PSI-DYKE, the Man-Hating Pokegirl

Type: Near Human or Humanoid
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Rare
Diet: carnivorous (ferals prefer raw freshly-killed meat)
Role: Anti-Human Psychic Task Force
Libido: exclusively lesbian, moderately High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Teleport, Quick, Agility, Telekinesis
Enhancements: Night vision, unique skin, functional claws
Evolves: Psilady (Dark Stone)
Evolves From: None

    Psi-Dykes are not common for many reasons, not the least of which is their carnivorous eating habits.

    Threshold and Domesticate Psi-Dykes look Near Human so long as they don't become feral. Psi-Dykes don't have a unique appearance, but all Psi-Dykes have a unique skin takes on a smooth, almost oily, texture. Their skin allows them to resist 'pruning' in water and gives them a silken touch.

    Feralborn Psi-Dykes, a true rarity, and any Psi-Dyke who DOES go feral do not look very humanoid. Their skin turns a faint turquoise color and looks almost scaly, even though it isn't. Their eye colors usually invert (save for their pupils), and their claws lengthen to an inch, but become retractable. When feral, Psi-Dykes have a tendency to separate things into that which can be mated with and that which is food. Everything else is a concern only in how it can be used to get either more things to mate with or more things to eat.

    If Domesicate or a Threshold Pokégirl takes a female human lover, she will return to her Near Human appearance, save for her claws, which remain retractable. Their psychic powers are considerable and only the strongest willed of female Tamers has been known to keep in control of a Psi-Dyke when she's "in the mood".

    Feralborn Psi-dykes have also been known to cause some dismay due to their habit of swallowing live rodents whole, though some have adopted a more civilized habit of biting the heads off before devouring their meal. Domesticate or Threshold Psi-Dykes may seek out a Khangasscunt or a Chickenlittle to fulfill their meat needs.

    When feralborn or domesticate born, Psi-Dyke instinctively hate males, and it's believed that they may have been made as an attempt to keep Pokégirls from going feral and joining mankind. Domesticate Pokégirls can usually keep their hatred in check to the point that they can be nice to men who are well-mannered or good at heart; but Feralborn Psi-Dykes have a harder time tolerating any man.

    Threshold Pokégirls do not arbitrarily change their opinions about men, but slowly find themselves less and less attracted to male until only bishounen-esque men (i.e. men who are pretty to the point of being feminine in appearance) can even begin to arouse them. Eventually, 95% of all threshold Psi-Dykes will find that the strongest relationships they can have with men is purely friendship. Threshold Psi-Dykes are the most likely to even attempt to engage in a heterosexual relationship, but find themselves requiring female companionship as well, due to the fact that Psi-Dykes are among the rare Pokégirls whose taming cycle is 100% satiated from taming from a female, while a taming with a male will result in only 10% effectiveness. As such, it requires five tamings to get them as satiated as a normal Pokégirl would be with a female tamer.

    In the rare even that a male tamer winds up with a Psi-Dyke, it's suggested that they get a Dark-type Pokégirl or a trusted Pokégirl (i.e. bonded to the tamer) to be the Psi-Dyke's regular lover.