BEAVER, The Wood-Loving Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Beaver)
Element: Water/Plant
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Herbivore (Wood pulp and plants)
Role: Carpentry, Engineers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Flying, Poison, Ice
Attacks: Wood Tower, Lance, Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Thunder Tail, Mud Slap, Muddy Hand, Take Down, Tail Slap, Crunch, Bite, Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x7-Underwater only-), Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Lung Capacity, Strong Front Incisors
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
    'Busy as a Beaver' is common statement used by mothers to their children, because when you think about the Pokégirl in question it is quite the accurate statement. Whether a Beaver is tamed or feral it is one of the busiest Pokégirls in existence.
    Beavers have curvaceous bodies, with a small layer of fat around their stomach areas. They are usually of a variable height between five to six feet. They're breasts usually stay in the range of a Mid C-cup to a high D-cup, with rare cases having B cups or DD cups. They're always brown furred Pokégirls though the shade of brown may vary. It has been noted that domesticates, ferals and thresholders all share something about their fur patters, the front of their bodies, upper chest to her mid inner thighs are completely bare of fur and/or hair. Beavers prefer slightly warmer climates as their fronts are completely void of insulating fur. They have webbed feet and slightly webbed hands, with a large flat tail. Beavers always have very large incisors, usually protruding out of their mouth even when closed. It is not wise to make fun of a Beaver over their teeth, if you do, they will show you exactly how dangerous they are. Beavers have below-average eye-sight; most of them need some kind of eye-wear or contacts.    All Beaver Pokégirls suffer from being obsessively compulsive about any goal. When a Beaver has a goal, she will work her hardest to complete the goal, consequences be damned. Add the fact that they're perfectionists and you have a very bothersome girl at times. A Beaver might drag her Tamer along with the project, and if he agrees to help he may be subjected to her harshness, and attitude to make sure everything is done perfect, any less, annoys her and makes her feel unfulfilled. Despite multiple taming cycles to a Beaver, she will not lose her OCD and perfectionist traits as the traits are genetic and incapable of being wiped out, even by a level 5 Taming cycle. Beavers do not like being made fun of because of their appearance at times, as they try their best to look perfect.
    Beavers were known during the Revenge War to destroy wooded areas and build dams, they used to rob human encampments of water, and fiercely defend the dams. They were on the battlefield afterward, planting seeds to re-grow the trees they tore down. Tamed Beavers are actually good companions for forest rangers and forest restoration. The dam building ability of theirs is used now by smaller communities without all the technology the other larger cities have to help deal with water and regulate it. The dams mainly being used to help with flood control, and restoring water quality.
    Beavers are good underwater swimmers, capable of holding their breath for over an hour. They are fast swimmers using there webbed feet and large tail propelling them through the water. Their tail is used with most of their fighting, usually blasting the opponent with a Mud-slap then using Tail Slaps on their arms, busting out a Thunder Tail on foe to finish him off. Ferals fight the same way, but are actually more likely to run off or using Wood Towers to push them away.
    Ferals are very apt at using Wood Tower, having an innate knowledge of the move, and using it when the area is scarce of trees for them to chew and eat, and also so make dams. They patch these dams in with mud, making these dams nearly as strong as concrete. Feral Beavers work hard constantly maintaining the dam and chewing wood to get more limbs to strengthen it, as well as giving it a fresh coat of mud every week. Ferals build lodges inside these dams to keep predators out, and to rest during the winter month when food is scarce. They store food in these lodges and eat them from the inside out over the winter months.
    Ferals can be found in surplus out in the wild, seeing as if it is a large enough body or water; they will create multiple lodges and live together in a giant community. These communities can be somewhat of an annoyance as they will build dams that have a chance of messing with water flow, and cause water shortages. They also have a sense of togetherness, as if one Beaver spots a predator or a hazard, it will slap her tail unto the water’s surface to alert the other Beavers who will take to the water and protect the dam and the community.
    Beavers have relatively simple taming habits, liking to be on their backs, as the tail is rather uncomfortable to have pressed against the back for anyone and being in an upright position for too long. Word to the wise though, Do not let a previously feral Beaver perform oral at least on a male, they have a tendency to bite into hard things that are put in their mouths, don't do it!! They know better however to not bite down on breasts or other objects. Researchers have a hypothesis that the penis when put into their mouth reminds them of a large stick and makes them want to bite down. Thresholders and Domesticated Beavers can control this trait, though, letting a Beaver perform oral to a male should always be practiced with a good amount of precaution.
    Thresholding into a Beaver is uncommon, usually seen in girls with rodent-type ancestry with aquatic ancestry as well. A Beaver thresholding is usually categorized by the front teeth growing in length and their fingers becoming webbed as well as their feet. Some thresholders even noticed a loss of vision, where everything began to blur slightly.