BIREMEOBOROUS (a.k.a. GYNADOSE), the Sea Fire Pokegirl
Type: Not Very Near Human
Element: Water/Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore, High Protein
Role: Naval Interception, Battlefield Control, Thermal Waters Exploration
Libido: Average
Strong vs.: Bug, Fire, Steel
Weak vs.: Electric, Ground
Attacks: Armor Draconis, Dragon Torture, Flamethrower, Ignite, Bubbles, Concussive Blast, Sealant Foam, Tidal Slide, Ultrasonic Blast, Water Barrier, Water Jet Blade
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x8), Enhanced Flexibility, Enhanced Speed (x15 Underwater Only), Heat Aura, Sixth Sense (Electroreception), Vaporous Aura, Waterbreathing
Evolves: None
Evolves from: Magicunt (Battlestress)
Revised: 12/31/13

The Biremeoborous, colloquially referred to by most as "the Gynodose," was one of many nails in the Pre-Sukebe Era's coffin. What this breed was infamous for was interrupting seagoing trade lines and ambushing human naval forces. Their bodies produce a flammable sludge which quickly spreads out and floats on the water's surface and is easily ignited by dragon or fire techniques. This along with with their ability to superheat water in their gullet and around their body made them a key force in interrupting sea trade, blockades, and naval movements early on in the Revenge War. Sukebe’s forces would put these on the front in coastal attacks on human ships. In the modern day, they are a danger to ships and other seagoing vessels, especially wooden ones. Understandably, ferals are reviled by most sailors.

The Biremeoborous breed generally has strong features and an upper boddy which varies from very near human to near human in general appearance, ranging from human features and flesh tones to more anthropomorphic features and fishy scales. Below their crotch begins a long, serpentine lower body which has a length of around three to four meters (ten to thirteen feet). Along this body are two, rudder-like fins about a half a meter (a foot and a half) down their lower body which are extremely strong and are capable of steering them through the sea or driving them in a pinniped-like gallop on land. This muscular lower body is capped with a wide tail fin which provides their main thrust in their locomotion. Their bodies being as flexible as they are allow this breed to tie itself into knots and all other manners of movement, especially when under water.

Most owners of this breed consider them to be of a grumpy but otherwise passive in disposition when tame. They are overall introspective and usually quiet in social situations with a few exceptions. It should be noted though that they are attracted to shiny objects and foodstuffs very quickly and tend to be very grabby with such objects that catch their attention and tend to ignore ownership unless otherwise trained out of it. In a harem dynamic, they have difficulty socializing with other pokegirls not because they are emotionally or socially inept rather they do not care to put forth those sorts of efforts. It is wise to keep in mind though that despite this disposition that they are often quick to retaliate against transgressions against them, perceived or otherwise. Where the line is drawn on what is offensive varies from individual to individual. For these reasons, they usually make poor alphas or betas and usually need to be trained out of this behavior by their owners.

The Biremeoborous is most capable in an aquatic environment, able to travel through the water using her Vaporous Aura to create supercavitation for ease of movement and confusing enemies. Offensively, this breed prefers to superheat water in their gullet and shoot bubble techniques full of boiling water and steam, the collapse of which usually cause small underwater explosions that can knock out or stun targets. They normally attack targets on the water’s surface by cutting them off with a line of the sludge they produce and igniting it with an appropriate technique and using the resulting chaos to corral the target and fire other attacks from beneath the target. On Land, the breed is much less at home and in some respects handicapped. Despite that, it is still a capable fighter, able to, in high humidity or near water, create fog screens to obscure their location and use their dragon techniques to ward off attackers and lay down suppressive fire. Their large bodies and strength, and durability make them capable close-quarters fighters as well.

Taming a Biremeoborous is a somewhat awkward affair because of their large forms, and many tamers prefer to restrain their lower bodies to prevent unexpected thrashing from causing trouble for the tamer, although they can be tamed without. Tamers who bring especially shiny baubles as gifts can often bring her into the mood quickly. In fact, many owners have opted to use blinged out sex toys as an excuse to woo their 'girl into bed.

Ferals of this breed are for the most part solitary creatures. They maintain enclaves in underwater caves and other obscure places where they hoard shiny objects and other things that catch their eye such as bones or interestingly shaped rocks and guard these homes territorially. They are attracted to seagoing vessels and actively pursue them for food. Thankfully, they rarely congregate into groups, but there are a few instances of ferals swarming onto the same food source. These instances occured around small fleets that had pulled stalking Biremeoborous from multiple territories.

There are as of yet no records of thresholding directly into a Biremeoborous.