AMEDEUS, the Rain Goddess Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fish
Role: Underwater-mining, deep sea patrols, piracy
Libido: Average (High Seasonally)
Strong Vs: Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Plant, Electric
Attacks: Water Spear, Rain, Water Floor, Watery Tentacles Seize/Molestation/Penetration, Harden, Rage Shock
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Strength (x6), Armored skin, Multiple limbs, Instinctive Mineral Location (within 75 feet)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None

Many criminal organizations use a wide array of Pokégirls. But the pirates of the world have one that they specialize in. The Amedeus.

An Amedeus stands 6’7” tall on average, with plump C-Cup to D-Cup breasts. Their skin is a stony gray with a dark cream color on their bellies and chests. Their cheeks, an odd reddish color, puff out when angry. Just below their ample breasts are a pair of small secondary arms, and two pairs of small flippers. Their hair and eyes come in a wide variety of colors, but green and red respectively appear to be the most common. They have a tail that’s about twice the length of their body and ends in a three-point flipper they use while swimming. Their arms are notably longer than those of humans are, and their hands end in three long fingers, one of which being an opposable thumb.

The Amedeus are considered some of the best high-speed swimmers known, their preference being for swimming in extremely deep water. They use their longer normal arms and the four mini-flippers on their waist to propel and steer themselves while under water, their long tail serving as a major propulsion system and steering aide.

During the Revenge War, Amedeus aided other powerful water-types in dealing with divers and submersibles in combat. Also they often used their unusual ability to detect different minerals to find the materials to make armor and weaponry.

In a harem an Amedeus is best suited as a sparring partner, scout, and taming aide. While they’re very capable of combat their specialty is as a supporting role. Though those who obtain a destructive streak are sometimes used by Pirates for combat on the High Seas, where this breed truly shines on the battlefield.

Normally an Amedeus is rather childish and playful in nature. While their feral state is comparatively mild to most Pokégirls. Those who've seen an Amedeus that's feral compare it to seeing a scared child that’s far stronger than it expected. The Amedeus still retains its high-seas combat ability and overall infrastructure support role to this day as it had in the Revenge War. As such it’s rather common to learn that someone with an Amedeus is either a Tradesman who does Deep Sea mining, or they're someone you might want to avoid.

An Amedeus' Taming habits are as expected. They like it when their Tamer is willing to tame them whole they make use of their favored "Watery Tentacles" attacks to tame the remainder of their harem-sisters.

It's rather rare to find cases of thresholding into an Amedeus, but most of these cases are, as expected, common in the island leagues, Silver Islands, Jade, and Orange Islands.