(insert name here) WARMECH, the Guyver-Bonded (insert title here) Pokégirl
Type: as per base type
Element: Magic/Steel/base type
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: as per base type
Role: as per base type, if applicable, plus Bodyguard, Assassin, Elite Storm Trooper
Libido: Decreased from base type
Strong Vs: Fighting, Normal, Rock, Steel, Fire, Flying, plus base type “Strong Vs”
Weak Vs: Ghost, Dragon, Ice, Psychic, Poison, Ground, plus base type “Weak Vs”
Attacks: Sonic Buster, Head Beam, Vibro Blades, Pressure Cannon, Giga Flame, Megasmasher (Host AND Guyver must be Delta bonded with Tamer), plus base type’s attacks
Enhancements: Enhanced Healing (x4), Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x2), forearm blades, reduced libido, special energy weapons, plus base type’s enhancements
Evolves: Whatever base type evolves into
Evolves From: Guyver bonding to a Pokégirl
    If you want a destructive Pokégirl, then look no further. Having a Guyver bond to your Pokégirl is both a blessing and a curse, as they gain a whole host of strengths, some canceling out their original weaknesses, but also gain a host of other weaknesses in return. However, the general consensus is that Warmech-type Pokégirls are welcome additions to any harem.
    In addition to providing battle armor and special weapons to the Pokégirl, a Warmech also gets a reduced libido. However it cannot be reduced to a certain point, so most Pokégirls with already low Libidos won’t get it lowered any further. Pokégirls that become Warmechs do not lose their ability to evolve, so they can still change form. Guyvers cannot bond to humans, however, so a Tamer Warmech is out of the question. There are still not that many reported cases of Warmechs, as Guyvers themselves are rather rare and have only been discovered recently.
    Warmech is the accepted template name for this type of Pokégirl, as not only is it fitting, but it is what Guyver-bonded Pokégirls call themselves. They gain enhanced healing, enhanced durability, enhance speed and agility, as well as extra sonic and flame weapons that greatly add to the power of the host. The host, upon becoming a Warmech, gains a powerful full-body suit of armor that emerges in the form of amorphous tentacles from the Guyver on the host’s forehead. The armor takes the form of a metallic plate metal bodysuit with organic portions to it, and covers the host’s entire body. This armor can be retracted completely into the Guyver orb or summoned out all at once or just partially, according to the host’s will. The helmet of the Warmech’s armor possesses an advanced HUD with infrared, motion detection, and sonar. Also, due to the morphic ability of the Warmech’s armor, they can reshape their armor into several different kinds of weapons, mostly bladed ones.
    Warmechs generally keep the personality of their hosts, but they gain a more violent streak to them. For some, like Bunnygirls or Bimbos, that just translates to them being more forceful in their affection. They gain a greater love of battle, although they aren’t overly obsessive about it. As the Guyver in and of itself is only partially sentient, the host refers to themselves in the singular. Guyvers do not take over their host’s body unless the host is unconscious for reasons other than sleeping or Taming exhaustion. Guyvers do not normally need to eat, however once bonded to a Pokégirl and becoming a Warmech, they share their host’s dietary needs. One thing they have in common with their ‘cousin’ Pokégirl template, the Symbiote, is that the host experiences both her own sensations and the sensations of the Guyver, thus making Tamings more pleasurable.
    The primary feature of a Warmech template Pokégirl is their weaponry. Their armor has slight morphic capabilities, allowing them to manifest greater weapons, such as the Pressure Cannon and Sonic Buster, both powerful sonic weapons. They also have a powerful laser attack, which they can shoot from the Guyver-orb on their head, as well as a potent flamethrower, which they can use after absorbing enough fire. A Fire-type Warmech can use their flamethrower attack, the Giga Flame, on a regular basis, as a Guyver has a natural ability to absorb heat and flames. In addition, if both the host and the Guyver become Delta-Bonded to their Tamer, they gain access to their ultimate weapon: the Megasmasher. Their arm armor morphs into a powerful cannon, which fires a highly destructive shot which can easily overwhelm even a Hyper Beam. However, Megasmasher is a double-edged sword, as after a single shot the Warmech loses use of their arms for two to four days afterwards.
    Warmechs, and by extension, Guyvers, seem to be the natural enemies of Parasytes. However they bear the breed no malice. Guyver-bonded Pokégirls have been known to co-exist peacefully with Parasyte-bonded Pokégirls. In addition, Guyvers get along splendidly with Battle template Pokégirls. Warmechs can have some of their tentacles temporarily bond with the Battle Pokégirl and increase the power of their weapons by at least double.
    Warmechs, all benefits aside, have some major weaknesses. They have a very low tolerance for cold, which means Guyvers cannot bond with a vast majority of Ice-type Pokégirls. Also, their armor has a low tolerance for acidic chemicals, which means Poison-types can Warmechs a problem as well. Some Warmechs prefer to bow out of combat altogether than face stronger Ice-type Pokégirls.
    Guyver-bonded Pokégirls cannot become Symbiotes, nor can Guyvers bond with Symbiotes. Their very genetic structures are incompatible, making a combination of a Guyver-bond and Parasyte-bonding impossible.