WET LASS, the Powerful Aquatic Elf Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Magic
Frequency: Unknown
Diet: omnivore
Role: spies, saboteurs,
Libido: Average (Bisexual)
Strong Vs: Fire, Dragon, Water
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Electric
Attacks: Fade, Bubblebeam, Sing, Hydro pump, Quick Attack, Smile, Magic Fist, Cura, Once More
Enhancements: Longevity, Magical Affinity, Underwater Vision, Enhanced Dexterity (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x4 - in water only), Reduced Feral, Water Breathing
Disadvantages: Flawed Constitution
Evolves: Wet Queen (battle stress, Level 31+)
Evolves From: Wet Elf (normal)
    The Wet Lass is the evolved form of Wet Elf and is often found in positions of authority in a village or leading a hunting team, the same position they occupied during the Revenge war. These days they also function as elite fighters who battle alongside the Wet Queen and support her if necessary.
    Wet Lasses are usually taller than Wet Elves, standing anywhere from 5'6” to 6' tall. They are significantly tougher and faster than the Wet Elf. Cup sizes increase to a C or D cup.
    Wet Lasses serve to unify Wet Elves in battle and train constantly in the team tactics that are necessary to defeat their underwater foes. During the Revenge War they took on warships and submarines, using the Wet Elves whirlpool attack to slow or stop them and then using magic fist to punch holes in the hull before using hydro pump to quickly fill any open compartments.
    Unlike the Wet Elf, the Wet Lass can use her sing attack underwater as well as on the surface, and this song is loud enough to be effective on the decks of ships while she hovers beneath them. It has been demonstrated that this ability will also work on opponents in gym battles while she hides in a pool of water.
    Wet Lasses show the same reduced feral that Wet Elves do, but when feral become positively vicious. Usually at that point they attack something far stronger than themselves and get eaten.
    There are no recorded cases of Threshold into a Wet Lass.
    All of the Wet Elf evolutionary line have longevity and thus none have become Pokéwomen as of 299 AS.