godiva don't mind the change at all- in fact, their hair retains its normal sensitivity even in this form, which makes things enjoyable for the Godiva and any tamer that doesn't mind the slightly odd feeling of such thin strands of rubber. The Feral state of a Godiva is similar to that of the Ingenue, with the added problem of their hair doing things at random, independent of what the Godiva wants, which oftentimes leads to all sorts of trouble. It also makes it fairly easy to spot a feral Godiva in a civilized setting.
    Thresholds are not uncommon, and those that become Godivas are generally pleased by this, since they're still relatively human and gain beautiful hair to play with. Threshold Godiva also often become police-Pokégirls, their long hair allowing them to capture a target without the need for projectiles, and the fact that their hair is so easily maneuverable makes them perfect for sneaking up on their target to capture it. One thing that Godiva cannot stand, other than getting their hair dirty or coming to harm, is being near an open flame. In either their hair's standard form or the other, both are easily burnable, and fire-damaged hair is something that any Godiva hates. There is little else that can scare a Godiva so much, or piss them off more, than threatening them with a fire-type Pokégirl or surrounding her with flames. Tamers are recommended to recall their Godiva when faced with a fire-type, lest they face the Godiva's wrath at another time. However, this breed enjoys working with water types, as they make bathing much easier. Pairing a Godiva and a Hottie together will usually wind up with the two in a bubbling hot bath, whether it's in a mountain pond or a stream, or even on the beach. Tamers also have reported that the Godiva becomes very aroused when they shampoo and bathe with them, almost instantly jumping up a Godiva's libido a notch.
    As an interesting side note, an easy way to make a Godiva happy is to team them with a horse Pokégirl. They will lavish affection on the Pokégirl and even volunteer to tame them when their Tamer is unable or unwilling. Or even join in with the Tamer IS willing/able. Most horse Pokégirls appreciate this, but it scares the hell out of NightMares, who aren't used to people being that affectionate towards them. Domina absolutely hate the Godiva's hair, and some go so far as to shave a Godiva's head in order to play their games with her. Godiva are quickly and easily brought to heel when their hair is threatened, by anyone or anything, and as such their hair is a valuable tool for making sure that a Godiva is kept in line by their tamer or owner. As a result of this, however, no Godiva is considered to be a good Alpha or a Beta- their hair is their second highest priority (when delta-bonded, that is. Before then, it is their highest priority), and anything else is a lesser concern.