FEEBLASS, the Wretchedly Unattractive Pokégirl

Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water
Frequency: Unknown, Very Rare (Capital League)
Diet: Kelp, other water plants, scraps from the bottom of the river/pond/lake/etc.
Role: Bottom Feeder. Beyond that, the entire breed seems completely useless.
Libido: Extremely Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Ice, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Plant
Attacks: Tackle, Flail
Enhancements: None
Evolves: Milotit (Confidence + Orgasm)
Evolves From: None

    Feeblass are only a very recent discovery, due to the fact that they are nearly impossible to find. The first person to actually catch one did so in a river in the Capital League (since then, only a few have been caught in that same river, and never yet in the same place twice), and was appalled when he first got a good look at what he'd captured.
    Feeblass are mermaid type Pokégirls about the size and shape of a Magicunt, but similarities end there. Feeblass are scrawny, skinny, their blue fins are tattered, their flat mousy brown hair is matted, oily, and a tangled mess, and their skin coloration is a distinctly sickly yellowish brown, their eyes are sunken with hollow expressions. Their teeth are discolored and uneven, and their fingernails are rough, warped, and possibly ingrown. Any way you look at it, a Feeblass is extremely unattractive.
    In addition to being naturally unattractive, a Feeblass seems to have a natural, and massive, inferiority complex. Or rather, she is aware of how unattractive she is, and it depresses her greatly. She tends to be hostile to attempts to clean or pretty her up, and will lash out weakly at her tamer, until she is worn out (which can happen quickly), then she just sits listlessly and permits her tamer or harem sisters to just do whatever.
    A Feeblass will only eat as little as possible, which leaves them habitually undernourished, unless repeatedly, or forcibly, coaxed into a more healthy eating style.
    They are highly inactive in a harem, and practically, or even actually, have to be forced into any kind of exercise regimen.
    Finally, a Feeblass is actually resistant to taming. Not because they don't desire it, but because they think their tamer is taking pity on them, and they can't stand being pitied. It is quite the challenge to get a Feeblass to accept a taming. Even when a tamer does manage to get a Feeblass to accept being tamed, she will usually just lie there listlessly, not participating at all. This is something that Feeblass tamers have described as a highly depressing experience.
    Should a Feeblass return to a feral state, something which can occur with alarming rapidity should her tamer become frustrated or angry with her, she will immediately retreat to the nearest body of water as fast as possible (which is surprisingly fast) and hide herself. In this, they become effectively impossible to find again. As depressing as all this is, it is actually quite possible to turn a Feeblass into an attractive and somewhat pleasant Pokégirl. This takes extreme amounts of time and effort, and results are very slow in coming.
    Perhaps even more frustrating than beautifying a Feeblass is the final step of convincing her that she is attractive. The best way to do this involves presenting her to others so that she can get positive reactions that aren’t her tamer’s or harem sisters’, which she believes to be attempts to humor her.
    For those who actually manage to pull off the feat of beautifying a Feeblass, the rewards are incredible.
    Whether or not it is possible to threshold into a Feeblass is uncertain, since any threshold Feeblasses would likely flee to a nearby body of water as quickly as possible to hide themselves and their highly unattractive form. Though this would account for a number of missing person reports filed for girls who were of threshold age, but then again so would thresholding into a number of other Pokégirl breeds.
    (Researcher’s Note: Feeblass could technically be found in almost any body of water. However, since they tend to spend their time at the very bottom, and move around frequently, the Pokégirl fisherman would need a rod for the appropriate depth and a lot of friggin’ luck.)