A-BRA, the Psychic Snoozer Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style food
Role: Security, Research Assistants, Emergency Rescue
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Teleport, Foresight, Confusion, Fade
Enhancements: Telepathy
Evolves: Ka-D-Bra (normal), Ishtar (Dusk Stone)
Evolves From: None

Known as the premier psychic type throughout the world, the A-bra was originally used as Sukebe's first psychic types. Unfortunately, though he managed to create a psychic human-like Pokégirl, he had no way to anticipate the stresses that using her powers would create in her mind. As a result, and fortunately for the human race, the A-bra Pokégirls require upwards of twelve hours of sleep everyday, and even up to 18 hours if she uses her stronger psychic abilities. It was this unfortunate tendency that allowed numerous Pokégirls of this breed to be captured after the war, and even during it- their unfortunate need for sleep after using their powers makes them so tired that not even a retreat order directly from Sukebe himself could rouse an A-bra. Although initially killed on sight (typically while asleep) by human soldiers and by the first tamers as being too powerful to control, soon after the war the A-bra were captured instead and information on psychic types was finally gained. They were among the first psychic types to be captured and brought to the human side.

The A-Bra is a small Pokégirl, rarely exceeding 5'4 in height. Their skin is a goldenrod yellow, though their hair can be any color. Bust size, as their name suggests, is a mere A-cup. Their other defining feature is a pair of "antennae", similar in structure to catfish whiskers, positioned just above their eyebrows. Research strongly suggests that these structures, rarely more than a few inches long, act like conductors for psychic signals, and are used mainly to pick up brain waves and as a way to focus her psychic abilities. Oddly enough, these antennae are also observered in two of her higher evolved forms: the Ka-D-bra and the Alaka-Wham. Most A-bra do have hair, although a small percentage are bald for some odd reason that researchers are unsure of even today. It is generally assumed to just be some genetic quirk, although tamers seem to suggest that the bald members of this breed are actually stronger than the A-bra who do have hair. Tests have shown inconclusive evidence of this, however. Though they are known to sleep between 12-18 hours a day, the A-Bra remains fairly useful even amongst anti-Pokégirl leagues. They have the ability to read minds, teleport, and have a danger sense. They are also quite intelligent, often having just the answer her trainer needs in any predicament, provided he can rouse her to consciousness long enough to give her thoughts. However, A-Bras are physically frail, and lack the powerful Psychic attacks of their more evolved forms, making them a poor choice in a fight. Feral versions are very rare. It is far more common to find them at a breeding center, such as the famed Tendo Ranch. A-Bras, while not common by any means, are one of the more likely outcomes of Threshold for a girl with strong Psychic ancestry.

It is very rare to see an A-bra in a harem, since most tamers would rather skip the pain of trying to raise a sleepy A-bra when they could have the powerhouse that is a Ka-D-bra instead, or some other psychic type that doesn't require so much slumber every day. Because of their requirements, no A-bra has been documented as an Alpha or a Beta in any harem other than a coordinator's. This breed was not originally meant for fighting, and it shows in the battles that one is in. The ones that they do participate in, however, are often won through intellect and strategy rather than brute strength, using teleport to escape and then mundane attacks as well as Foresight to do some damage and avoid being attacked. Outside of harems, they are often used in any number of non-physical occupations, as well as transports- using Poképacks to carry a fair amount of material, the A-bra can convey a large amount of supplies over amazing distances without the need for Pokéball transfer systems. This makes her a very useful emergency rescue Pokégirl, though they are susceptible to the elements compared to other Pokégirls often used for the same role.

It has been noted throughout different harems that A-bra are very wary when Dark-type Pokégirls are around. This is attributed to the possibility that as they sleep most of the day, they are easy prey for dark type Pokégirls moreso than most other psychic-types. Another little quirk is that they dislike being compared to bug-type Pokégirls, including Spidergirls and Spiderwomen. This is a little more difficult to pin down, but is typically considered to have something to do with their antennae, a feature that mostly only bug-type Pokégirls possess. In a battle, Bug-types and Dark-types are often their first targets (even ferals share this odd sense of strategy, and this behavior has yet to be fully studied), as they are the Pokégirl-types that seem to resist their psychic abilities the most. Using Confusion, and then Foresight, the A-bra can even use Teleport as long as no one or nothing else is touching her in order to get away or get closer to her opponent. Fade is used to give her the ability to escape when needed, a technique used to great effect during the war and in more modern times to assist with capturing criminals and to trail others.