MERCURY, the Liquid Metal Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid
Element: Steel
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Liquids
Role: Combat, Espionage
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground
Attacks: Slash, Tackle, Hammer, Harden, Metal Wrap, Metal Wheel, Morphic Quickturn, Rare Metal Fist, Morphic Blades
Enhancements: Malleable body, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x5), can reabsorb severed limbs
Evolves: Viepra (Venom Stone)
Evolves From: Stretchymaid (Heavy Metal)
    Mercuries were accidentally discovered during a raid on a research facility in 260 AS. Members of the Limbec Pirates attacked the facility, an explosion from a power cable knocking a pair of Stretchymaids that were working at the laboratory into a room stocked with evolution stones. A pair of Heavy Metals came into contact with them, and their bodies changed, giving them greater powers and allowing them to fight back and defeat the two Dronza attacking their Tamers.
    Mercurys are stunning. Because of their morphic capabilities, and liquid metal-like bodies, there is almost no set appearance as a breed. They do all share the one trait that's easy to recognize, and that's that their skin seems to be made of metal. Their abilities seem to be an exact copy of a Titto's at first glance, but in actuality they differ greatly. A Mercury is able to change her appearance to that of any Pokégirl that's similar in size, or else she'll look like a smaller exact copy of the Pokégirl that she's imitating, but she'll always retain the metallic sheen. While the Titto is capable of becoming a, albeit weaker, replica of any Pokégirl, the Mercury is unable to copy their abilities. Most Mercuries prefer to remain in a single form, using her own attacks to win the day or provide enough of a distraction to escape.
    A Mercury is as versatile in her battling as her morphic abilities. A Mercury is able to learn most Sword Techniques simply by morphing their arms into a bladed weapon. While they have a hard time learning any elemental blade, they find that they don't really need it when they can use metallic tendrils capable of entangling or whipping a Pokégirl or running her through by turning the tendrils into thin skewers. A Mercury is able to hold partial body forms for as long as they please, but when it comes to using full body transformations, such as their Metal Wheel attack, they're only able to hold it for as long as they can hold their breath before needing to turn back and breathing. Another interesting feature of the Mercury is that should any part of their body become severed, a Mercury is able to reform herself simply by reabsorbing the dismembered part back into her body. It is also a documented that while a Mercury is able to sprout a pair of metallic wings from her back, her body is far to heavy for her to fly. When asked why they bothered it was because that they mostly sprouted wings simply because it's what their Tamer wanted. With an Average Libido the Mercury is able to hold her own in a Sex Match. While not as skilled as most of the 'girls that are found frequently in the circuit, a Mercury is able to morph a penis of her own to mimic a Steel version of the Plant's Grass Cock sex attack.
    Mercuries all tend to posses a submissive streak. A Mercury will initiate a Taming session when ever she can, although she doesn't need it. For some reason not only are Taming sessions needed to keep the Mercury from going feral, but it was discovered that the sexual excretions from both male and female tamers are needed to keep the Mercury from becoming stiff. They're a favorite playmate of the Domina lines because of their metallic skin. The only thing that Dominas seem to dislike about the Mercury as a play-toy is that, because of their liquid like bodies, they're nearly impossible to hold down. Feral Mercuries are easy to capture even if they're not that easy to find. Feral Mercuries are slow and unable to move all that well, their bodies becoming to stiff and to solid to preform even the most basic of morphing.
    Even though they seem to be made of liquid metal, a Mercury that has undergone her second puberty, they are apparently organic enough to be capable of producing children normally. It is, however, dangerous for any Mercury PokéWoman to attempt any sort of metamorphosis that drastically changes their appearance since it could potentially harm the fetus. Thresholding into a Mercury is rare, with only less than a handful of cases reported.