GENERAL, the Commander Pokégirl
Type: Varies
Element: Varies/Magic?
Frequency: Extinct (God, we hope so…)
Diet: Varies
Role: Leading Pokégirl Armies
Libido: Varies
Strong Vs: Varies
Weak Vs: Varies
Attacks: Can use any and all attacks of their elemental type.
Enhancements: Can exert mental influence over any Feral Pokégirl except Legendaries, Elemental Mastery, Enhanced All-Around (x5)
Evolves: None (Athena doesn’t count)
Evolves From: None
    We have uncovered frightening evidence of some of Sukebe’s deadliest creations: The Generals. Twelve ungodly powerful Pokégirls, seconded in strength only by the Legendary Pokégirls. They are brutal, vicious creatures all. They are Sukebe’s Generals, each one named after a goddess from ancient mythology. The only good thing about them is that they are all dead. We only discovered this fact recently, after raiding one of Sukebe’s many hidden installations and finding data we had not found before.
    When Sukebe’s forces grew too numerous, and the Legendary Pokégirls became too unruly, Sukebe needed something to help control them. He created sixteen Pokégirls with varying abilities, each one capable of commanding an entire element type of Pokégirl by just mental command. Any Pokégirl untamed by a male in the range of their voice had no choice but to obey them. But during the early parts of the Revenge War, before true Ferality became an issue, most Pokégirls didn’t even think to resist them, as they believed in Sukebe’s cause. The Generals were a real threat during the War, each one of them proving to be a menace as feared and hated as Sukebe himself.
    One by one they all died during the Revenge War or after it, killed by the Legendary Pokégirls, destroyed by their own forces after they were Tamed, defeated by humans, or, in one case, killing each other off. Athena the Mad lived the longest, only to be killed in the infamous ‘Athena Incident’ by the Widow Slayer.
Data on the individual General Pokégirls follows.

General Name: Danu the Burning
Type: Anthropomorphic (canine)
Element: Fire/Magic
Diet: Carnivorous
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
    Danu the Burning was a vicious creature. A tall Pokégirl with red fur and wolven features, she led her fire type forces in many vicious battles. She loved to set her victims on fire and just stand around, watching them burn. Afterwards, she would eat whom she killed. She also developed a tendency to rape whomever she had set on fire while they were still burning. The flames didn’t hurt her, she got her pleasure, and got a snack as well. She got careless near the end of the War, and was killed by human forces who set an ambush for her.
    An interesting thing to note about Danu was her tremendous ego. She called herself the Sun Queen, and delighted in burning and smashing. She was also known to get very nervous in the dark, something that she was teased relentlessly about by Mórrígan. This may have contributed to her cruel nature, as she might have done some of her acts to vent her frustrations about Mórrígan’s taunts.
General Name: Hera the Flood
Type: Near Human
Element: Water/Magic
Diet: Water, small fish
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant
    Hera the Flood was infamous for her efficiency. Tall and elegant, her skin was lined with bluish scales and her eyes were like that of a deep-sea fish. She did not associate with the other Generals as much, preferring to remain at sea, although she would come to group meetings when called. She was only seen having sex three times during the course of the Revenge War. She died at Scylla’s hands when the Legendary decided that Hera had offended her.
    Hera was not an especially egotistical Pokégirl, a rarity among the generals. She fully believed that Sukebe would win the war and that Pokégirls would take over, and looked ahead to make things better. In a recent raid on a Revenge War Pokégirl base, several blueprints were found, with notes written in Hera’s handwriting, of underwater cities with easy connection to the land. Also found were several notes on cultivating and cleaning the ocean. These plans have since been adopted by the PLC, with discussions on how to implement them. The WAPL, the Ocean League in particular, have shown interest in using them…
General Name: Amaterasu the Shining
Type: Anthropomorphic (canine)
Element: Electric/Magic
Diet: Electrical energy
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
    Amaterasu was named the Shining for her tendency to lead her forces into battle while radiating intense electrical energy. A wolf-like Pokégirl, similar in appearance to Danu except with whitish fur, Asian eyes, and reddish markings on her body, she was also more merciful that her fire-type counterpart. But she was merciful only in the fact that she believed in killing in one shot. She would start battles by unleashing a powerful electromagnetic pulse, shorting out electronic equipment and dazzle-blinding every soldier she encountered. She eventually was assassinated while looking over a battlefield by a human sniper. It was later revealed that this sniper was a human soldier she had kidnapped weeks ago and kept as a sex toy.
    Surprisingly, Amaterasu had a creative side to her. She was one of the few General Pokégirls to actively use magic, although hers took an interesting turn. She used an enchanted paintbrush called the Ôkami in conjunction with an enchanted scroll to create powerful spell effects during battle. But she would also use the Ôkami to create beautiful artworks after a battle. The few records of her personal thoughts have shown that violence tended to inspire her. These works were collected and hidden until anti-Pokégirl hysteria had died down after the War. Since then they have been placed in the Louvre, which was rebuilt after the Revenge War.
General Name: Demeter the Healing
Type: Semihuman
Element: Plant/Magic
Diet: Vegetarian
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Ground, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
    Demeter was one of the few General Pokégirls that did not directly take the field. She was a short Pokégirl, with green, leaf-colored skin, multiple-vine like tendrils emerging from her back, and hair that looked and felt like grass. The primary activities she performed was the healing of Pokégirl soldiers, a role Sexebi was meant to fill before the gentle Legendary abandoned Sukebe’s cause. Demeter herself was a cold-hearted Pokégirl that believed in an assembly-line methodology to medicine. She was eventually killed by a squadron of Fire-type Pokégirls that had been Tamed.
    Despite her cold-heartedness and occasional cruelty, she was also a medical genius. She created several ultra-efficient medical techniques that have since been adopted by League officials and adapted to human DNA. She still is ill regarded by those in the medical profession. The few that still remember her existence, that is.
General Name: Gaia the Mother
Type: Near Human
Element: Ground/Magic
Diet: Sand and water
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
    Gaia the Mother was a powerful general. The tallest of the Generals, at 9’4,” with a body seemingly made of sand, quartz, and chalk. She towered over other Pokégirls, commanding them with authority and intensity. She was also unique in that she was the kindest of the Generals. She loved her troops as her own children, and treated them as such. She also was the only General Pokégirl to see any goodness in humanity. She was beaten to death by Mary the Merciless after arguing with her on what to do about humanity. Her body was then publicly displayed in Mary’s fortress as a warning to anyone who doubted Sukebe and his cause. After the War, Icarod Mathers was sighted with his Harem, taking down her body and giving Gaia the Mother a proper burial.
General Name: Freya the Unrelenting
Type: Near Human.
Element: Rock/Magic
Diet: Various stones and minerals.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
    Surprisingly, Freya was the smallest and the quickest of the Generals. A slender Pokégirl, only around four feet in height, with a body made of polished obsidian and diamonds. She was one of the more active field commanders, with the ability to increase her body’s mass to massive levels. Her favorite thing to do was have her Onyx throw her like a cannonball at human encampments, increasing her mass so that she did lots of destruction upon landing. She never stopped a battle until she was certain that everything she was targeting was leveled, dead, or both.
    Sadly, this overzealous approach to battling led to her death. She was the Pokégirl sent after Atmuff after her first attack on a unit of Sukebe-controlled forces. Atmuff destroyed her in seconds.
General Name: Frigg the Cold
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ice/Magic
Diet: Water
Libido: Very, Very Low
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Ice, Plant
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
    Frigg, in name and nature, was cold. An elegant Pokégirl with blue skin covered in frost and a body temperature so low that ice formed under her feet with every step. She didn’t care for anything. Not her troops, not Sukebe’s cause, not herself, not anything. She simply did as she was told, leading her forces to victory after victory. She was brutal in her ways, literally slaughtering whomever she was told to kill. So bloody were her victories, than Mórrígan actually fell in love with her. She, as was her nature, didn’t care. She would make tremendous sacrifices of her troops, coldly sending them to their destruction just to accomplish a goal. She also thought little of love, thinking it simply foolishness that led the Tamed Pokégirls to betray Sukebe. Such concepts made her coldly ignore her troops complaints about her methods.
    It was this coldness that led to her death.
    Her troops, demoralized, complained to Sukebe. He responded by having the recently created Shiva fight Frigg. In a battle that created the arctic area now known as the Icemaiden Preserve, Frigg died. Not even in death did she understand why her troops turned against her.
General Name: Izanami the Grinning
Type: Near Human
Element: Flying/Magic
Diet: Insects, Fish
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
    Izanami was… not exactly right in the head. Called the Grinning because of her ever-present, never-ending smile, she was a sight to behind. The most buxom of the Generals, she was also known as the Rapist, mainly because of her tendency to steal any man she found attractive and quite literally fuck them to death. Her eyes were like that of a hawk. Light streaks of feathers adorned her legs and arms. And large, bird-like wings grew from her back.
    She was among the more reviled of the Generals, because in addition to being a rapist, she was also a pedophile, her preferred victims being young boys. She was shot down by human forces and beaten to death, her body torn apart by dogs.
General Name: Aphrodite the Toxic
Type: Inhuman
Element: Poison/Magic
Diet: Anything she can absorb
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic
    Aphrodite was the most inappropriately named of all the Generals, as she was an ugly, only vaguely female mass of sentient toxic waste. Forces in pre-Sukebe Edo called her Hedorah, naming her after a movie monster with similar abilities. To get Tamings, she would simply take troops her forces captured and rape them, absorbing them into herself afterwards. She led her poison forces on several victorious campaigns before being destroyed by Titania, whom Aphrodite made the mistake of attacking when the Legendary cost her a victory.
General Name: Kali the Wild
Type: Anthropomorphic (dragon)
Element: Dragon/Magic
Diet: Meat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Ice
    Kali was a brutal General, a tall, muscle-bound, green-scaled and massive-winged Pokégirl who was one of the only ones who lived up to her namesake goddess’s reputation. She wielded a massive broadsword in battle, and was well known for her wild, trilling battle cry. After watching a certain television show after a successful supply raid, she began to use a chakram in battle as well. Since her elemental type of soldier was more rare than the others, she confined her unit’s tactics to guerilla maneuvers.
    Kali was a proud, savage fighter. She was ruthless and unrelenting in battle, never backing down. She loved battle, she loved the smell of blood. That personality quirk led to her being slaughtered by Hy-Bra when she confronted the Legendary shortly before her death.
General Name: Artemis the Huntress
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Psychic/Magic
Diet: Human-style
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
    Artemis was a powerful Pokégirl, a tall, elegant woman with long, ebony colored hair and runes marking her entire body. Her mind was a deadly weapon, which she used to great effect. So powerful a psychic was she, that she could break through any mental defense, ferret out any secret that lay in human minds. If it were not for the efficiency of Mary the Merciless, she would have been Sukebe’s chief interrogator. Instead, she let hunting missions, looking for human officials to capture and torment.
    An interesting note about Artemis, aside from her honorable nature and strong sense of fair play, is that she and Athena were lovers. The units of Pokégirls under the command of the two would often be seen working together as the numbers of Pokégirls steadily grew. Eventually, Artemis disappeared. No one knows what happened to her, all we know is that she died in a manner so horrible that it caused Athena the Wise to go completely insane, becoming the deadly Athena the Mad…
General Name: Athena the Wise/Mad
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Magic
Diet: Human-style
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
    Regarded by many as the greatest of the Generals, Athena was a powerful warrior. Her long, white hair was always seen bound up in a bun, her body as muscular as iron. She was a calm, calculating leader, a superb strategist, and a brilliant scientist. She was a genius both in the lab and in the battlefield, called the Wise because of her ability to always make the choice that would lead to victory. She also had Artemis’s sense of fair play and honor. While she didn’t agree with Gaia the Mother’s viewpoint on humanity at first, after the abandonment of the Espers, Athena began to show mercy more and more often. It was said that she would have eventually opposed Sukebe’s campaign.
    Then something happened to Artemis that made the whole thing go to hell.
    Athena changed, becoming crueler and crueler in her ways. She led a unit of Celestial Pokégirls, a group unlike any of their time. This group of Athena’s became known as the ‘Bloody Angels,’ mainly because they committed acts of cruelty that made Mazouku look as harmless as Titmice. Eventually the Bloody Angels were all killed, and Athena disappeared. She went underground for years, her insanity steadily growing worse. She was rumored until recently to be behind the creation of some of the more reviled Pokégirls, such as the Giantess, Widow, Mantis, and Panthress, rumors which were eventually debunked. She eventually resurfaced in the Crimson League, as commander of a splinter faction of the Limbec Pirates. She created three extremely powerful Clonetoos that almost perfectly replicated the Legendary Pokégirls Scylla, Kary, and Titania, and unleashed them. Fortunately, the three retained their dislike for each other and chose to do battle with one another instead.
    However the three Clonetoos had a more sinister purpose. Once one of them died, their life energy would fuse with their killer, evolving them to a more powerful form. Eventually, once Athena’s body was destroyed, the General Pokégirl’s own soul merged with the super Clonetoo, becoming the godlike Omega Athena (see separate entry). Thankfully, Omega Athena, with the help of the Widow Slayer and several others, was destroyed completely.
General Name: Nephthys the Glutton
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Ghost/Magic
Diet: Life energy
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark
    Nephthys was a hated Pokégirl. Almost as insane as Izanami, but as coldy cruel as Aphrodite, she had very few forces to command. A ghostly woman with pale-blue skin and a fat, bulging body, she would command her sparse forces to gather victims for her to feast upon. As she had no physical form, she would devour their life essence, glutting herself so much that her spectral mass would expand. Despite her sickening diet, she also managed to remain out of the spotlight.
    She died after making the mistake of devouring the life of a human Macavity had become fond of. The Chaos Kitty then recruited Hild, who tore Nephthys to bits, her soul shredded beyond repair. She was the first of the General Pokégirls to die.
General Name: Mary the Merciless
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Diet: Human-style
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
    Of all the Generals, none were more hated and feared than Mary the Merciless. Sukebe actually did not know what to name her at first, but when he learned of her cruel nature, his sick sense of humor led him to name her after Mary, the mother of Jesus in the old Abrahamic religions. Mary, a rather plain, average-looking woman otherwise, reveled in the sheer irony of the name, dressing up as her when performing her primary role, that of chief interrogator.
    Mary was cruel, and worse, she was creative. She enjoyed her work, knew how to take her time in extracting the information she needed, and she never failed. Mary’s name became feared amongst human forces, stories of her horrid interrogation techniques demoralizing troops left and right. Not all of the stories were true… at least at first. She would have spies listen to the stories and then add them to her long list of techniques, kept in a journal she called Pain’s Bible.
    Mary was a sadist of the worst order. She also lived the longest out of all the Generals, save for Athena of course. When they finally caught her, she was crucified on the spot. She died, laughing at her captors, who celebrated after the last breath left her body.
    We have been unable to recover Pain’s Bible and are scared to death that the Sanctuary Goths have it in their lair. WE MUST RECOVER IT AND DESTROY IT.
General Name: Selket the Swarm
Type: Anthropomorphic (scorpion)
Element: Bug/Magic
Diet: Grain, fruits
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
    Selket the Swarm was actually one of the few General Pokégirls that made no active attacks against humanity. A tall, insect-like Pokégirl, with red, chitinous armor, four arms, the top two larger and bearing pincher claws instead of hands, and a long, armored tail with a poison-dripping stinger. She commanded all legions of insect Pokégirls, but only those involved in construction. She had a hand in building all of the known, and probably unknown, Pokégirl fortresses in the world. She eventually was killed by Atmuff, who desired to test the General Pokégirl’s strength. The battle was infamous for one event, something no Pokégirl since has been able to copy; Selket left a scar on Atmuff, her stinger lashing across her chest to create a thin, stripe-like scar.
    Selket actually kept records of her construction techniques, which were found in her primary base, a temple-like structure in Egypt. She had apparently collaborated with Hera in the designs of her underwater home idea. As before, these have been adopted to the League, the most profound contribution being the durable, sturdy designs used to build Pokécenters.
General Name: Mórrígan the Bloody
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Dark/Magic
Diet: Blood, Organs
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
    The last of the Generals, she was the most aptly named of her breed. A pale, vampiric Pokégirl with muscles like corded steel and short hair stained permanently red from blood, she was the spitting image of the goddess she was named after. A violent Pokégirl with a love of battle, she led her forces to many gory victories, her axe and mace crushing her foes. She had little patience for the meetings she had to go through with the other Generals, and was always the first to leave. She never felt comfortable unless there were dead things around her.
    This led to a bit of a problem, as in the heat of a battle, after Mórrígan had turned on her own troops in bloodlust, she found herself abandoned by the survivors, left alone on the battlefield as humans and their arsenals bared down on her.
    New information about the General Pokégirls has arisen, information we had not even realized existed. While searching Sukebe’s various bases, we have discovered high-tech puzzle spheres that, when solved, reveal tremendous amounts of technological and biological data. Anything from Pokégirl biological information and medicine to newer, more efficient energy source data have been found. We’ve discovered four of these puzzle spheres, and have discovered that Sexmet has five, all unsolved, the Sapphron Hirosaki of Sanctuary has three, again, all unsolved, and Elder Zanza of the Terminatrix clan has four. Again, all unsolved. We questioned each, and discovered something shocking: They were horrified that we’ve actually solved ours.
    When asked why, they all said the same thing: “Not all the Generals are dead.”
General Name: Dizzy the Innocent
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic (Celestial/Infernal?)
Diet: Apparently human-style
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Unknown
Weak Vs: Unknown
    Gods above, how could we have missed this? For years, sightings of a mysterious, angel-like Pokégirl had circulated. We simply dismissed her as a rogue Pokégirl, and didn’t think any more of it. But with the revelation of the spheres, we investigated further.
    This Pokégirl has many Dark-type and Ice-type powers, her wings and tail apparently possessing minds of their own. The Pokégirl herself, Dizzy, is quite friendly and amiable, willing to be Tamed by kind persons. However the wings and tail are very protective of Dizzy, and will lash out against her wishes if they feel she is in danger. In recent months, she has been seen in both Edo and the Orange Islands. She has picked up a guardian since then, a slender, effeminate man that also has powerful necromantic magic. The man apparently has lived for many years, and is named Testament. We know nothing else about him.
    What worries us is this: In one of the rare moments Testament allowed PLC officials near her, she was visiting the sight of the Evangelion Advent. She said just six words: “Mother’s honor guard was born here.”
    This, naturally, was disturbing to us. We began to study her closely, only to find out the worst. She is a General Pokégirl. AND SHE IS THE DAUGHTER OF A GENERAL THAT WAS STILL ALIVE.
    Testament, after realizing that we knew, has since prevented any PLC officials from getting within a hundred yards of her. We tried to enlist the help of others, anyone we could get. But Sexmet flat out refused, the Sanctuary Goths, while agreeing that Dizzy was to be feared, did not trust us enough to get involved, and, to our dismay, the Terminatrix actually seem afraid of Dizzy and what she represents. We have given up trying to deal with Dizzy, and have decided to focus on discovering her mother.
General Name: Justice the Ender
Type: Semihuman
Element: Steel/Magic
Diet: Unknown
Libido: Unknown
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground
    Months of exhaustive research, coming over everything we had taken from Sukebe’s records. We eventually found a single file that had been discarded and locked away almost carelessly in our files. Designs for a robotic Pokégirl, a Steel-element, with massive energy projection capabilities and shape-shifting battle armor was found. More powerful than even Athena at her strongest, the stats we found put her almost at Legendary level.
    We found a password in the notes on her creation, and entered it into one of Sukebe’s computers. The following message, taken directly from Sukebe, played.
    Sukebe: “Well well well. If you are hearing this, then you have discovered my Justice. But don’t worry. She is semi-dormant right now, in a location I will not reveal, awaiting her time. And how will she know when her time is? Simple: When all sixteen of the puzzle spheres I placed around the world are solved. This will in turn give her the ability to command Pokégirls of ALL elemental types. Now, I know what you’re saying. ‘Sukebe you evil horrible monster, I won’t open the spheres after hearing that!’ Heh. You may change your mind. Each sphere contains one of my discoveries, something that could improve the standard of living of all life on Earth a thousandfold. All of the spheres together contain data that could make the Earth a UTOPIA! Imagine it. Peace and prosperity for everyone. All you have to do is solve my puzzle spheres. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Of course, you run the risk of making Justice’s Advent a little sooner than what I’ve programmed her for, but isn’t the thought of making everything better just TOO tempting?”
    He wasn’t lying about the data in the spheres. One can only imagine what the rest contain. Sapphron Hirosaki of Sanctuary, Sexmet, and Elder Zanza of the Terminatrix tribe were all led to the same lab we were by the clues they found. There is a frightening symmetry here that cannot be ignored. However, after learning of how all were led to the same place, some have said that this is actually a trick by Justice, that her intentions are more benevolent and she wishes to see if we have the courage potentially to face her. We are hoping that this may be true, but can we take the chance?
    This is bad. This is very bad. How could we not have noticed this before, not noticed that there was one element-type missing from among the Generals? And we unlocked four powers for her without noticing...
    The only real good news in this is that one of the War Espers, Sol, has gone to seek Justice out and kill her. We wish him well… As for the puzzle spheres… I am loathe to admit this, but we must find a way to destroy them. Despite the wellspring of data they could contain, we can’t run the risk of them falling into the wrong hands. If nothing else, they must be locked away forever, so that no one can activate Justice fully…
    This is just so bad…