COCKATRIX, (aka COCKATRYST) the Evil Chicken Pokégirl

Type: Not Very Near Human (Avian/Reptilian Animorph)
Element: Rock/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, Light mineral intake
Role: Nighttime livestock guardian, Fine Mineral Filtration, Urban Myth
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Ghost, Dark, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Petrification Gaze, Dark Bomb, Harden, Quake, Stone Strike, Tenebrous Strike, Headbutt
Enhancements: Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Senses (Vision and hearing) (x3), Enhanced speed (x3), Night Vision, Prehensile (Tail)
Weaknesses: Not immune to her own gaze attack or the gaze attacks of others, sometimes uses her gaze attack when under stress.
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Gallie (Moon Stone)

Legends from the first century after the great war tell of an evil beast capable of freezing helpless victims in their tracks, one that lurked deep in caves and would only come out to devour little children that stayed up too late. This of course was waved off as myths and legends until one tamer brought in a strange looking Pokégirl in for identification in 137 AS. According to the tamer's story, he discovered the Pokégirl by surprise in a cavern while searching for ground and rock types. The Pokégirl had been drinking from a pool of water, and when a light shone upon her, she started and froze, staying unmoving until the tamer Pokéballed her. Research continued into breeding this oddity, until in 168 AS when the first captured Cockatrix birthed a Chickenlittle Pokékit. Stunned, research began to discover any possible evolutions that were overlooked in the Chickenlittle, though it didn't take long for one of the Chickenlittle test subjects to be exposed to a Moon Stone and evolve.

This was a stunning introduction into the Cockatrix breed, this odd mixture of avian and reptile held the ability to freeze her opponents in their tracks with a single look. Physically, a Cockatrix looks close to her unevolved form, though there are several major differences. Cockatrix have large, red combs that grow from the top of their heads. This comb parts their feather 'hair' neatly in the middle and ends at the crown, but the lobe of the comb often grows further back, making the comb look much like a Mohawk. This comb is made of hard stone, unlike the fleshy comb of pre-Sukube cockerels, and using her harden ability she can make the points quite dangerous considering the breed can use the Headbutt attack. The feathers atop the Cockatrix's head are a bit longer, and usually a different color than the sparse coat of feathers running down her back to end at her tail.

Instead of feathery bird-like wings, Cockatrix have wings more akin to bat Pokégirls, supported by two elongated digits. This leaves the bird/lizard Pokégirl a thumb and two fingers on each arm to manipulate objects, unlike her unevolved form. The lower half of the Pokégirl’s body is an odd mixture of lizard and bird, a long lizardlike tail sprouting from her back. This long, somewhat prehensile tale is tipped on the end with large feathers, giving the Pokégirl the ability to control her short flights. Her legs are much like a Chickenlittles, human until the knee, then becoming scaly and digitgrade, ending in three large toes with a single reverse toe. Unlike a Chickenlittle, these scales are often more reptilian in nature, and colored similarly to the Cockatrix's tail. This Pokégirl also gains an impressive bust for her slight stature, a full C cup. Oddly, Cockatrixs have no body hair, and no feathers replace where the hair around her snatch should be.

Cockatrixs may have earned the moniker 'the evil chicken Pokégirl' though this is more due to the myths surrounding them than it is their actual attitude. Tamed Cockatrix are more mischievous than dangerous, typically playing good natured pranks on any who will fall for them. However, their sense of humor is somewhat off, and sometimes their puns are groan worthy. They share somewhat of a 'fangirl' relationship with the Trixie line and Cheshires, much to the other Pokégirl's embarrassment. Cockatrixs are easily amused however, and tend to laugh at most things (though a rare few laugh inappropriately). Given their awful puns at times, the Jokette breed actively hunt down Cockatrix when they can, and the poor Cockatrix usually don't stand a chance unless backed by a very powerful harem. Other than their bad jokes and pranks, Cockatrixs are friendly and sociable Pokégirls, if somewhat immature.

In battle, Cockatrixs are usually enthusiastic but somewhat erratic, as stress and surprise often causes them to use their Petrification Gaze attack unintentionally, which makes them a liability in grand melee or team style battles. The breed often use awful puns to help keep their stress levels low, and rely on their physical attacks to help defeat their opponents. Occasionally, they'll riddle the area with Dark Bombs, followed with a pun dealing with bombardment. Most tamers can break their Cockatrixs of this habit, and train their Pokégirls into formidable fighters. One thing to note as well, is that if a Cockatrix is sharing a harem with a Gorgon, they are able to learn the Stone Gaze attack. This should be at the tamer's own peril, as Cockatrixs are still prone to using either gaze attack unintentionally under stress. There are two oddities to the breed, though one has proven to be a blessing to some thresholders.

When a threshold Chickenlittle evolves into a Cockatrix, their previous memories return as well as their intelligence. Some girls who realize they're undergoing threshold into Chickenlittles tend to try to get a hold of a Moonstone in order to reclaim what little of their humanity they have left upon their threshold. As threshold directly into a Cockatrix is very rare, and Moon Stones are usually in high demand, some threshold girls are doomed to the mental oblivion that is a Chickenlittle.

Cockatrixs are also known to eat some minerals, such as dirt and various rocks, in order to help them use their hardening ability. The excess minerals, however, are processed and somehow purified in her system and produced as small mineral eggs. These eggs are the size of Pre-Sukuebe chicken eggs, and usually made up of quartz than any other mineral. However, researchers and miners have experimented by feeding Cockatrixs mining dross, which has been proven to produce on rare occasions, eggs of gold, silver, emerald, or other precious minerals. This only happens once enough of a certain mineral is taken in to excess however, as most of the minerals that a Cockatrix eats are used to help keep her skeleton strong as well as for her to use her harden ability. One miner recorded that keeping his Cockatrix on a supplemental diet of excess from his gold mine produced a gold egg every three months, though research has shown that this is closer to six months even under optimum circumstances.

Feral Cockatrix are rarely seen, as tactics from the Pokégirl are to freeze foes with her petrification gaze before fleeing. They are known to attack lone rodent types, however, and sending one in to lure out this odd breed is a good tactic to capture them. When not hungry, rarely feral Cockatrix are known to scare those that wander into their caves, though this can be dangerous, as often the scare involves freezing their victim and looking menacing. This leaves those frozen prone to attacks from other cave dwelling ferals.