ANNT, the Industrious Colony Pokégirl

Type: Humanoid
Element: Bug/Varies according to subtype
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: construction, demolition, salvage
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Varies according to subtype
Weak Vs: Varies according to subtype
Attacks: Varies according to subtype
Enhancements: Varies according to subtype
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Revised on: Jun 9, 2011

Like the Buzzbreasts and Wasps, Annts are a swarm breed of insect pokegirls. Unlike the bee and wasp based breeds though, the Annts do not evolve into any warrior or leadership focused breeds. All of the roles for the colony are filled by an Annt taking on different subtypes.

There are four different subtypes that fill the roles for Annt colonies. The most numerous and smallest variety are the Workers. The largest and most robust are the Soldiers. Finally, Drones and a single Queen run the colony. All Annts are the same when born; what subtype an Annt will become is determined by their diet as a pokekit. Around the age of eight is when the pokekits begin to diverge in physiology as their subtyping develops. They're kept in large nursery chambers overseen by a portion of the colony's Drones up until this age, with the older pokekits helping to care for the younger ones. All Annts can reproduce through parthenogenesis, though litter sizes and frequency vary based on what subtype they are. It also takes less time to carry an Annt infant to term than a human, typically Annts are pregnant for about seven months for parthenogenetic litters. Worker Annts can also be changed into one of the other subtypes later in life by exposure to certain evolution items.

All Annts, regardless of subtype, share a few physical traits with every member of their breed. They have a light exoskeleton covering their body which can range from shades of brown, black, and red, or can appear the same as human skin tone. Unlike most bug types, they actually do not have compound eyes. The most common coloration of the iris is brown. Most sensory information for the breed comes from their antennae, which sprout from their foreheads near the hairline. These antennae have a distinct elbow bend to them, and are sensitive to touch and to chemicals in the air.

Feral Annt colonies are just as hazardous to human settlements as their other swarming counterparts. Although not a frequent threat, if an Annt colony becomes too large or if food becomes scarce, the colony will go out on a raid that can leave entire towns in ruin if not checked. If they raid for food, only Workers and Soldiers will be present and they will eventually return to the colony. If the raid is spurred by an overpopulated colony however, half of the colony's mature Annts will be in the raid, including Drones and a recently mature Queen. These raids set out seeking a suitable location to establish a new colony. Fire, Ice, Water, and Flying pokegirls work best to counter raids.

All of the Annt subtypes can undergo second puberty to become pokewomen, though they almost never reach this age out in the wilds, with the exception of the Queens. If a feral Annt should reach this age though, she is always exiled from the colony and left to fend for herself in the wilds. Threshold is rare, because Annt pokewomen typically aren't bred. The development of their offspring in the womb slows when they become pokewomen too, even Annts take the full nine months that are typical. If a human girl does become an Annt, she will become a Worker. Some families will invest in the evolution stones necessary to alter their former daughter into one of the rarer, more desirable subtypes should threshold occur.

Worker (Bug/Ground)
Enhancements: Hive Mind (Drone), Enhanced Strength (x10), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Senses (Olfactory x5, Taste x2) Multi-limbed (four arms)
Role: Scouts, Builders, Foragers, Cannon fodder
Strong vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Psychic, Electric, Poison, Steel
Weak vs: Flying, Ice, Water
Attacks: Bite, Dig, Mud Slap, Fissure

Worker Annts are the most commonly seen type of Annt, and the form that all Annts start their lives as. It is also how the majority of them live the rest of their life.

The typical Worker Annt has a body similar in build to the average Tomboy, with the exception of their extra set of arms and a short stature. Height ranges between sizes comparable to the Cutiepie breed to the average Very Near Human breed. Their antennae are the most sensitive of the subservient subtypes, because they employ this means of smelling to find food for the colony.

Workers are, obviously, the primary work force for a colony. Their roles change based on their age. From birth to around eight years old, they remain in the nurseries under the care of the Drones. After that point and if they don't start to develop into a different subtype, they go out into the tunnels and build and maintain the colony's interior. After another six to eight years, their duties change to those that take them outside the nest and the older they become, the further they are sent. Most Worker Annts don't live to see their early twenties.

Their Drone Mind state leaves them with the least amount of initiative of all the subtypes. Even when tamed they are very dependent on the orders of a higher authority. Worker Annts born feral will show almost no personality at all if tamed, while domesticated specimen will have some and threshold victims typically just gain strong dependent and submissive tendencies on top of their previous personality.

Workers tend to undergo parthenogenesis once a year, and nearly always have litters of two.

Soldier (Bug/Rock) (Round Stone)
Enhancements: Hive Mind (Drone), Enhanced Strength (x10 normal form, x12 battle form), Enhanced Durability (x8 normal form, x14 battle form), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Senses (Vision x2, Olfactory x2), Multi-limbed (four arms), Limited Metamorph
Role: Heavy lifting, Guards, Juggernauts
Strong vs: Dark, Psychic, Bug, Electric, Ice, Poison
Weak vs: Steel, Water
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, Dig, Saw Strike, Blade Spike, Boulder Throw, Sonic Wave, Harden, Rock Throw, Unmovable

The name Soldier for this subtype is a little misleading. Both Workers and Soldiers fight, just as they both work. The Soldier, however, is far more capable in combat than their smaller sisters, and a little less capable of moving about in the tunnels of the nest.

Soldier Annts are the largest subtype of Annts. They've been compared to the Onyx and Galem breeds in terms of fighting power, and some jokingly call them a poor tamer's Amachamp due to both pokegirls sharing the trait of having four arms. They are muscular and considerably taller than an average human woman. They also have the same antennae that Workers do, though theirs are a little less sensitive to chemicals. Soldier Annts are limited metamorphs, capable of shifting into a battle form that is covered in a tougher exoskeleton along with gaining powerful insect mandibles and heavy digging claws on their lower set of hands.

Soldiers come into play where there is tough rock or metal to break through, or when there is a serious attack on the outskirts of the colony's territory. They also participate in small numbers during food raids, just in case the raiding party runs into something considerably hard to tackle. While a Soldier Annt is a dangerous foe, it's almost more dangerous to focus on taking her out of the fight. They are extremely tough and can soak up a lot of damage before going down. All the while the smaller Workers can be getting into position to swarm and suppress the enemies of the colony.

Soldiers are more aggressive than Workers as a general rule of thumb. Although they don't really seek combat like fighting types, they will not back down from one. They have a very protective mindset for their sisters, either of the colony or their harem.

Soldiers undergo parthenogenesis the least of all Annt subtypes, averaging only a single birth every two years.

Drone (Bug/Plant) (Sun Stone)
Enhancements: Hive Mind (Drone), Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x12), Enhanced Speed (x3, x8 flight)Enhanced Senses (Vision x2, Olfactory x2, Touch x2), Multi-Limbed (four arms, wings), Flight, Food Production (Milk and Ambrosia), Active Lactation (Milk and Ambrosia), Magic affinity
Role: Pokekit care, Sexual service, Food provisions
Strong vs: Dark, Fighting, Plant, Psychic, Electric, Ground, Water
Weak vs: Fire, Flying, Bug, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Bite, Dig, Drone, Black Wind, Ambrosia, Honey, Sweet Honey, Royal Honey, White Wind, Absorb, Heal, Mana Bolt, Cheer, Grass Cock, Probing Tentacles, Probing Pods, Vine Bondage, Wood Tower

Drone Annts are rarely seen far from the colony's nest, and the only two times they're seen outside the tunnels at all is to sun themselves, which they do right outside the entrance, or to partake in a raid for a new home.

Drone Annts are the most voluptuous of the subservient Annts. They're long in the legs, wide in the hips, plump in the ass, and everything is topped off with very generously sized breasts. Their arms are slender and they move with a natural grace, either on foot of flying with their iridescent wings. Their antennae are slightly longer than the Worker's or Soldier's, and they have numerous vine-like appendages that sprout from the back of their head. Most twist them together when they're not in use so that they resemble a braided ponytail.

Drones perform little hard labor in the colony, but their role is crucial for keeping the colony running. They attend the Annt pokekits from the time that they're born to the time they are old enough to begin their role in the hive. Drone Annts are responsible for feeding all the pokekits in their care, and also will nurse the entire hive on occasion. They constantly lactate and produce ambrosia, and it's by mixing the consistency of these two foods that the subtype of an Annt is determined, secreting the proper mix of nutrients to influence the Annt's development. The milk and ambrosia mix doesn't appeal to many humans or other pokegirl breeds though. Drones also service the mature Annts of the colony using their plant element sex techniques. Some speculate that because of the presence of the Drones, feral Annts truly aren't feral, and instead are merely unsocialized.

Given their nuturing and sexual natures, many doubt the Drone Annts could be much of a threat in combat. This is a dangerous assumption. While it is true they are capable of far less than even the Worker on their own, they never enter combat without the support of the rest of the hive. Taking to the skies, they heal and ward their sisters; prioritizing the Queen first, then other Drones, then the Soldiers, and finally the Workers. They are also the best counter to flying enemies a colony will have. The most often used tactic is for a Drone to snag a flyer with the vines on their head and hold her up while more Drones latch on. Then the hapless pokegirl is dragged to the ground to be overwhelmed by the waiting lesser Annts.

Drones are very sensuous when tamed, and although they will never initiate a taming with their master or any harem sister with authority over them, they also will never decline a taming; no matter what conditions. They excel in support conditions for the harem, and also tend to take great joy in picking up domestic roles for their tamer.

Drones undergo parthenogenesis at about the same rate as the Workers, averaging close to one litter a year. They do give birth to larger litters though, typically somewhere between three and five.

Queen (Bug/Magic) (Dawn Stone)
Enhancements: Hive Mind (Queen), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Speed (x3, x5 flight) Enhanced Senses (Olfactory x8), Multi-Limbed (four arms, wings), Flight
Role: Colony ruler
Strong vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Dig, Drone, White Wind, Absorb, Reflect, Dispel, Ensuna, Force Bolt, Haste, Mana Bolt, Rune Chain

When most people think of the Annt Queen, they imagine a creature living in complete luxury and decadence, at least as far as the life of a feral goes. Annt Queens spend nearly all of their lives with hundreds of servants at their beck and call living within an underground fortress. And this image is fairly accurate, except for one key point in the Annt Queen's life.

Annt Queens are very similar to Drones in their appearance. Very curvy and sublime, but lacking the vines. They're also a few inches taller and their wings longer by nearly a foot. This is no coincidence, as it effectively makes every Drone a body double for their queen. Annts are still capable of identifying their ruler by her scent.

The biggest responsibility the Queen Annt has beyond guiding her colony is bolstering its numbers. Queen Annts have one of the most remarkable reproductive capacities seen in all pokegirl kind. The rate they undergo parthenogenesis is linked to how much sexual stimulation they receive, and pheromones they release can also influence the colony to undergo parthenogenesis, or inhibit it. Based on the amount of attention she receives from her Drones, she can parthenogenetically conceive in as short as a few weeks after giving birth to a previous litter. Any tamer with a Queen Annt is strongly encouraged to keep her in a standard pokeball.

The one time in a feral Queen's life where she isn't sedentary is right after she matures and there is still a reigning Queen. At this time, she takes half of the mature Annts in the colony and leads them on a raid to find a new territory to set up a new colony. Annt Queens fly above the swarm with their Drones, acting in the same support capacity but also with a greater offense. They employ a wild magic that they're capable of controlling enough to not injure themselves or their servants, but the results beyond that cannot be predicted. Like the Drones, they also prioritize grounding airborne foes. Unlike the Drones, she can simply bring flying enemies down with a cast of the Runic Chains spell.

Capturing a Queen Annt is very rare, because of the forces that need to be fought through to obtain one. Most often a capture is the result of a turned raid, and these Queens are typically confiscated by the leagues. In a harem, they like to be in charge, or at least receive special treatment. They are powerful magicians though, either by relying on their wild magic or by learning other disciplines. They can also make excellent leaders if given the position of alpha.

Although they're easily capable of living to the point of their second puberty and the shift into a pokewoman, they do not retain rulership after this age. When the current Queen reaches around twenty years of age, she chooses an infant she nurses herself, and this pokekit will grow into the next Queen. When this chosen successor begins to undergo her first parthenogenesis, the elder Queen leaves the colony and wanders off into the wilderness on her own. Most frequently they die, but some live either on their own or when they're captured by a tamer.