DRACONA, the Gliding Ambush Dragon Pokégirl

Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon/Flying
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human like Diet
Role: Multi-role fighter, ambusher
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dragon, Fighting, Fire, Ground, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Ice, Rock
Attacks: Armor Draconis, Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath, Bide, Bite, Slash, Snarl, Takedown, Draconic Aura, Empty Daggers, Gust
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2, flight only) Natural Weapon (Claws, Wings), Enhanced Senses (Visions x2, Hearing x2), Flight (wings),
Evolves: Dragoness (Battle stress), Chimera (Cat E-Medal+Equine E-Medal)
Evolves From: Draco (Normal)
Revised: March 1, 2011

Dracona were support girls for the Draco, when paired with the Draco they would find a high vantage point and wait for the Draco to drive the prey in their direction before swooping down from above and attacking. This coupled with their preference hiding in thick forests or abandoned cities, makes them feared ambush pokegirls, as there were usually very few signs of their presence before an attack. The evolution of a Draco into a Dracona was also considered something of an upgrade in status, and many Draco will bow to the discretion of a Dracona, at least until she proves herself incapable of leading a proper ambush.

Physically, there is little change between the Draco and Dracona, gaining a few inches of height and possibly a slight increase in bust. The colours of her skin and hair tend to darken; the tail grows to about three feet in length and sometimes grows small fins towards the end to help stabilize in flight, but still doesn’t display much control and can’t be used as weapon, seeming only to be there to help stabilize. She also grows a pair of wings from the area of her shoulder blades, ranging from roughly four to eight feet in total wingspan. While not enough to help her attain full flight, it does give the Dracona an impressive ability to glide over long distances and cover ground quickly. Coupled with the climbing she learned as a Draco, it allows her to climb to higher areas and launch off to attack from above. Long term flight, however, is rather difficult for the breed, thermal updrafts can help keep her aloft for a slightly longer period of time, the act tends to tire the breed out quickly and she has to land and rest her wings for a period of time. The only other changes might include the hair loosing some of the coarseness of the Draco breed, and small horns possibly growing, though the exact size and arrangement are random based on individual.

Dracona’s keep the Draco’s intelligence, and the need to keep mentally occupied, though this is mitigated somewhat by allowing her to practice her gliding and just enjoy the sensations of flight. She won’t carry anyone with her, but just having her Tamer watch tends to maintain a happy state for the most part. They also tend to keep the Draco’s sense of pride, perhaps having it increased due to her evolution into the more capable form of the Dracona, but unless you capture a feral Dracona or trade from her from another Tamer, this doesn’t tend to be a problem as she never looses the respect she had for her Tamer as a Draco and won’t suddenly require them to prove themselves again. In fact, her level of respect might increase because her Tamer managed to evolve her into the slightly more prestigious form.

As stated before, the Dracona is an ambush fighter, laying in wait from a high vantage point generally, until their target comes into range, then swooping down to physically assail them, or fly by and strafing them with DragonBreath, which is generally used as an opening move, leaving the target open to more close quarter attacks. She is a little more of stand up fighter, but generally, doesn’t hang around long aiming to get in one or two hard hits before either retreating or using Gust to put some distance between them and going for the high ground.

The Dracona’s feral state doesn’t change much from her Draco form, still tending to prefer to operate in groups and using ambush tactics and rudimentary traps and tools to perform tasks, though as mentioned before, the Dracona tend to act as leaders of groups of Dracos, and the strongest Dracona being the leader of the entire group. This packs tend to be no larger than fifteen to twenty individuals, composed mainly of Dracos with a smattering of Draconas, but entire groups of Dracona have been seen in rougher or mountainous terrain where they gliding ability makes it easier for them to get around.

Thresholds tend to be as rare as the Draco, if not rarer. But other than the inclusion of wings there are very few differences between the aspects of threshold between two, including the time needed to allow her scales to harden before being put into combat.