BEACH BUNNY, the Bouncy Bunny Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph
Element: Normal/Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: vegetarian
Role: pool lifeguards, swimming instructors
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Ghost, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Tackle, Kick, Leap, Water Gun, Bubbles, Slick Stroke, Go Down, Wet Jet, Sexy Hug, Talk Sweet, Cuddle
Enhancements: able to hold breath for up to half an hour, Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Hearing (x4)
Evolves: Mini-Top (abuse or witnessing excessive violence)
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Water Stone)

When a Bunnygirl is given a Water Stone, she evolves into a Beach Bunny. The transformation gives her a form that is slightly closer to human than previously; her feet and legs now look human. She keeps the long ears and cotton tail though. Additionally, her breasts grow at least a cup size, usually more, and for some reason they become very sensitive to motion, bouncing from even the slightest movement. Running is something most Tamers delight in having their Beach Bunny do. A Beach Bunny’s nipples are quite sensitive; just rubbing them won’t bring her off, but it puts her very close to orgasm.

Beach Bunnies are at their happiest near water. Just being in sight of a pool or other body of water animates their personality. A Beach Bunny kept away from water becomes depressed. Beach Bunnies prefer not to go naked, but they always wear swimsuits, unless the weather is extreme (snowing, etc). These swimsuits can be either one-pieces, or bikinis, but either way they tend to be tight and leave little to the imagination. While they are still rather ditzy and short on attention, they develop an exception to this, that being swimming. A Beach Bunny can tell you exactly how to do a perfect back stroke, swan dive, etc. They make excellent swimming instructors. Beach Bunnies prefer to do the breast stroke before any other kind of swimming, for some reason. Beach Bunnies are good choices for teaching children how to swim, since they are very friendly and know so much about their favorite hobby. Beach Bunnies enjoy sunning themselves near open bodies of water for a while and then going for a dip, delighting in how chilly the water is at first. They prefer to develop tan lines, finding them quite erotic.

Beach Bunnies look sexy and they know it. They usually make sure any swimsuit they’re wearing is one size too small to show off their tits, which they’re usually quite proud of. They prefer being taken in the water, and enjoy having their breasts played with while being Tamed. They, like most Water-type Pokégirls, are good at orally pleasuring their master since they can hold their breath for so long.

Beach Bunnies aren’t anything special in combat. Most Tamers send them to fight pokésex matches, since they have more sex attacks than martial attacks. Considering their High libido however, it’s usually a poor idea to send a Beach Bunny into a sex match against a Pokégirl known for being a strong sexual fighter.

Feral Beach Bunnies tend to gravitate to nearby sources of water, and spend most of their time on coasts, usually along the beaches they’re named for. They tend to be easy captures. Threshold girls who become Beach Bunnies will spend more and more of they’re time at a local beach or pool if they can, otherwise they tend to take long baths.