SIDEVIPER, the Aggressive Snake Pokégirl
Type: Metamorph (Snake)
Element: Fighting/Poison
Frequency: Rare
Diet: berries, fruit
Role: Hit-and-run tactics, grappling, nighttime scouts
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Quick Attack, Crushing Wrap, Vice Grip, Sucker Punch, Headbutt, BearHug, Body Slam, Legsweep, Dig, Silver Fist, Thunder Tail, Agility, Probing Tongue, Tail Slap, Venom Bite, Quickturn
Enhancements: Variety of Venoms, Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Tail Strength (x8), Enhanced Speed (x6), Intelligent Feral, High Flexibility, Sensitivity to Vibrations, Infrared Sense
Disadvantages: Low Stamina, Damage Vulnerability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Naga (Battle stress + Feral state)
    The Sideviper was one of the more vicious Pokégirls in Sukebe’s army during the Revenge War. Specializing in hit-and-run tactics, the Sidevipers would use their senses and stealth ability to quickly assault enemy camps from the flanks, usually in conjunction with attacks from other Pokégirls. Their tendency to use brutal and underhanded tactics made them feared opponents, and it was not entirely unknown the breed to become as feared as the Infernals, in some regions. It remains a mystery how such a brutal and downright bloodthirsty Pokégirl can be an herbivore, especially when it evolved from the carnivorous Naga.
    A Naga that has been pushed to her limits in battle while Feral will evolve into a Sideviper. The Sideviper is generally about four feet longer than their previous form, with a length between twelve and eighteen feet being the average lengths. The larger Sideviper has a full five feet of it’s body worth of torso, however, unlike the Naga’s smaller upper body. The Sideviper is human from the vaginal region upwards, and rather larger than the typical human torso. Their breasts are generally only of moderate size, between a small B or C cup, but are more sensitive than they were before evolution. The Sideviper’s scales and hair range from a deep bloody red, to a hot pink, to a shade of purple so dark it approaches black, and are always the same color (barring hair dye or scale-painting, of course). The exceptions to this are the scales on their underbelly, which are a light gold, a coloration that also defines their otherwise human-like skin. They also have a small ridge of golden scales above each of their eye, forming little horns where a human would have eyebrows. Sidevipers most often have blue or brown eyes with slit pupils (although some rare individuals have been noted to have red or green eyes).
    It is extremely rare to see a Sideviper outside of their tailed form, for it in that body that their bodies are at their fastest and strongest. However, they do occasionally shift into their bipedal body. The Sideviper is the only metamorphic Pokégirl whose “human” form actually appears less human than their larger body. Their entire body becomes covered in large, not very appealing scales, and many of their scales have rough edges to them, making them tend to catch and tear clothing. They become much weaker in this form, and the faces take a decided serpentine cast, the scales forming around their face making them look positively malevolent. Sidevipers hardly ever willingly enter this form, and will generally go to great lengths to avoid it.
    Sidevipers number amongst the most foul tempered of Pokégirls, standing side by side with such noticeable as the Mini-Top in the hierarchy of viciousness. They have no qualms over displaying their anger or disappointment in a physical manner, and a Sideviper’s harem-sisters are generally very cautious about making her angry. They are aggressive, and eagerly enter fights whenever given permission; Sidevipers will try to get their Tamer to allow them to enter combat with even the most superior of opponents. They are quick to anger, slow to calm, and can hold grudges for a long, long time.
    However, the breed does have its redeeming traits. Sidevipers are fiercely protective of what they consider to be theirs (usually their Tamer and harem-sisters) and often think of them as extensions of themselves. Their temper becomes much calmer after a fight, win or lose, or after a thorough Taming. Curiously, they also become more even tempered after cuddling with their Tamer, an act they are surprisingly fond of. Although Sidevipers are even more vicious than usual towards Tamers who intentionally let them go Feral as Nagas to evolve them, for a Tamer they knew as a Naga they are generally even more protective, and can be more open and emotional to such a Tamer than they normally would. Even so, it is suggested that any Tamer in possession of a Sideviper run her through a Level Four Taming Cycle soon after obtaining her, as it has been shown that this is sufficient to excise the breed’s more undesirable qualities, to an extent.
    An oddity about the breed is their extreme love for fruits. A Sideviper will quite literally grovel if it would get her so much as a single fruit. They are not a carnivorous breed, and fruits and berries make up the entirety of their diet. Using fruits as rewards is an oft used method of training a Sideviper (as they otherwise object to being forced to train) and can also get surprising results when used as a motivator to correct the Sideviper’s behavior. The breed has been known to enter cities and attack grocery stores in order to steal fruits, and some smaller towns for who Sidevipers are a problem are forced to hire Tamers to remove them, although planting bushes of berries or fruits outside the town limits is almost always sufficient to make them leave the town alone.
    It is dangerous for any Pokégirl without a resistance to poison to close to melee with the Sideviper. The breed has a large variety of attacks to use at close range, including Legsweep, Silver Punch, and Thunder Tail, all of which are considerably dangerous to any close range opponent. Typical breed combat strategies are based on hit and run tactics, especially when fighting Pokégirls slower than they are. Using Agility and Quick Attack, they close the distance, strike quickly with one of their more powerful attacks, and then retreat, often using Dig to hide themselves until the opportune moment to strike. This is an even more potent strategy when their unique skill with the Quickturn maneuver is considered. Sidevipers received their name for their uncanny ability to instantly change direction, and for their frequent use of the technique. Although Sidevipers generally charge into combat in a strait line, they can switch from the standard serpentine slither into a unique winding motion, an ability which allows them to move to the side to avoid an attack, strafe with extreme effectiveness, or suddenly move to the side at the last moment of the charge, attacking their opponent’s flanks.
    However, the stamina of the Sideviper is absolutely atrocious, and they lack the endurance to continue to fight for a long match. As such, they generally start combat using one or more of their venoms, such as Slow Venom, Sap Sting, Paralyzation Poison, or Exhausting Venom, with the other venoms they retain from their time as Nagas being used less often. But the most common poison used by the breed is their unique Enervating Venom, which harshly cuts down the enemy’s strength. After their poisons take effect, the Sideviper enters the aspect of combat they are most successful at; grappling. The already strong muscles in the Sidevipers tails are half again as strong when it comes to constricting, and when their Enervating Venom takes effect they number among the most effective Pokégirls around when it comes to grappling (although are not very skilled when it comes to throws, as they lack the legs (and too unused to their legged form) and proper center of balance to utilize them to their greatest effect). This, however, comes at a cost. Although Sidevipers are very strong, and are one of the fastest of the serpentine Pokégirls, they are also fragile. Attacks often hurt them more than they do others, and when combined with their lack of stamina can make the Pokégirl go down hard and fast when they are on the losing side. Sidevipers are fully aware of this vulnerability, and therefore never play fair, using dirty tricks, low blows, and their poisons to get every conceivable advantage they can. But even that is of little use against a Pokégirl focusing on area attacks, or against a Psychic-type.
    It is suggested that no Tamer ever let their Sideviper be Alpha. They tend towards petty vengeances and abusing their power when placed in charge, and are more often than not harmful to the stability of the harem. More commonly, Sidevipers are used in a scouting role in harems. Despite their sometimes bright coloration, Sidevipers are very stealthy Pokégirls (although not quite to the extent as the Naga was), and with their Dig technique and their sensitivity to vibrations they can determine the location of anything corporeal that is touching the ground in their immediate vicinity. They are more effective scouts at night, however. Sidevipers have small pits between their eyes and their nose, and these special organs are extremely sensitive to variations in heat. Using this, the Sideviper gains the ability to detect things in the infrared spectrum, which allows them to see invisible opponents clearly.
    Unlike some others of the snake-like Pokégirls, Sidevipers dislike Taming in their humanoid forms. The scales that cover their entire form limit pleasure, and the sharp ridges that line the body make intimate contact difficult. But they are skilled lovers, despite only being willing to have sex in their serpentine bodies. They prefer to coil around their lover’s bodies, and do the thrusting themselves while holding their Tamer closely. Their excellent muscle control is such that, when they are particularly pleased with their Tamer, they may simply lay with their Tamer and use their vaginal muscles to slowly constrict and caress his member (which makes any Tamer who has had sex with a Sideviper glad they lost their bisexual tendencies from their times as Nagas). For female Tamers, the Sideviper not only retains the Gummi Tongue technique, but also learns the sex attack Probing Tongue. As such, Sidevipers are skilled combatants in the sex battle arena, despite their lack of endurance. After a session with their Tamer, Sidevipers tend to curl tightly around them in a protective manner and almost immediately fall asleep. Tamers with the Endurance bloodgift are suggested to Tame another Pokégirl before going to the Sideviper, as they rarely have the stamina to completely please such a Tamer, are very jealous lovers, and once they fall asleep are too difficult for any human to untangled themselves from until the Sideviper wakes up.
    Sidevipers, perhaps because they evolve only while Feral, have one of the fewest changes of any Pokégirl while Feral. They mostly just become meaner. Sidevipers are capable of remembering details about their life (if somewhat fragmented), can reason at a near-human level, and those that were Domesticate as Nagas may even retain a certain level of proficiency with speech. The only way to capture Feral Sidevipers is to beat them into submission; while Feral, Sidevipers are generally so mean that no Pokégirl but the most devoted of Menags would have the time to get the slightest rise in the Sideviper’s arousal.
    Thresholding into a Sideviper is unpleasant, to say the least. Most of the young teenagers who undergo the process are horrified at their change, with good reason. Thresholders first change into their unattractive humanoid form, until they are later capable of changing to the far more attractive serpentine form. The transformation is defined by a marked increase in temper, vulgarity, and general meanness. It is suggested that the new Pokégirl immediately be shipped off to a ranch, before she inevitably harms a family member in one of her uncontrolled tantrums.