EVA, the Fox-Squirrel Pokégirl

Type: Near Human (Fox-Squirrel Animorph)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Guards, Reserve unit, Domestics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Aura of Cute, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Snarl, Smirk, Fury Swipes, Love 'N' Affection, Pounce, Sabre Claw, Can't Touch This
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Senses (Vision, Hearing, Olfactory) (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2)
Evolves: Flarea (Fire Stone), Vaporita (Water Stone), Joltina (Thunder Stone), Solaria (Leaf Stone), Chippyna (Diamond Stone), Marmotte (Battle Stress or Round Stone), Espea (Normal; Diurnal or Sun Stone), Umbrea (Battle Stress at night, or Moon Stone), Omegan (Orgasm at Night), Glace (Ice Crystal), Zephyra (Sky Crystal)
Evolves From: None

Created as an improvement on the Nymph, this animorphic breed of pokegirl was utilized during the War of Revenge as a reserve troop or foot solider. Able to fight the human forces or be evolved quickly into a elemental type to replace lost fighters, the Eva was common to see on the battlefield alongside other multi-evolutionary pokegirls such as the Catgirl. After the war, these fox rodents were found to be easily captured, and the resulting use of the breed lowered their numbers slightly in the wild. In modern times, Evas are seen often as their evolved forms have uses in multiple sectors. This pokegirl is a rather popular starter, as many tamers enjoy the option of being able to evolve their pokegirl into the element of their choosing.

Rumored to have been a species of animal collected from another dimension, the Eva shares an interesting mixture of vulpine and rodent traits. This multi evolutionary breed is rather short in stature on average, the top of the bell curve ranging from four to four and a half feet. The breed shares the near human range of features, leaning decidedly towards the more animorphic end of the near human spectrum. Animalistic members of the breed have full body fur that ranges slightly in shades of brown, sometimes with a counter color of cream on their front beginning at the jaw line and encompasses the stomach and groin. Their hair is generally the same brown as their fur, though some have been noted to have cream colored hair or a mixture of the two colors. Their ears are slightly long, resembling those of a fennec fox than the more common red or grey fox. Muzzles are generally light on furred members of the breed and the tails are almost universally bushy and long ending in a cream color. Feralborn Evas have an additional 'ruff' of fur around their necks in the same cream color as their tail tips, making the breed's domestic status easy to spot. Thresholders generally make up the more human appearing members of the breed, with only ears and tails to show their pokegirl status. Breast size for the breed runs in a general range of 'flat' A cups to overly large C cups.

While a wide range of personalities have been noted in this fox squirrel breed, a few trends have been established. Curiosity, loyalty, and gregariousness are among the three traits most commonly listed for the breed by their owners, though many also note that this loyalty isn't regarded as being strong as a canine type. Due to their personalities being largely variable, this breed should be taken on an individual basis in regards to their usefulness as an Alpha or Beta. Like the breed's personality basis, taming preferences vary and like other pokegirl breeds, these normal types tend to mold their preferences toward their tamer's favorites. Some trends in breed taming habits have been noted. Evas seem to enjoy gentle stroking or scratching at the base of the ears and cuddling for any reason (even outside of taming).

While base forms are generally considered weak, Evas are generally well rounded battlers when facing other unevolved or more common breeds. Due to the breed's evolutionary nature, they are able to learn different elemental techniques via T2s easily, though these are generally not as powerful as techniques done by pokegirls of the matching element. If evolved into an elemental form, the pokegirl loses any techniques contradictory to their new nature.

Evas are illegal to own privately in the Orange Islands League, and the breed have a general reputation for being dangerous due to the Eva Advent. This catastrophe occurred when a pokegirl owner attempted to evolve an Eva using an Angel Stone. It is believed that the resulting evolution produced an energy blast that shattered the Orange Continent into the Orange Islands. No evidence of the resulting evolution causing the blast has been conclusive, but the resulting stigma of the Eva breed is partially prudence on the part of the people of the Orange League.

Ferals of the breed tend to congregate in pairs or trios for mutual protection and benefit. Evas are opportunistic and tend to go after easy meals, be they grains, fruits, and rabbits or stealing food from sleeping tamers or raiding garbage cans. Due to their nuisance level when near human habitation, tamers are often called in to capture or cull the breed.

Threshold directly into an Eva is fairly common with ancestry of the breed. Any fur or muzzle growth happens first and is noted by skin irritation, followed by ear movement and tail growth characterized by dull aches in the affected areas. Thresholded Evas are commonly sent to ranches, or given as starters or pets to family friends.