BALEENA, the Whale Warrior Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Whale)
Element: Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: small fish (lots), shrimp, plankton
Role: Aquatic heavy assault, used in undersea mining and farming post-War
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Ground, Rock, Water, Ice
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant
Attacks: Tackle, Water Gun, Pummel, Water Spear, Takedown, Water Sword, Tail Slap, Mirror Image, Hip Drop, Water Floor, Body Slam, Bubbler, Backhand, Crushing Punch, Geyser, Super Move, Tidal Wave, Hydro Pump
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x10 on land, x20 in water), amphibious, Enhanced Durability & Endurance (x5), Enhanced Speed (x3 in water), has immunity to cold other Water-type Pokégirls do not
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None

During the Revenge War, the Baleena was created to take the fight to the navies of the world. Underwater combat specialists, even at their relatively small size compared to the human ships that were being capsized (compared to the humans on the ships, however, she is rather large. (More info below.) Though they devastated opponents while underwater or on the water, humans were quick to realize that they were one of the only Pokégirls to have two weaknesses that they could exploit. These Pokégirls are much less devastating when on land (or beached, as the first human armies called it when they trapped them) and were still vulnerable to human weaponry. Although the human armies and navies managed to trap the first Baleena in this fashion, the Pokégirls soon realized what was going on. Smaller, more maneuverable and versatile Pokégirls (namely the Boobfin, Whoresea, Laplass, and Selkie) were quickly assigned to aid Baleena forces, creating entire task force groups that proved so effective that about 85% of all combat worthy naval vessels were destroyed by late 2000 AD (-2 AS).

After the war, the Baleena were found living peacefully among whales and dolphins. On several occasions, the Baleena were recorded as protecting the animals that they lived among from other predators, including Pokégirls. Though not essentially territorial creatures, as they migrate on paths that whales cruise around the oceans on, they are fiercely protective of any that they deem to be family. Often, these Pokégirls lead their animal-cousins to feeding grounds along their migratory journeys. Although a few fishermen after the war attempted to continue the ways of whalers of centuries past, this practice was discontinued as soon as Pokéballs became generally available. Even feral, the Baleena are intelligent enough to create traps, and even to use their pods as bait for Pokégirls or other natural predators.

Although a pokégirl, the Baleena are certainly not one of the many breeds well known for their beauty. Instead, the Baleena are stocky, tall individuals. They have been known to stand as tall as seven and a half feet, although there are a few rare pokégirls of this breed that are taller. Very few are shorter than seven feet tall. They do not have hands, but their arms are like the Harpy's in that they are flippers that sprout from her shoulders and upper arms. Unlike the Harpy, however, the Baleena still has forearms and hands, making her even more versatile in and out of water. Pokégirls of this breed have wide and webbed feet that allow her to walk on land and swim even better in the water. Like many Pokégirls, the Baleena has a tail. It is thick, and about 3/4 as long as their body is tall. This tail is one of their main defenses, and ability to move quickly while underwater. Their size and weight make running a bit of a chore for the breed, but they are just as capable of running as they are of walking. Their skin and eye coloration tend to vary, although many have darker skin color than they do eye color. Their skin covers the blubber that their body stores, however, and helps to insulate her from extreme cold temperatures and ice techniques. These Pokégirls do not often have hair anywhere on their bodies, although threshold and domestic Baleena have been documented as having short hair.

One thing that does tend to make other Pokégirls envious is the fact that their muscles do not show as obviously as most Pokégirls who are as strong as they are do. They are extremely strong Pokégirls, especially in water, and tamers are cautioned to utilize restraints if they wind up taming one. Strangely, the Baleena as a breed are especially observant of the fact that humans are much weaker and will always lay down for a taming, or swim on their backs instead. A taming while swimming is a treat to the Baleena, as are Tamers who are as gentle and loving with them as the Baleena is with her tamer.

Despite their strength, this breed is generally gentle when they or their family isn't threatened. They do make wonderful transport over short distances in water, however, and are capable of holding their breath for hours at a time if not forced into a battle. Battling uses up a Baleena's oxygen stores much more quickly than if she were just diving, eating, or doing some other non-strenuous activity. As a result of her loyalty and defense of those she considers family, which often extends to he tamer, a Baleena will very often be used as a bodyguard. She may even be given the Alpha position within a harem if the tamer stays near the ocean or some other large body of water. Baleena also enjoy singing, and it is often quite a surprise to many tamers when they listen to a Pokégirl of this breed sing for the first time. On several known occasions, those of this breed have won singing contests in various places around the world. One of the main drawback to this breed is the fact that they are not as versatile as other Pokégirl types. Also, they are not especially attractive, considering that their blubber tends to make them look 'well-rounded' (this researcher was forced to describe them in such a manner after a particularly annoyed Baleena threatened to sit on him). They are also difficult to keep fed at times, as they tend to eat nearly as much as a Snorlass every other day.