BUDGTIT, The Tiny Parrot Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorph, (bird)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Common
Diet: various seeds and vegetation
Role: often used as a pet, known for being destructive
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant, Fighting
Weak Vs: Cat-type Pokégirls, Rock, Electric
Attacks: Gust, Swift, Taunt, Move By, Quick Attack, Feather Shuriken, Rock Climb
Enhancements: Minor levitation ability, lightweight frame, altered digestive system, hips and knees are free-jointed, feet are prehensile, arms and hands are wings, lack of hair (down & feathers), improved respiration, small size, good climbers, mild Feral state
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Budgtits are one of the most common pokégirls in the Orange Islands and are often kept as pets due to how friendly and loyal even feral Budgetits are when around humans enough. They are also known for being extremely destructive in either feral or domesticated states, having been known to gnaw away the edges to just about anything they can get their mouths on. Feral Budgtits are known to never say their names and just squawking loudly instead and mimicking human expressions randomly. Their most interesting trait is their feet, unlike normal bird types their feet have two toes at the front and two at the back. This, coupled with their strong jaws make them excellent climbers and are even known to hang upside down from branches comfortably.

Physically Budgtits rarely stand more then around 3 and a half feet tall although those from the Blue League having been measured at a whopping 5 feet tall. They all have attractive faces and full round lips, though their mouths do become quite larger when about to put anything in them. Also all Budgetits have an average cup size at around the B cup range with only the Blue league variety reaching C or higher. They have yellow feathers on their heads, green on their bodies and black feathered backs, wings and tails. The wings are actually part of the arms and they actually lack hands, using their opposable feet or mouths to carry and pick things up.

As ferals or domesticates Budgtits are unable to function unless they are part of a ‘flock’ whether it is with a tamer and harem sister or just with other feral Budgtits doesn’t matter. Domesticate Budgtits are deathly loyal to their tamer and extremely affectionate, though do tend to get somewhat annoying at times, though this never seems to get them down. Feral Budgtits are loyal to the flock as a whole and usually only fight over perching rights and food. They are always loud when talking, or squawking when feral, leaving many tamers with hearing problems in later years. They all seems to have odd and unique quirks once tamed that are as random as can be, from being excessively clingy to being reacting to tomato sauce like it was a lemon… A tamer can never know until he tames one of these crazy birds. All Budgtits have an innocent demeanor like that of a small child in a teenager’s body.

As ferals, Budgtits are known for not only being shy and entire flocks fleeing at the sight of an approaching human but also for striping large areas of weeds when hungry. Ferals are rarely spotted alone and use the size of the flock as a defensive measure against other pokegirls. Unlike other ferals they are nonviolent and never fight unless provoked or defending their nesting areas and will fight to the death if they have eggs to protect. Also they never cry out their names, instead they let out loud squawks that can give headaches to any unlucky tamer. Ferals that live in human cities are known to mimic human phrases with seemingly no sense of what they’re saying. A few are known to imitate a ‘smoker’s cough’ and swear to the vast amusement to the local children. Urban ferals are quite comfortable around human children though they still flee from adults.