FERALIGARTER, the Gorgeous Gator Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Alligator)
Element: Water
Frequency: Very Rare, Uncommon (Johto league)
Diet: omnivore, with carnivore tendencies (preference: fish)
Role: Extremely favored in firefighter departments
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, Takedown, Bubble Cross, Tidal Wave, Water Spear, Growl, Thunder Tail, Hydro Pump (Lv. 60)
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Strength (x6), Strong jaw and sharp teeth, hard scaled skin, Atlantis Man swimming technique
Disadvantages: One-track mind
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cuntnaw (normal)
    Unlike the previous evolutions of Titodile and Cuntnaw, the Feraligarter didn’t see as much action during the War of Revenge. However, that’s not to say that they weren’t put to use. Rather than being used for defensive purposes and traps, Feraligarters were often on the front lines when attacking cities, being a dangerous Water-type Pokégirl for anyone, let alone trained soldiers to have to face. Their increased strength, tough skin, imposing form, powerful jaws, and a few rather devastating attacks would have made them Sukebe’s Water-type soldier of choice, had they been able to maintain focus on more than a couple of goals at once during the thick of battle. Instead, that distinct honor goes to the powerful and often easily angered Gynadose. Still, they were a powerful and often terrifying force to be reckoned with, that much could be guaranteed.
    Today, the power and skill of the Feraligarter breed has easily put to humanity’s use once they’d been Tamed over the past three hundred years. With their hide at its thickest state possible and a vast array of techniques and water capabilities, Cuntnaw are viewed as the premiere fire fighting Pokégirl. Their protective thick hide allows a Feraligarter to ignore all but the most potent blazing inferno and Fire-attacks, allowing them to keep moving, (albeit slowly) in areas and situations that are far too dangerous for humans. Feraligarters are stronger than most Pokégirls, meaning that there is little they cannot lift and move out of the way. Indeed, they are a god-send for when wildfires are started, especially those that learn Hydro Pump. However, while they exceed in one of their former skills, another declines to nonexistence. Where they were once useful for aides to fisherman, those who make their life by the sea wash their hands of the breed. Feraligarters, even the Domestics, are notorious for making a quick meal of anything they catch, leaving nothing for their master to make a living off of.
    Upon the former Cuntnaw’s evolution, this third tier Pokégirl reaches the apex of her capabilities and physical transformation. The Feraligarter shoots up a solid two feet, putting her at a good 8’ in height. As with their previous form, their total length can be double that as their tails will extend considerably, often matching their standing height with a length of 8’, making them a truly gigantic gator! Their scales retain a their texture of leather, however, with a sudden increase in thickness, the surface finally gains a rough texture, which, while less pleasant to rub, is still useful. The scaly crimson ridge which had traveled along their spine remains the same size as before, making it look ascetically pleasing to look at rather than oversized as it had on the Cuntnaw. Their breast size, if not a D-Cup before will finally expand into the range, and the high range at that! Fortunately, despite their suddenly increased bust their natural enhancement of the Atlantis Man swimming technique makes them quite fast in the water. Unfortunately, because of their sudden increase in size and muscle, the Feraligarter actually loses some of her land-speed.
    As one can surmise, PokéBattle is where a Feraligarter really shines, putting her newfound strength and power to her benefit. True, the Water-type Pokégirl not only loses a few of her former attacks but even more land-speed with this evolution, she is still a more capable fighter than she was as a Cuntnaw. Most of the techniques she lost, while useful for her old forms, are too inferior for her to handle as a Feraligarter, her body enhancing beyond the capability of being able to use such attacks. They even gain a physical attack all their own, Thunder Tail; their strength and size no longer allowing them to use Tail Slap. With a larger plethora of powerful Water techniques, they can put the pressure on not only Fire and Rock-type Pokégirls, but other Water-types as well. This means that Feral Feraligarters are as dangerous as their Domestic cousins, however, they have a higher Feral intelligence that other Water-types. They are even ingenious enough to protect territory they claim, knowing to that to keep intruders away means damaging boats, but in ways that will oftentimes lead the humans onboard to leave the area rather than simply sinking the vessel. However, like Feral Cuntnaw, even they will make direct attacks if the humans are persistent in their intrusion into her home. As a side note, it should be warned that Feral Feraligarters are very territorial when other Water-types come into their domain. They especially hate Gynadose and Sharptits above all others; this dislike even flows over into the Domestics.
    There is, however, one odd aspects to the Feraligarter. They are of average intelligence, however, when the going gets tough, the tough get confused. Where they are okay with minimal multi-tasking, when it comes to the heat of PokéBattle or some other emergency, The Feraligarter tends to focus on possibly two or three things, and that normally includes ‘attack’. Feral Feraligarters will become a true one-track mind. While this mostly includes protecting territory, it can go to include something else. A case in point includes the late Tropic League Gym Leader, Captain James Hook. Once a Feraligarter got a taste for his hand, she wanted the rest of him. Since he specialized in Fire-types, Captain Hook found himself stalked by that Pokégirl for years, the only saving grace he had to her sneaking up on him was the sound of an alarm clock he got her to swallow. Sadly for that Gym Leader, the clock’s spring did eventually wind down, and so did the Captain’s luck.
    Taming a Feraligarter is possibly one of the most demanding and challenging aspects of owning this Water-type Pokégirl. However, due to the overall use the Feraligarter has to Tamers and Firefighters, there are those that will go to lengths to keep this gator gal satisfied. Again, there are problems with the Pokégirl’s anatomy that make it difficult to Tame the Feraligarter, her size and weight make it near impossible to Tame her any way BUT in missionary position. Even S&M, which had been something the Water-type enjoyed as a Cuntnaw, will be limited in use. Heavy Restraints are especially a must to put to use not just for the Pokégirl’s pleasure, but for her owner’s safety as well. She could easily do some damage without meaning to. And please, PLEASE! Don’t try to tempt fate by asking a Feraligarter for some head. No, it’s not just your dick that would be endanger, she may take your head!
    Although a very rare Threshold outcome for girls that change at puberty, it is not unheard of for those women in the Johto League that come from strong family like of Water-type Pokégirls. Fortunately for the families of said girls, Threshold Feraligarters tend to be rather docile, allowing the families to help see the girl through her physical transformation, and then handling her upkeep.