BRASS, the Bold Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Steel/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: special
Role: ambush, surprise attacks, defense
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ground, Water
Attacks: Punch, Harden, Quake, Headbutt, Body Slam, Toss, Seismic Toss, Fireball, Ignite, Flame Sword Mark II, Warm Embrace
Enhancements: Toughness, Enhanced Strength (x16), Statuesque Manner, Extremely High Density, Slow
Evolves: Iron Maiden (Heavy Metal)
Evolves From: Titto (Fire Stone)
    This Pokégirl is known for her bravery in otherwise-harrowing situations (usually due to their powerful defenses), leading to the expression "bold as a Brass" to mean someone who is remarkably courageous. This Pokégirl can be acquired by using a Fire Stone on a Titto, making her congeal and solidify as she evolves.
    Brasses tend to be taller than other Pokégirls, usually standing around six feet tall. They're entire coloration, skin, hair, everything, is the same deep bronze color, making them seem like metallic statues if they stand still. They tend to have short hair, since their hair grows much slower than most other Pokégirls', and similarly don't have much hair between their legs as well. Brasses tend to have generous breasts, around a moderate C-cup. They prefer to go naked, since it allows them to pose as statues in an instant.
    A Brass's skin and bones are solid metal, and her great weight, indicated by the Extremely High Density enhancement, reflects this. Most Brasses weigh in at around a ton. Given that, they are virtually always on the bottom during Taming. Despite looking like living statues, Brasses are organic beings, and if wounded they react as such, not like a broken piece of metal. Their enhancements make it hard for anything to cut them enough to make them bleed though, let alone seriously injure them. Forbidden Tech projectile guns have been known to have their shots ricochet harmlessly off a Brass's skin. A Brass tends to eat minerals of all sort, preferring gems the way humans prefer candy. The finer the grain of a rock or jewel, the tastier it is to her.
    A Brass is lacking in speed, as reflected in the Slow enhancement. A jogging pace for them is a brisk walk for humans and most other Pokégirls, and when they run all out, almost anything can outdistance them soon, although the shaking ground tends to slow them down. Despite their metallic nature, these Pokégirls have no special endurance abilities. Being a combination Fire and Steel-type, these Pokégirls have some characteristics of each. Their libido is lower than a normal Fire-type's would be, yet higher than most Steel-types, balancing out to a happy medium. Most Tamers use their strongest restraints when its time for a Brass to be Tamed.
    Despite these drawbacks, Brass is a good choice for many Harems. Her Statuesque Manner enhancement allows her to stop moving instantly, holding a pose to such a fine degree that it becomes extremely hard to tell she isn't a statue. This includes slowing her breathing so it isn't obvious her chest is rising and falling. An examination by touch can tell however. A Brass's scent is that of the same metal as her name, so any Pokégirl with a keen nose won't be able to tell she's anything but a statue. This makes her ideal to act as a spy, observing an opponent's plans without him realizing she's a Pokégirl. Alternately, she can lie in wait for an unsuspecting target and then ambush them. A Brass can hold a pose for up to two days without moving before hunger and arousal make her abandon it. Brasses given a Heavy Metal stone evolve to Iron Maidens, and can hold a statue pose even longer since they lose their Fire element.
    In combat her Toughness enhancement and her Harden attack allow her to soak up damage like a sponge and not blink. Her incredible strength makes combat with her end fast unless the opponent is similarly endowed. Few opponents can stand up to a Brass using Punch or Headbutt on them. Those that can usually get an Earthquake directed at them by the Brass, knocking them over so she can then use either Toss or Seismic Toss on them. For foes that fight at a distance, she tosses Fireballs at them until she can get closer. Due to her Fire-type nature, a Brass can heat herself at will, becoming very hot all over her body. This allows her to heat any weapon she's holding to the point where it becomes outlined in flames. A Brass heating herself does not manifest fire on herself, but can otherwise still use the Ignite attack by making herself sizzling hot to the touch. A more controlled heat is used when her Warm Embrace attack is utilized. In the dark, a Brass glows a dull red, illuminating (and often igniting) things a very short distance from her.
    Feral Brasses are still slow, so a well-prepared Tamer can have his Harem easily outmaneuver one. They usually head towards population centers, dimly recognizing someone there can help them. They usually get caught very quickly by a Tamer who recognizes how strong they are. The best tactic for capturing a Feral Brass is to having a fire-resistant Pokégirl draw her Fireballs towards her while other Pokégirls attack with Electric and Water techniques. There have been no known cases of a Threshold girl becoming a Brass directly.