CUNTNAW, the Attractive Alligator Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Alligator)
Element: Water
Frequency: Very Rare, Uncommon (Johto League)
Diet: omnivore, with carnivore tendencies (preference: fish)
Role: Firefighter departments, water-based security. Sometimes used as fishermen assistants.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Bite, Tackle, Tail Slap, Takedown, Bubblebeam, Tidal Wave, Water Gun, Water Spear, Growl
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Strength (x5), Strong jaw and sharp teeth, hard scaled skin, Atlantis Man swimming technique
Evolves: Feraligarter (normal)
Evolves From: Titodile (normal)
    Where Titodiles were often paired with Squirtitty during the War of Revenge to make them a balanced Water-type fighting force, the Cuntnaw could act as a single operative. Rather aggressive and very brutal with their tactics for dealing with perceived enemies, their strengthened jaws, thicker hides, and wider arrange of skills were put to use when dealing with the forces of humanity. Like their previous form, they would stick by rivers, stalking human-controlled forces, however unlike the Titodile, they would allow their prey to get into the water. The Cuntnaw would then launch their attack when they had their prey when they wanted them. It’s difficult for a human to move, let alone run in water but not for a Cuntnaw to swim. Indeed, they were an overall vicious improvement over the already solidly skilled Titodile.
    In modern time day, these aspects of the Cuntnaw which made her so feared have been Tamed and put to use for humanity. Because of their now thicker hide and larger array of water capabilities, Cuntnaw, (and their next level of evolution, the Feraligarter) are well suited to fighting fire, where they can rescue people trapped in burning buildings with little worry concerning their surroundings. After all, the protective and often leathery skin of a Cuntnaw is universal across the species, allowing them to keep moving in dangerous situations, whereas Squirtitties, (and their evolutions) only have strong shells for protection, forcing them to retreat into said shells when danger is present. And the fact that Cuntnaws and Feraligarters are stronger than Squirtitties, (and their evolutions) means that they can lift and move heavier objects in a dangerous situation. It’s also said that they’re able to hold their breath much longer, it is rather comparable as they’re highly active when underwater. It should be noted that while they’re very good at fishing, their takes are often smaller than they ought to be due their habit of snacking on their catches while they work.
    Upon evolution, the physical differences between the Ferals and the Domestic breeds of Titodile are gone. Both types of Cuntnaw stand roughly 6’ in height, but their total length can be almost double that as their tails will extend considerably, often gaining another 3’ to 4’ feet in length. Their somewhat bumpy scales begin to smoothen out yet become more patched between, almost like a texture of leather. One of the most startling changes is to that of the ridges along the length of their spine. This scaly ridge increases a bit in size and whereas their scaled skin is a blue coloration, the ridge becomes a bright crimson. There is, however, very little change in their breast-size, especially if they were already a C-cup as they will only expand to a larger end of that size rather than become a D-Cup. Fortunately, despite their breast size, they are still quite fast in the water thanks to their natural enhancement of the Atlantis Man swimming technique.
    In PokéBattle, a Cuntnaw puts her newfound powers and build to great use. True, the Cuntnaw loses a bit of land-speed with this evolution, but that is the only downside. They are blessed with a plethora of Water techniques to allow them to put the hurt on many Fire and Rock-type Pokégirls, while their natural strength and swimming speed allows them to stand up to most other Water-types, even a Gynadose will find herself hard-pressed against a skillful group of Cuntnaw. However, this same set of strengths and skills means that Feral Cuntnaws make for an especially dangerous opponent. They’ve sometimes been noted as attacking fishing ships that make the unfortunate mistake of being in the Cuntnaw’s territory. Most Feral Cuntnaws will attack intruding boats, seeking to damage or sink them, heedless of the fact that damaging our outright sinking a boat will cause it to stay in her claimed area longer.
    When it comes to Taming a Cuntnaw, one cannot deny that they are enthusiastic about sex, surprising considering their average libido. However, like the Titodile, this Pokégirl has problems with anatomy getting in the way of their pleasure. However, due to their new muscular state and tougher skin, some Tamers find that their Cuntnaws will allow for some aspects of S&M to come into play. With the proper supports and chains, a Cuntnaw can be supported or possibly hung in certain ways which will allow the tail to be kept out of the way and allow for a Tamer to get right to work! Because of this, Cuntnaws don’t mind sharing their turn Taming with one of the Domina breed. It is also still advised for a Tamer to NOT allow a Cuntnaw to give them head unless they don’t mind the nickname of ‘Stubby’.
    Although Cuntnaw is a considerably rare outcome for girls going through Threshold, those in the Johto League with a strong Water-type ancestry can find themselves as easily becoming Cuntnaw as they could Titodile. However, turning into Cuntnaw is not something most families look forward to. Unlike a Titodile that evolves into Cuntnaw, a human girl Thresholding into one will find a sudden decrease in their intelligence. It’s not that they become animalistic, but they tend to act upon the more simpler needs. Their new instincts will take over, letting the reptile brain override common thought. It’s not surprising that those girls that Threshold into Cuntnaw find themselves quickly shipped off to the nearest Ranch.