WET ELF, the Unseen Elf Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Magic
Frequency: Unknown
Diet: omnivore
Role: spies, saboteurs,
Libido: Average (Bisexual)
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Dragon
Attacks: Fade, Whirlpool, Water spear, Sing
Enhancements: Longevity, Magical Affinity, Underwater Vision, Enhanced Dexterity (x4), Reduced Feral, Water Breathing
Disadvantages: Flawed Constitution
Evolves: Wet Lass (normal), Siren (Dawn Stone)
Evolves From: None
    Wet Elves stand from 4'6” to 5'7” tall and are slender of build. Their skin is usually a mottled bluish-gray and their hair color is typically a light brown or blue. Eyes are white, brown or gray.
    Although only recently discovered, an interview with the Wet Queen of one kingdom revealed that the Wet Elf has been around since the beginning, only no one has known of them up to this point. Their near constant use of fade has ensured they have remained almost unknown.
    During the war they acted as aquatic spies and saboteurs. Often they would stop the arrival of waterborne forces by the simple expedient of using whirlpool to stop the vessels in a convoy and then using water spear to damage or destroy their propellers. If discovered, they would use sing and escape, only to return later using fade to finish off their prey.
    These days the Wet Elf lives in quiet communities in the oceans of the world, using their powers to remain undiscovered. Even water Pokégirls don't usually know of their presence, and there is a coming of age ritual common to all of the kingdoms in which a Wet Elf band must track down a Sharptits and return with a handful of scales while leaving the Pokégirl otherwise unharmed.
    Wet Elves do not dry out on land, but they prefer to remain in their native habitat and will not voluntarily leave the vicinity of water. When on the surface the always drink three to five times the amount of water that others would.
    Wet Elf colonies have not been discovered in fresh water to date, but in the interview the Wet Queen commented that her people were everywhere that they weren't seen and when asked specifically about fresh water merely smiled and repeated her answer.
    Wet Elves and their evolutions tame each other just as their landbound cousins do in order to avoid going feral. However, their feral state is one of increased aggression instead of torpor.
    The Wet Elf and all of her evolutions have remained in hiding since the Revenge War and therefore were not added to the human genome by interbreeding. There are no recorded threshold cases and none will be expected for at least a couple of generations.
    All of the Wet Elf evolutionary line have longevity and thus none have become Pokéwomen as of 299 AS.