AGRII, the Exotic Warchief Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Psychic/Steel
Frequency: Extreme Rare (Tropical temperate leagues), Very Rare (Dark Continent), Extremely Rare (Everywhere else)
Diet: Human diet
Role: Leader, Commander
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic, Ice, Rock
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Electric, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Pneumatic Drill, Iron Punch, Metal Claw, Metal Sound, Psi-Blade Mark II, Telekinesis, Agility, Hypnotic Gaze, Manifest Weapon (Greaves/Gauntlets), Call Me Queen
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x9), Enhanced Speed (x9), Enhanced Endurance (x9), Enhanced Vision (x3), Enhanced Olfactory (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Aura of the Leader
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Lairio (Leadership)

A leader is strong, capable, and confident in their ability to control and lead their followers on the path of success, achieving the goals of the group along the way. The Agrii is one of those kinds of pokégirls, emboding all of those aspects of leadership. While the Lairio and the Ariu suffice on crude weapons of rock and plant, the Agrii no longer has the abilty to manipulate plant matter nor does she produce crude rock like spearheads of her previous evolution. Instead both her mind sharpens as does her weapons. However, the Agrii has a clear distinction over her lower evolutions.

While their masks are made of wood, her mask is made of strong steel. She retains her spearhead but only to create her new weapons. As said before, the Agrii's mask turns into a steel mask the pokégirl creates herself with her abilty to manipulate the steel with her psychic and steel attuned abilities. Her mask is usually what the other members of the tribe adopt as their tribe symbol. They also create steel greaves and gauntlets using the same process, infusing the steel with their energy. Due to this process the steel of their armor is more like solid water, but only to them. Like most evolutions the Agrii also gains some physical changes, maybe an increase in cup size and a slight increase in height but nothing worth noting. Her eyes keep along the same gamut of earthy colors, with the exception of yellow eyes some Agrii have.

The Agrii has one of the more stranger evolutions (besides evolution stone ceremonies). She evolves by being a capable leader. In the tribal enviroment, this usually means one of a few things, the splinter group from their previous tribe she was apart of broke away under her leadership this can either be under banishment or rebelling against the current leader. On the more peaceful side of things, the previous leader died and the Lairio in question took charge or the current Agrii was training her to take her place when she stepped down. Either way, this evolution doesn't happen right away, as even after one of the previous events happen, the Lairio has to prove herself a capable leader to her people. In a harem situation however this is simply a matter of proving to the other memebers of the harem that she is a capable Alpha.

While they no longer have the spear that was dignified by this line, the ability to manipulate her armor into weapons makes this lost a moot point. Using her power over steel she can morph the steel into claws, move it over her body to protect other parts of her body, or use it to make her hits stronger. Her psychic abilities not only make her hits more accurate using telekinesis of course, but also allow her make her opponents fear her by using her telekinesis to her supreme advantage. The most useful ability a Agrii has under her power is her aura, researchers have called 'Aura of the Leader'. Pokégirls who the Agrii consider part of her tribe, Tamer's harem are more inclined to follow her advice and leadership, however this does not mean that the pokégirls don't have wills of their own. The most useful affects of this ability are the Agrii is completely immune to any and all auras that try to affect her. The second side affect is that any pokégirl a part of her tribe is also not affected by aura attacks as long as the Agrii is around.

Ferality for the Agrii simply makes them more inclined to violence and some of their speech functions diminish, since they're in a tribe usually when feral they are still capable of leading. When tamed they are more inclined to try resolving things in a more peaceful matter and have higher speech functions. Thus, they have a very light feral state. Taming wise, the Agrii love to be on top and incharge of the taming session but admire when a tamer is willing to fight back and take charge. Like the Lairio, threshold is practically non-existant and no cases of birth have been noted feral or domestic.