Type: Near Human (Insect)
Element: Bug
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Herbivore
Role: Scout/Spy, Sabotage, Assassinations, Demolitions, Field Medic
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plan, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Black Wind, Drone, Saw Blade, Cicada Ruse, Saw Strike, Smoke (Others Vary)
Enhancements: Blank Mind, Camouflage (Shadow Blend), Danger Sense, Enhanced Durability (x3), Multi-limbed (4 arms), Darkvision, Recovery, Wall Crawling (Others Vary)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Revised: 6/2011

                Used during the war of revenge in much the same capacity of the Kunoichi and Kunimitsu breeds, the Ninsect was unique among the 'ninja' themed pokegirl breeds in that this breed contained five specialist stubtypes. This bug type pokegirl breed caused mass confusion amongst the troops they were pitted against, as usually this breed was used in groups of five -one of each subtype- lead by a Kunoichi in order to complete their various missions. After the war, this breed usually gave themselves up for capture, though some chose to go feral instead of surrendering to the forces they once fought against.

                While the breed does have several distinct subtypes, the breed's overall appearance runs the usual spectrum of the Near Human typing. Closer to human members of the breed have some non-human accessories, usually antennae, wings, and some chitin protrusions to the skin. More insectiod members of this breed look like athromorphic versions of their animal base. Specifics are listed in the subtype's listing. Even within the subtypes, this breed's personality and taming preferences are highly variable. Some make outstanding Alphas, others have too many psychological problems and can barely battle effectively.

                Threshold directly into a Ninsect isn't as common as some bug types, though it does happen with family histories of insect pokegirls. Common symptoms include skin rashes and hives as chitin grows on the skin, though general body aches due to limbs and wings growing tend to be less severe than in other thresholds. Thresholders are generally sent to ranches or sold into the security sector, or other sectors that fall in line with the subtypes.

Subtype Enhancements: Fire Affinity, Elemental Absorption (Fire), Enhanced Senses (Sight)(x4), Flight (Wings)
Attacks: Firewind, Flame Sniper, Smoke Bomber, Strobebeam, Luminary, Ignite

                The Pyrofly subtype of Ninsect specializes in demolitions, through explosions, fires, and other pyrotechnical methods. While their animal base, the firefly, is know for it's cold bioluminescence, the Pyrofly is capable of producing either a cold light under the skin, or secreting an incendiary substance, similar to Napalm, from under their wings. This subtype at least has clear wings covered by black wing casings that resemble a long stiff cape when the subtype's wings are not in use. Antenna are also common. Hair colors tend towards reds or greens, with occasional yellows.

                Pyroflies tend to have vibrant, almost manic personalities, and usually see fire as the ultimate answer to all of their problems. This view can be tempered with training. Due to the breed's inability to be harmed by flames, these pokegirls are often used in fire rescue, controlled burns, or demolitions. The sub-breed also works well in harems, though shouldn't be placed in positions of stress aside from battles unless their tendency to burn things has been tempered.

                Ferals of this subtype tend to act very much like fireflies, searching out others of their kind through bioluminescent flashes, and congregate for taming and to feed from fruit trees. It seems that ferals are unable to use their fire abilities, though they are still immune to fire.

Subtype Enhancements: Ground Affinity, Tremor Sense, Enhanced Senses (Hearing)(x4), Natural Weapons (Claws), Enhanced Memory
Attacks: Dig, Empty Daggers, Resonate, Bass Explosion, Blurring Form, Quick Fissure

                The Nincada subtype are primarily used for scouts and spies, as their ability to dig leaves them virtually able to be undetected. While these Cicada pokegirls have a ground affinity, and can dive into the ground from a full run with only a slight sound of the moving earth. Once underground, the breed can use their tremorsense to note vibrations, and thanks to their enhanced hearing, even discern voices at a close range.

                This sub-breed of Ninsect always have small antennae on their foreheads and very sharp claws on the ends of their fingers, though many quickly learn the needed dexterity to avoid most accidents. Those with appearances closer to their animal base seem to have chitinous armor, with an occasional 'helm' of chitin as well. This breed's eyes are typically red, though some green variants have been noted. hair tends to be in earth tones.

                Nincadas tend to be calmer than their sister sub-types, and much more attentive to detail. These cicada pokegirls fare well as Betas but tend to mesh well into any harem. Ferals of the breed tend to burrow underground during the day to sleep, and arise at night, feeding on tree saps.

Subtype Enhancements: Plant Affinity, Intuitive Aptitude (Healing), Natural Weapons (Arm Scythes), Flight (Wings), Enhanced Intelligence
Attacks: White Wind, Command Plants, Swordwave, Heal, Honey, Syrup

                So often is the Medtis mistaken for a true Mantis pokegirl, instead of the Mantis Fly that the sub-breed is based off of, that many leagues require tamers that own one to announce this pokegirl before releasing her in urban areas. Unlike the deadly Mantis pokegirl, Medti have large clear wings, and their scythes are not separate appendages, wrist mounted blades that are stored in the traditional 'praying' position and leave the hands free. Medti are also unable to metamorph, meaning that human appearing or insect appearing pokegirls remain as they are. The breed can fly, but flight can be best described as clumsy.

                Despite this subtypes physical similarities to the other breed, the personalities are worlds apart. A Medtis is a healer by personality and ability, and while some have a better bedside manner than others, all excel at the medical arts. The breed work well with pokegirls that can protect them while they reciprocate with healing, though difficulties often arise with violent pokegirls.

                Feral Medtis act very similar to Mantis Flies, though the breed is not carnivorous. The sub-breed searches for hard shelled or difficult to get at vegetation and uses their arm scythes to cut open the plants for food. Coconuts and hard shelled nuts are highly favored.

Subtype Enhancements: Steel Affinity, Enhanced Strength (x2), Magnetics Control (Novice), Elemental Absorption (Electricity)
Attacks: Needle Rain, Iron Strike, Steel Slam, Needle Spray, Flashwave, Mag Bomb

                Though defense is important to this subtype of Ninsect, Stnobi were created to also help in sabotaging electrical systems. Based on a walking-stick, these insectoid pokegirls are lithe and tend to be taller than the other sub-types. Common to these stick-bug pokegirls is their forearm and knee spines and small orb-tipped antennae. While more insectile members of this sub-breed tend to have spiked armor-like chitin. While Stnobi do not have wings, those that train their magnetics control can eventually learn a form of electromagnetic flight.

                Though this sub-type tends to focus on defense more than offense, the most common personality trait tends to be evenly split between mischievousness and seriousness, though others may vary. Responsibilities should be assigned after vetting an individual pokegirl's abilities and attitude.

                Feral Stnobi mimic their walking-stick counterparts, though the breed seems to prefer foliage over other herbivorous foods. This subtype can be found near flavorful herbs, mint being a particular choice.

Subtype Enhancements: Water Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x2), Water Breathing, Elemental Absorption (Water)
Attacks: Dissolve, Mirror Image, Rush Splash, Light Drain, Water Sword, Water Slave

                With the ability to dissolve into mist, call upon duplicates to assist them, and drain the light from areas, Aquassins specialize in assassinations. Perhaps intentionally, this Ninsect subtype is based on the Assassin Bug. Unable to fly without outside sources (Ashen Wings or magical flight), this insect pokegirl sports dark skin tones more human appearing members and pitch black chitinous armor in more insectile appearing members. Common to either appearance is a pair of dark antennae. Thankfully, even more insectile members of the sub-breed lack the rostrum of their Assassin Bug counterparts.

                Aggressiveness marks this subtype of Ninsect, though some members may be 'aggressively nice' while others are more confrontational. Due to the breed's nature, many do not make good Alphas or Betas, though they do well as guards thanks to their equally aggressive loyalty.

                Ferals of the breed stake out a territory around favored plant foods and then defend it offensively. Usually, there is some body of water nearby for this assassin bug pokegirl to retreat into. Favored foods are plants and fruits with large amounts of liquid sap or juice.