WET QUEEN, the Ruling Aquatic Elf Pokégirl

Type: Very Near Human
Element: Water/Magic/Electric
Frequency: Unknown
Diet: omnivore
Role: spies, saboteurs,
Libido: Average (Bisexual)
Strong Vs: Fire, Water, Electric, Flying, Steel
Weak Vs: Plant, Dragon, Ground, Rock
Attacks: Fade, Water Spear, Sing, Tidal Wave, Tidal Slide, Water God, Quick Attack, Charm Song, Heal, Thunder Shock, Agility, Lightning Strike, Sketch, Esuna, Mighty Guard. (All song/magic techniques effect targets nearby on the surface)
Enhancements: Longevity, Intuitive Aptitude (Magic), Underwater Vision, Enhanced Agility (x6), Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Speed (x8), Reduced Feral, Water Breathing
Disadvantages: None
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Wet Lass (battle stress, Level 31+)

    The Wet Queen is the battle evolution of the Wet Lass. She gains three to five inches in height and a more muscular build. Cup size actually decreases to a solid B and the rest of her body slims down proportionally. Hair color becomes a bright red or yellow and most water predators have learned to avoid this display. However, this has no effect on her fade ability and she will not be found unless she wants to be.

    Due to the difficulty of survival in the ocean, Wet Queens have evolved a different set of customs in regards to each other. Each Wet Elf kingdom will be ruled by the senior Wet Queen and all other Wet Queens in a kingdom are subordinate to her and willingly accept her orders. Rank is determined by a once-a-decade competition in which all Wet Queens may challenge for status. Battles between Wet Queens are non-lethal, except when challenging the senior Wet Queen for rulership.

    Please note however, that the competitions will be halted if intruders appear until they have been dealt with.

    Wet Queens rule the Wet Elf kingdoms and their subjects give them unquestioning loyalty, which only ends if they are defeated in battle by another Wet Queen or she is captured by a Tamer. Be warned, however, until that capture light signals she's yours, her Wet Elves and Wet Lasses will do everything in their power to kill you. And if she is a senior Wet Queen, her subordinate Wet Queens will be right in there with everyone else.

    Because of this, a Wet Queen in a harem will challenge the alpha regularly for primacy unless strict rules are laid down and if she becomes the alpha she will expect the same kind of loyalty from the harem that she would get in a kingdom. She is likely to become very unhappy with any Pokégirls that she believes are halfhearted in their efforts and has the power to make her displeasure known.

    Wet Queens in a harem are constantly trying to get their Tamers to find mages to teach them more spells. One could say they are very demanding about it, almost badgering or nagging.

    Wet Queens are very possessive of their subjects and will often send subordinate Wet Queens along with large teams of Wet Lasses and Wet Elves to hunt down and return lost members of their kingdoms. Usually this pursuit will end when the Tamer reaches land. However it must be noted that Wet Queens seem to have a way to know exactly where the captured Pokégirl is even if she is in a Pokéball.

    Needless to say, bartering with the ruling Wet Queen for a Wet Lass is preferentially recommended.

    This possessiveness translates into harem life as well and Wet Queens often spend a great deal of time urging their Tamer to hunt down and reclaim any Pokégirls lost for any reason, including salvage. There are even a few unsubstantiated rumors of Wet Queens leading harem members on commando style recovery attacks without their Tamer's knowledge. If true, the Tamer would still be responsible for their actions.

    There are no recorded cases of Threshold into any of the Wet Elf evolutionary line.

    All of the Wet Elf evolutionary line have longevity and thus none have become pokéwomen as of 299 AS.