Boobgle aka Beagal, the Nosey Tracker Pokegirl

Type: Near Human(Canine)
Element: Ground
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivorous, loves sweets
Role: Watchdog, tracker, hunting, police forces
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Snarl, Dig, Takedown, Stone Throw, Howl
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses(Olfactory)(x10), Enhanced Vocals(x5), Enhanced Speed(x3), Enhanced Strength(x3) , Endurance(x2), Intoxication Immunity
Limitations: Laryngitis causes substantial weakness, lack of independence
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Doggirl (Normal)

When a Puppy comes in contact with a Diamond Stone, their bark becomes much worse than her bite. When the Puppy evolves into a Boobgle she retains few of her domesticated skills, replacing them with new found fighting skills. The Boobgle is described as an even tempered, gentle pokegirl; easily excited, sociable and extremely merry. They are very loyal to their Tamers and are neither overly aggressive nor too passive with a unique kind of intelligence. This personality combo leaves a Tamer with a very chatty girl that gets along well with most members of her harem, even the occasional cat-type girl. There are variations of this personality, normally a more aggressive girl, but that is quite uncommon.

The Boobgle generally stands at a height of an even 5’ to 5’5”, there being very rare cases of a girl being taller than that. Her breast size ranges from a full C-cup to a small DD-cup, befitting of the petite body of the Boobgle. The Boobgle has a curvaceous figure, something that can be ruined by overindulgence in treats or food. This dog-type girl has long, soft floppy ears that tend to turn in slightly towards her face. These girls prefer to have short to medium hairstyles, usually red, brown or black. The tail is only about six-inches long, curving upwards slightly, and can often be found wagging strongly. The Boobgle has a small muzzle and a gumdrop-shaped black nose. They have sharper teeth, a slightly rough, yet normal sized tongue as well as clawed nails.

The Boobgle is easily identified by their smooth tri-color patterned fur; white running from the underside of the chin, the middle of the face, over the bulk of her arms, stomach, groin and legs. From the nape of her neck to the crack of her bottom, her fur is black. The face of the Boobgle has a thin white stripe of fur in the middle of the forehead that grows larger, her small muzzle completely white. Around her eyes, floppy ears, hips, and outer thighs, the fur is a light brown. The tail is composed of all three colors, black on the top side, light brown on the underside and white on the tip. The black and tan colorations of the fur can be swapped or even leave the Boobgle bi-colored instead of tri. Their appearance is very similar to the pre-Sukebe dog known as the Beagle or Foxhound. The Boobgle runs the gauntlet in appearance, ranging from full on fur coat and muzzles to only having ears and tail. In her human-esque form she loses most almost all fur over her body. It instead become a light down sort of body hair, no colors really standing out from afar. Moving closer however, one can distinguish the pattern of what once was fur. The Boobgle trades in fur for lightly tanned skin, her muzzle for a small, button-like nose and paws for hands. In this form she maintains her floppy ears and her tail.

During the Revenge War, they were used as specialized-unit trackers. Boobgle’s are able to categorize hundred of scents in their minds and recall them at a moments notice, relaying that information to the rest of the troops and allowing them to be aware of any ambushes or traps. When humans learned of how to turn Pokegirls, the Boobgle was a quick and easy target to take down. These girls loved the attention human males doted upon, quickly becoming attached for more reasons than simple taming.

One of the Boobgle’s main purposes is to track scents where other dog-type girls cannot. Her poison resistant nature allows her to continue tracking a scent even within areas that have been laced with any poisonous powders, gases or liquids. Boobgles are often placed in special squads with the police squads, used for emergency situations in which the Denmother or Growlie cannot be used. When on these special squads two or three Boobgles will be sent into the area to possibly take down the Pokegirl or object causing the poisonous environment, and if that is not possible, then to identify them so that another plan may be taken out.

The Boobgle is able to inventory hundreds of scents within their mind, a mental olfactory catalog of sorts. She continually adds to the catalog, recalling when necessary and uses said knowledge for whatever task she has at hand. With this identifying system, she is able to break a person down by scent alone. Favorite coffees, brands of colognes, who they last tamed, what kind of girl she was. This makes her not only a great field Pokegirl, but a talented assistant to detectives and those in the station when they bring in suspects. Loud vocals are another perk of the Boobgle. When the Boobgle is barking, in either attack or for other emotional reasons, their vocal cord vibrates, allowing for different barks. When attacking, a huge burst of air goes through her throat, creating a huge vibration that is released and sounds like a deafening howl. When barking to alert Her Tamer or Harem, the bark is near a whine, sharp and quivery. Her vocal abilities allow her to be easily heard. When a Boobgle develop laryngitis, they are prone to becoming quite depressed, denying food and becoming quite somber. It is recommended to avoid that detrimental condition if at all possible.

The Boobgle is a popular pet breed, but just like the Growlie, they require a lot of love and attention to keep them motivated. The Boobgle and the Growlie, despite their similarities, often find themselves within friendly rivalries. When Growlies and Boobgles are in Harems with one another, they are known to help keep each other entertained when their Tamer isn’t quite able to. The Boobgle is also a popular girl in law enforcement. With her ability to sniff out both criminals and victims, and the ability to attack from either close or long range, she’s truly a wonderful member to have on the team.

The Feral Boobgle isn’t very territorial, but they are known to create small packs and hunt out food and lonely Tamers. Girls with canine backgrounds commonly threshold into Boobgles.