VIEPRA, the Steel Serpent Pokégirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph (serpent)
Element: Poison/Steel
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore; eats twice the amount as the average human
Role: Tunneling, Scout, Mining, Construction
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Fire, Electric
Attacks: Exhausting Venom, Venom Bite, Venom Spit, Metal Claw, Hard Drive, Quickturn, Wrap, Tail Slap, Pneumatic Drill
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability and Stamina (x5), Enhanced Strength and Speed (x3), low pleasure threshold, high flexibility
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mercury (Venom Stone)
    This Pokégirl has an uncertain origin. Some Pokégirl researchers claim to have found mention of them from Sukebe's labs during and after the Revenge War, but though the notes were quite specific, there was not a single recorded case of any humans or converted Pokégirls ever actually seeing one. However, by 55 AS, there were rumors in some parts of the world that a new type of snake-type Pokégirl was found, but one was never actually captured. Not until 120 AS, that is, when the first Viepra was found in the south-western reaches of the Crescent Moon league. First thought to be some evolution of the Naga, testing showed no signs of that breed ever evolving with any of the evolution stones or standard methods known at the time, and as more advances in evolution stone creation became available over the years, there still was no sign of the Pokégirl being evolved from the Naga. However, despite the lack of proven origins, ranches around the world began to parthenogenetically breed the Pokégirl en masse as the Viepra breed enjoyed a swell of popularity. It wasn't until late 260 AS that the mystery of the Pokégirl’s origins was finally solved, when a Mercury touched with a Venom Stone evolved into a Viepra.
    Though merely five and a half feet tall from the top of her head to where her thighs meet her serpent-like tail, the longest recorded Pokégirl of this breed was 19 feet long, though 16ft seems to be about average overall. Her entire body has reminded more than one researcher of the Mercury- her previous evolutionary form- in that she retains the same liquid-metal appearance, most commonly silver in appearance but some have gained more colors in their bodies, including gold, platinum, and other colors that look like they came from precious metals. Unlike most Naga-like Pokégirls, she is not scaled but skinned, though unlike most serpent Pokégirls the skin of her body is tough as steel. This makes it difficult for her to feel sensations at times when she is tense, though normally her body is far more pliable and tactile-sensitive than other Steel-types, such as the Iron Maiden. Still, the tension of her skin melts when the Viepra is heated up sufficiently, making her far easier to tame with a fire-type Pokégirl in attendance. The breed does retain the same ability as the Mercury to make their bodies softer at will, however, so a fire-type is not necessarily required when it comes to taming. Feral Viepra rarely have hair, but it seems to be that in general the Pokégirl’s hair color is silver, gold, bronze, or in a few rare cases, colors from gemstones such as emeralds or turquoise. For those who cannot help but to look upon a Pokégirl’s chest, her breasts rarely increase in size, remaining most often someplace around a mid-B cup, though there have been instances of those with larger breasts as well, without the use of Bloom Powder. Researchers have observed that thresholded Viepra, of which there have been several documented cases, tend to have larger breasts than the ferals have.
    In a harem setting, the Viepra are, as some tamers have described, a 'thoughtful' addition. Capable of making decisions quickly and accurately, this breed makes for a very useful Alpha or a Beta in most harems. This breed is fairly intolerant of certain other breeds, such as the Naga and the Arbust, whom are not very compatible with others, and most Viepra have a condescending attitude towards Pokégirls that can't seem to get along with one another, or with their tamer. They have been known to recommend other Pokégirls for being traded away for Pokégirls that would benefit the tamer more, and Viepra are always on the search for more knowledge in order to better assist their tamers. While feral, the Viepra are an inquisitive bunch, often sneaking into towns and cities to locate food, prey, or to satisfy their own urges. The breed dislikes the cold, but is not overly bothered by it, instead preferring to remain near warmth. During winters, Pokégirls of this breed can sometimes be found in abandoned houses on the outskirts of various towns in an effort to stay warm. When with tamers, the Pokégirl thoroughly enjoys becoming the bed upon which the tamer rests within, coiling her tail and body around her tamer to keep them both heated whenever possible. The breed gets along very well with most fire-type Pokégirls, and although the breed as a whole seems to prefer men, when heated up enough they often enjoy experimenting, though mostly with fire-types that give off plenty of hot air.
    In battles, the breed is known for attempting to exhaust her opponents with various techniques, such as Exhausting Venom and Wrap. It is this combination of techniques, along with her enhanced stamina, durability, and strength, which makes her feared in standard battles. Few Pokégirls can break free from Wrap once injected with the Exhausting Venom, which leaves her arms free to inflict additional harm to her prey using Metal Claw. At a distance, they can use Venom Spit and follow up with Hard Drive to crash into her foe before using her signature combination to attempt to end the fight. In sexual battles, however, the breed does not do so well. When heated up, or aroused, the Viepra has a low pleasure threshold, reminiscent of the Titmouse. Although her stamina is sufficient to let her continue, the breed is known for experiencing multiple orgasms before becoming exhausted. As a result, she is a poor choice for a sex battler, especially when compared to a Garter. Also, she is not a good choice to use against fire types in normal battles, just like most steel type Pokégirls, as their heat and flame attacks can and will wear the Viepra down over time.
    Her great flexibility does allow her to be able to fit into spaces that many would think to be impossible for her to fit into, however, and makes her a decent scout or spy for such a large Pokégirl. Used for tunneling underground and cutting through rock with her metal-like body, the Pokégirl is used even more often for assisting in construction and in mining for minerals and other resources. This makes the breed more often used by tradesmen than by Tamers, though she is an often-wanted commodity in both sectors. She is not, however, a good choice for pet owners due to her size, which is quite an issue when dealing with a house or an apartment. Threshold cases, though quite unusual, have been known to happen from time to time. Typically, this is a time of great stress, as over the course of two weeks or so her human-like skin flakes off slowly or in patches, showing off the metallic sheen beneath. Quite often, the result of the threshold becomes apparent as the tail begins to emerge and the family sells her off for a fair amount while the girl is incapacitated by the pain of her transformation.