ANGEL, the Celestial Messenger pokegirl

Type: Near Human Metamorph/Very Near Human
Element: Flying/Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare (Avenger variety), Very Rare (Elysian variety)
Diet: Human style foods, vegetarian
Role: Aerial scout and shock troop
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Normal, Dark
Weak Vs: Electric, Poison, Rock
Attacks: Gust, Divine Blade, Mana Bolt, Shield, Dazzle, Summon Weapon, Cure
Enhancements: Magical Affinity, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Aura of Healing, partial preservation of enhancements from previous form.
Evolves: Fallen Angel (major trauma/bad experiences; Dark Stone), Archangel (Shield Stone)
Evolves From: any Blessed Pokégirl (Angel Stone)

Angels are something of a mystery. Beautiful winged girls with pure hearts and kind demeanors, they are popular both among tamers and the general populace for their abilities and selfless demeanors.

Physically, Angels are a generally a very similar group, though they are not without their variations. The most common Angel is a little over 5 feet tall, with pale skin and long golden blonde hair flowing down almost to their feet. All angels also possess very soft and large white feathered wings, though they are sometimes magically dismissed for convenience or to let them blend in with society easier while they do their work. The Angel's flawless beauty often seems like that of a statue - perfect, but almost surreal. Some Angels have been known to have their hair cut short or to have different colors, but in all cases the Pokégirl’s inner radiance shines through. Angels eat a vegetarian style diet, and have very efficient digestive and immune systems, making them strong against naturally occurring poisons. Interestingly however, they are still weak against poison-type attacks.

Although Angels make fine warriors, they dislike violence. They will gladly fight if they believe the fight to be justified in order to protect others from harm, but they consider violence inspired purely out of base emotions such as anger or hatred to be evil acts and will not participate in them. Despite their dislike of violence, many Angels have no compunctions against training, stating that it strengthens the body and spirit for the times when their beliefs will be challenged and their services will be needed.

Angels are not particularly strong Pokégirls, but are swift and graceful, both in and out of combat, using their flight to keep opposing foes at bay, while striking from either a distance with spells or fighting up close with their summoned weapons. Angels are rarely armed, but at the same time are rarely far from their weapon – they may summon a simple, unenchanted sword (or other melee weapon), or a bow and arrows, depending on the angel's personality. These weapons are made of condensed magical ether and are not particularly special or durable. Each individual angel may summon weapons of only one type, and only one such summoned weapon may exist at one time. As an exception, if an Angel possesses and has blessed a unique individual weapon, she may dismiss or summon that weapon at will, similar to her wings, though if that individual weapon is broken, it cannot be so easily replaced. Angels commonly enchant their summoned weapons with Divine Blade, granting them extra combat power and the Celestial attack sub-type.

One rather unique trait of the Angel is that they evolve from a template, and not one specific Pokégirl. This can lead to a variation in the enhancements and abilities of one angel to another. If a breed possesses an ability unique to that breed, it will be retained upon evolution. Also, if an angel were to evolve from a very strong Pokégirl, such as an Amachamp that was blessed, they would be far stronger than other Angels, but still no where near as strong as she had been as an Amachamp. When using the quantitative scale for enhancements accepted by most tamers and researchers, it’s most common for an Angel to inherit roughly one fifth of their former form’s enhancements, in addition to the base enhancements of the breed.

There are currently two known Angelic 'Orders'. The first and most common is that of the Avengers. Avengers tend to be aloof and quiet Pokégirls, only speaking when they feel there is something that needs to be said. They have great difficulty with such things as "small talk" or "chatting". All Avengers wear clothes and, in fact, insist upon it. Any tamer who tries to force an Avenger to be naked outside of taming can count on a very lengthy argument about the inherent immorality of public indecency. Taking away their clothes doesn't help either, as they can summon up new clothing as easily as they can summon up their chosen weapon.

Elysians are a very different matter indeed. Elysians are humble, yet often open girls. Elysians follow a creed to 'protect life while it lives, and to enjoy life while it lasts'. To an Elysian, one's body is a gift to be cherished, and so find nothing inherently evil or immoral with nudity or expressing one's feelings through sex. They often wear little to nothing at all, and both take pride in their appearance, and encourage others to feel confident with themselves as well. Elysians are relatively few in number, but are held in higher esteem among most humans for various reasons.

Because of their differences in opinion, the Avengers and Elysians rarely get along with each other. The Avengers tend to think of Elysians as impure whores, while the Elysians consider Avengers overly serious and prudish. The schism between the established Avengers and the small but growing ranks of the Elysians is a considerable one. It is almost unheard of for the disagreements to devolve into violence, however it has happened before, and likely will happen again.

All of the Angelic Orders are very caring and prone to sudden displays of affection, which can sometimes catch their tamers off guard. Even when they are not given the Alpha position, Angels look after their harem-sisters, making excellent Betas. Their Aura of Healing accelerates the natural healing rates of living creatures around them, helping to soothe pains and allowing for easier recoveries, which, coupled with their minor talents with healing magic, can make them the difference between life and death in the wilderness.

Angels will almost universally rebel against cruel, abusive tamers, often resulting in the death of either the Angel or the tamer. Should great trauma fall upon an Angel, it is possible that they may evolve into a Fallen Angel (Celestial). On even rarer occasions, an Angel can find herself corrupted by a particularly exceptional individual or extreme circumstances, evolving into a Fallen Angel (Infernal).
    Recently, certain sections of the Church of a Thousand Gods are trying to spread the belief that Angels aren't 'just' Pokégirls with wings, but messengers from the Divine. Such priest or priestesses claim that their dislike of violence, their protection of the weak and the defenseless and their almost indiscriminate care for life are examples the Divine wants all to follow. So far, no Avenger has commented on these beliefs one way or the other, although they do tend to smile whenever they hear about them. Elysians, on the other hand, softly deny the claims in their entirety, a point which has both the Avengers and the Church a bit miffed.