BOOBFIN, the Cetacean Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human (Animorph)
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Fish
Role: Marine Recon, Marine Warfare, Sabotage
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Ice, Electric, Plant
Attacks: Agility, Slick Stroke, Water Tentacles, Whirlpool, Water Sword, Water Sword Mk. II, Water Punch, Ultrasonic Blast, Concussive Shot
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3 In the Water), Enhanced Agility (x2 In the Water), Enhanced Strength (x2), Echolocation, Enhanced Lung Capacity, Super-efficient respiratory system, Metamorphic capabilities
Evolves: Orcunt (normal), Sharptits (Diamond Stone)
Evolves From: Magicunt (Normal)
    The Boobfins were the special forces of the marine component of Sukebe’s army. Their quick speed in the water, intelligence and abilities made them the Navy SEALS of the pokégirl army and a nightmare for the various Pre-Sukebe navies. Not only were their infiltration and close quarters skills excellent, but pods of Boobfins up to 20 in size were extremely efficient in finding and sinking enemy submarines.
    The Boobfin stands anywhere between 6-6’5’’ and around 125-140 pounds. They have a very feminine face, short light blue hair hair. Their skin is a dark grey, with a slightly lighter grey on the stomachs, and they have a cup size ranging from B-C cup, with rare cases of a D-Cup. They have a dorsal fin protruding from their backs, a long muscular fluke that extends past their legs, and two smaller fins that protrude from their forearms. Their faces are human sized, and they can change between a short snout with razor sharp teeth, and regular human lips and nose. Boobfins possess metamorphic qualities that allow them to morph their legs into their tail for greater speed in the water, control the size of their dorsal fin to increase agility and control, and morph their arms into fins.
    Unlike other water pokégirls a Boobfin does require oxygen, however because of a very efficient respiratory system that acts as a rebreather and an enlarged lung capacity, a Boobfin can remain submerged for several hours without a need to resurface. These pokégirls prefer sea water to fresh water, however they exist in both, and preferences can change from ‘girl to ‘girl. The Boobfin possess several others physical traits that make them similar to the dolphins of old. Of these traits the most important is the melon, an organ located in the head that allows them to produce both the sonic waves for echolocation,and the beams of ultrasonic waves that are cable of liquefying flesh and battering metal.
    Boobfins are superb battlers underwater, using their Ultrasonic Blast and Concussive Shot to great effect. On land their battling skill are more limited, as their tail hampers movement and speed, and without water the power behind their ultrasonic blast is severely reduced, however they make great use of the Water Sword technique, which originates from the fins on their arms.
    Boobfins are very playful and fun-loving pokégirls. Boobfins like nothing more than spending time around loved ones, and pulling the occasional harmless prank. In battle, they hate losing, but try to win the quickest and most painless way possible, and for the most part, Boobfins abhor taking lives. In the Revenge War, Boobfins battle groups were well known for saving humans from the ships they sand and keeping them prisoner as opposed to letting them drown with their boats.
    The Feral state of a Boobfin is very mild. These pokégirls suffer little if any drop in intelligence, and are even benevolent. Reports indicate the Feral and Wild Boobfin are more than happy to rescue drowning sailors and men lost at sea, which makes this breed popular with seafarers. A Feral Boobfin is a rare thing, however, because Boobfins are truly bisexual and enjoys sex from either gender. For this reason, Boobfins, in the wild, tend to stay in tight-nit packs, called pods. It is not advisable for a Tamer to try to covertly steal a Boobfin from one of these pods, but instead confront the pod and ask to battle for one. The same loyalty that Boobfins have to their pods will carry over in to the harem dynamics, resulting in a very reliable pokégirl. Critics of the Boobfin say that she makes a terrible Alpha because she is too playful and does not possess sufficient gravitas, nevertheless many Tamers call the Boobfin a both beloved and vital part of their harems.
    A Boobfin has very high threshold for pleasure, and is very hard to get off alone. In the wild, Taming sessions in pods of Boobfins usually devolves into giant orgies, and in a harem, this is the preferred method of Taming a Boobfin. Despite this, a Boobfin likes to give just as much as she gets, and is a very unselfish girl in the sack. Boobfins prefer to tame in the water, just below the surface, because they find that their tails get in the way on land.
    Despite being combat pokégirls, Boobfins are also quite capable in Sex Battles. Their echolocative abilities stimulate erogenous zones when used at close range, and combined with Slick Stroke, and their Watery Tentacles technique make them quite decent. Combine this with their high threshold for pleasure, and the Boobfin can be quite the fiend on the Sex Battlefield.
    Thresholding into a Boobfin is common with Boobfin and water pokégirl ancestry. The process starts off slow, with an attraction to a body of water, slow change in skin color, craving for fish, which lasts about 5 days, then a sudden transformation over the next two days, with the entire process lasting a week.