AZHI DAHAKA, the Stoneworker Dragon Pokégirl

Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Dragon/Rock
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human-like with mineral supplementation
Role: Combat Engineer, earthmover
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Ice, Flying
Attacks: Dragon Rage, Slash, Spincut, Sabre Claw, Dragon Torture, Harden, Rock Throw, Unmovable, Dynawave, Megawave, Shock Spike, Rage Shock
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x10), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x10), Enhanced Durability (x3), Natural Weapons(Claws), Construction Material Creation(stone), Intuitive Aptitude (Architecture)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Draco (Diamond Stone)
Revised: March 1, 2011

The physical changes to a Draco that evolves into an Ahzi Dahaka are substantial; she gains a great deal of muscle and height, making her at least six feet tall, if not taller, and physically powerful. Her skin hardens into a thick, tough skin usual of the same color as her Draco form, though some have been known to change to more earth tones ranging from dusty brown to as far as a slate grey. The only exception to this is her chest, stomach and face which remains relatively silky to the touch and is the source of much pleasure for the breed, happily lounging for hours being petting and caressed in these places. Her forehead can sometimes develop a thick ridge of hardened skin which protects her skull from damage and be able to be used as a weapon with a devastating head butt, some have also been known to grow horns of various sizes and shapes, other both and some neither. The reason behind this is still unknown and is considered to be a random genetic quirk to the breed. Her hair is slightly softer than her previous form, but is still pretty course to the touch, and many of the breed tend to cut it short and shave it off just because of all the dirt and debris that can get caught up in during their work. Another random quirk is the tail; it sometimes changes, growing larger than the Draco’s, others losing it completely if it changes at all. Despite her great strength, toughness and wide array of attacks, she dislikes combat.

Instead she uses her attacks to clear an area and carve out materials for building shelters, bunkers or other buildings quickly, and then using her limited stone shaping power to smooth it out and seal the pieces together to make it stronger, and make changes to help conceal it. What’s interesting is she possesses a decent amount of knowledge concerning construction, allowing her build better and more complex structures if given the necessary materials and tools, but this knowledge isn’t so much book details as much as what she considers to feel ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and her feelings of ‘right’ tend to be very close to perfect.

Mentally, she becomes a very patient Pokégirl, requiring a great deal to become upset or angry. However, if pushed far enough, the ensuing rage is nearly impossible to assuage. This mentality makes her a bit of a wild card in combat, despite her overwhelming power, she tends to approach her fighting much like her building with a little forethought and planning, usually using the more straightforward methods to take down her opponent but keeping random damage to the surrounds to a minimum. Should her opponent manage to anger to enough, she will attack without discrimination or reservation which could be even worse since she’ll just hammer away with her most powerful attacks over and over, concerned only with defeating her opponent regardless of the collateral damage.

If feral, she’ll usually find a quiet area to build her shelter and spend her time either looking for food, or strengthening/concealing her shelter. A ‘girl who has been feral for a long time tends to have a heavily reinforced, and well concealed, shelter requiring a little strategy on the part of a Tamer wanting to catch her. If she can find a Dragon pride to join, she will then help build up the shelters of all the members as well as herself, plus try and conceal the pride as well. Taming an Ahzi Dahaka is pretty straight forward, she generally has no taboos as a breed, though individual tastes may come into play, but a little fore and after play caressing her softer stomach, chest and face tends to produce a happier and more sated pokegirl.