DEOSAURA, the Neo-Dino Pokegirl

Type: Near Human (Saurian)
Element: Dragon/Poison
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Carnivore (x2 standard human intake)
Role: Anti-Menace, front-line fighter, cook
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water, Bug
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
Attacks: Poison, Mega Drain, Withering Winds, Venom Bite, Dragonbreath, Dragon Claw, Draconic Aura, Body Slam, Counter, Wrap, Pounce, Air Recovery, Tail Slap
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x10), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Sight, Taste; x3 each), Enhanced Strength (x10), Heat Aura
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None

During attempts to save or locate survivors in Africa after the Revenge War, few expeditions returned to their native leagues. One, however, that returned to the Edo League in 208 AS, brought with them corpses of several of the pokegirls that had been discovered and believed to have been breeds responsible for destroying every country on the African continent. Using these bodies allowed the league's researchers to capitalize on one of the few finds that they had discovered shortly after the end of the Revenge War, one of the last organized and great efforts to locate and exterminate the various warehouses, pokegirl manufactories, and genetic stores that Sukebe had planted in key locations around the globe. One such find yielded DNA that the researchers were unfamiliar with- until the discovery of the dinosaur-based breeds in Africa.

With the similarities discovered between the DNA found in a storehouse and the DNA of the pokegirl breeds that had been brought back with the expedition, it was found by the researchers that the former was actually incomplete genetic material of the long extinct dinosaurs from the Earth's distant past. Although the samples from the corpses were no longer viable, the samples taken from the storehouse were still active. In 219 AS, researchers completed work on a potentially new pokegirl breed, one that was designed and completed using additional DNA taken from a Naga to finish the new pokegirl's genetic structure. The result was the Deosaura, of which the first batch was completed in 223 AS. The breed is decidedly humanoid, as the researchers intended, and intensive studies follow the development of the new pokegirl breed. Designed by the league to handle any threatening pokegirl that could cause catastrophic harm to a community, the Deosaura became the first human-created pokegirl built for the purpose of handling menace-type pokegirls. After 255 AS, several interested leagues purchase the completed DNA map from the Edo League and begin their own programs to include the pokegirl in their own areas of control.

Standing upwards of six feet tall when fully mature, but not over seven, the pokegirl is one of the tallest (if not the tallest) breeds created by humanity. Their skin is comprised of dark colored scales, with only dark blue and a deep green having been confirmed for the pokegirl's coloration, though the shades of their face and chest are commonly a little lighter than the scales on the rest of the body. Though the original generations of the breed had a slight muzzle, completely unlike that of the corpses that were found of other dinosaur-based pokegirls, the Deosaura that have since either thresholded or have a human parent typically have a more human-looking face. The pokegirl's two standard, physical features are the long, sensitive tail that she has which extends from just above her buttocks (typically found to be about 180% as long as the pokegirl's body is tall) which provides her an excellent sense of balance, and her large breasts, which are typically no smaller than a D-cup. The researchers whom were responsible for designing the pokegirl were initially reprimanded for creating a pokegirl with such large breasts to be their main weapon against menaces to human society. Fortunately, though their breasts are sometimes very large, they somehow do not cause many issues in battle. One thing to note is that the breed does not have ears like humans do, but instead protect them within the pokegirl's scaled head. No league-created Deosaura is known to have grown hair anywhere on their bodies, though domestic-born and threshold-cases sometimes have hair- in these cases, the pokegirl's hair is often red, blonde, or black and almost never any other color. One feature that the researchers managed to genetically implement into the pokegirl is an inherent Heat Aura which envelopes her body. Though not nearly as strong as the heat fields that fire-type pokegirls give off, it is enough to keep the pokegirl warm and from suffering from intense cold.

In battles, the Deosaura are premier physical battlers that can shrug off many attacks and counter (sometimes literally, since the pokegirl can use the technique known as Counter) with one of her many attacks. However, arguably, her greatest skill lies in her inherent defenses. One thing that the researchers had the most difficult time with was the decree by the league that the Deosaura would need to be immune to the most toxic venom known to the world- Hyper Venom. Though the researchers could not deliver on this requirement, they were able to at least provide the pokegirl with the means to survive it and resist the effects of a Widow's Hyper Venom for a while. Continuous exposure to Hyper Venom will eventually kill the pokegirl, but she must be in contact with it for over 15 minutes before suffering adversely from the deadly compound. Because of this, the Deosaura is immune to lesser poisons and powders such as Aupair spores and transformative venoms, and cannot become poisoned by other pokegirl techniques thanks to her resistances. Commonly using her Withering Winds and Mega Drain technique to drain the strength and endurance from her target, the Deosaura breed will then close with Draconic Aura before getting close enough to start using her stronger abilities, such as Dragon Claw and Body Slam, to take down her targets. Because her tail is sensitive, the Deosaura rarely utilizes her Tail Slap or Wrap techniques, which can catch her opponents by surprise if they aren't expecting it. Sex Battles are a bit different for the breed, however, and while not clumsy in them, the pokegirls are certainly not designed for them. This breed is a horrible choice for sex battles against fire-types, for reasons explained below in this entry, and tamers typically forfeit when forced to use their Deosaura against one in a sex battle.

Within a harem setting, the breed varies in their needs and wants. Not all wish to be leaders, and then, some do. Their skills within a harem vary per individual, though it should be noted that the Deosaura are quite competitive regardless of whether or not they truly wish to have a leadership position. It is speculated amongst researchers that perhaps using the DNA that was utilized led to the diversity in personality that this breed enjoys. Also noteworthy is the fact that the Deosaura are almost firmly bisexual, making them excellent choices for both male and female pokegirl tamers. These pokegirls, however, are most often found within the harems of pokegirl hunters and league military personnel thanks to the origin of the breed itself (particularly in the Edo League, where the pokegirl is restricted to being used by league military and league-sponsored pokegirl hunters). In 214 AS, several leagues began allowing the breed to circulate through tamer harems after studies showed that proliferation of the breed could only be a good thing, considering their intended use and the fact that tamers were often the first to arrive someplace where all-calls are made. The Deosaura enjoy being warm, and extremely hot temperatures tend to make the pokegirl drowsy. This makes them a poor choice to fight against fire-type pokegirls, although holding or wearing an Ice Crystal can help to negate this issue. The pokegirl is sensitive to sound, has exceptional vision, and an enhanced sense of taste- the two former were designed, but while the researchers had planned for an enhanced sense of smell, the result was taste instead. It is thought to have been a result of using the Naga DNA that caused this 'mistake', although it is undetermined as to how exactly it actually happened.

Feral Deosaura have not been fully documented, but several have been allowed to go feral in a closed, controlled environment back in 152 AS. The pokegirls are territorial and confrontational as a feral, retaining little human intelligence and regressing to a more beastial nature, similar to that of common feral felines or canines. Unlike either, however, the ferals prefer to hunt singly, most commonly wearing down their faster prey or tracking the more difficult to catch species before pouncing and attacking. The breed is carnivorous and require, on average, twice as much food as a similar sized human requires, making them quite savage at times and more than willing to hunt at least once a day to sate their hunger. Threshold cases have been known and, although rare, are surprisingly painless, but by no means quick. A threshold case can take up to three weeks to complete, and do little more than cause aches and pains to the girl as it happens. Parents are known to auction their thresholded daughter for more SLC than almost any threshold case can expect to be sold for.