DARK KITSUNE, the Redeemed Nogitsune Pokégirl

Type: Near Human -Not Very Near Human (Animorph -Vulpine)
Element: Psychic/Fire
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: Illusionist, avenger
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Fighting, Fire, Ice, Plant, Poison, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost, Ground, Rock, Water, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Slash, Quick Attack, Pounce, Ember, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Fireball, Hypnotize, Psychic Illusion, Cry Wolf, Dance (All), Psywave, Psychic, Psi-Blade Mark II, Confusion, Teleport
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x6), Enhanced Agility (x6), Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Olfactory) (x6), Isolation Aura
Evolves: Kyubi (Dusk Stone + Delta-bonded)
Evolves From: Nogitsune (redemption and/or love)

Nogitsune, a mostly sharp-tongued, quick-witted, and evil-aligned Pokégirl, can actually go through a marvelous transformation when given a chance. A Tamer that tries to help a Nogitsune is a rarity to see. No surprise really, as a Nogitsune’s personality tends for her to be quite disrespectful, resentful, and violent towards her master and Harem-sisters, and usually causes for them to be traded to another Tamer. However, a Tamer that works to break through the shell of hate a Nogitsune has built up around herself, trying to take down the insecurity, envy, and sadness that surrounds the Nogitsune’s character, and can actually come to genuinely care for the rather selfish Nogitsune will receive a genuine surprise. Literally becoming enveloped in a fire of black, the Nogitsune goes through a final evolution, burning away all the evil that had wrenched her soul, shedding the shadows and magic which empowered her, allowing her to embrace truth and understanding. She becomes almost a whole new Pokégirl altogether. The Dark Kitsune.   

The Dark Kitsune is comparable to a Vixxen in looks, albeit with a few more differential cosmetic changes and powers, such as the fact that a Dark Kitsune’s pelt colors are much darker, with a cranberry-red all over, with the deepest ebony black on her hands and feel, and a rather tanned cream-colored underside to her pelt. However, the most noticeable trait of the Dark Kitsune is her tails. Before, where she had no tails, she now has two! Both tails are red-furred, but one is tipped in black and the tip of the other tail is the tanned cream. And as can be expected, a Dark Kitsune fills out more physically, compared to her previous form of Nogitsune.

The personality of a Dark Kitsune is a complete U-turn to a Nogitsune. Whereas before she felt alone and damned by the darkest depths of hell, a Dark Kitsune feels free. She openly is more affectionate now, and gladly reciprocates any affection the Tamer will show the Dark Kitsune. Also, the Dark Kitsune is more accepting to commands and will more than likely do as the Tamer commands of her.

In battle, a Dark Kitsune follows mostly the same strategies a Vixxen and Foxx do, going in and striking hard with Fire-elemental attacks. However, because of the Psychic powers it also contains, a Dark Kitsune can try to add some more advanced tactics, such as teleporting from view just as its about to strike, and then hitting the opponent Pokégirl from an entirely different direction. Also, she has a tendency to pick up and sharp metal it can get as soon as possible, as to perform Psi-Black Mark II. Also, when cornered, a Dark Kitsune can use Psychic to damage the opponent Pokégirl, and get the breathing room she needs.

Taming sessions are also quite hot. While a Dark Kitsune does not need as much Taming as a Vixxen or a Foxx, a Dark Kitsune is just as passionate, loving her Tamer and having sex with him in every way possible. Also, it seems that a Dark Kitsune is more controlled than a Vixxen, as the motto “ready anytime, anywhere, with anyone” doesn’t seem to apply as easily, since a Dark Kitsune does not have the tendency to start screwing out in public. Granted making out kissing, and a bit of foreplay is okay to them, but they will not spread their legs until they are in a private area.    Also, it’s now possible to have the Dark Kitsune as the same Harem as a Shaguar, though granted, it’s still not a good idea. The Dark Kitsune and Shaguar do get along, but maybe a little too well. The Fire-type nature of the Dark Kitsune seems rather attracted to the smaller Ice-type Pokégirl. This can lead to a Tamer having a rather tired Shaguar when he needs her for battles.

Interestingly enough, with the recent discovery of a Shiny Stone, there have been instances where the Shiny Stone does not work in evolving a Nogitsune to a Dark Kitsune. However, in cases where the Shiny Stone has been used as a reward for being kind-hearted or showing affection, the Shiny Stone has been 100% effective.