BOOBTRIO, the Triple- Breasted Sexy Thunderstorm Pokégirl

Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Unknown, Very Rare (Mountain League)
Diet: Human-style
Role: Pleasure slave, electric warriors
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks: Most Sex attacks, Thunderbolt, Agility, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Rolling Spark Mark II, Electric Blade, Satellite, Mag Bomb, Zap Ring, Thunderclap, Lightning, Storm Heal, Lightning Whip, Pleasure Spark
Enhancements: Elemental Absorption (Electricity), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Telepathy, Affinity (Psychic)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Littletit (orgasm, Delta-bond)

    Being nice to a Littletit reaps tremendous rewards.

    Littletits are of the type who evolve through orgasm. However that isn’t all that’s needed. A Littletit has to have great affection for her Tamer, to the point of developing a Delta-bond with him. He needs to have been helpful, thoughtful, and encouraging to her, have helped her get over her embarrassment about having small breasts. You’d think that your average Tamer wouldn’t have the patience to do this, but repeated reports of the effort being, and I quote, “WORTH IT, WORTH IT, OH MY GOD IS IT EVER WORTH IT,” have brought about many Tamers starting to be nicer to Littletits all around. Along with it, increasing numbers of the resultant evolution, the BoobTrio.

    First off, the most prominent change in a Littletit when they evolve is that they go from being cute to sexy. Their bodies shoot up an extra foot and a half, they become curvier, and their breasts, formerly A-Cups, swell out to enormity, D-Cups being the SMALLEST and rarest of breast sizes for them. They also grow a third breast in the middle of their chests, which grows in size to match their original two. The runic markings when manifesting their powers change shape. Also of note is that BoobTrios have one of the most spectacular evolutionary sequences in all of Pokékind. When a Littletit meets all her requirements for evolution, an aura of wild, crackling electricity envelops both Tamer and Pokégirl, the two rising into the air as the Littletit evolves, both Tamer and Pokégirl reaching their peak. As this electricity stimulates almost every pleasure nerve in the Tamer’s body at once, it’s regarded by some to be a religious experience when a Littletit becomes a BoobTrio.

    Another change that the Pokégirl undergoes after evolution is her vast increase in power and control. They gain greater strength and much more electrical power, making them devastating opponents in battle. However they become so much more capable of controlling and using electricity that they can use it as a sex attack. They retain their ability to absorb, store, and convert electrical energy, only now they can do it to a much greater degree. One can tell when they’ve reached their storage limit, however, when their markings appear and don’t go away.

    BoobTrios gain a much greater confidence in both life and in bed, and are more than willing to try anything sexually. Tamers who had trouble convincing Litteltits to do much in terms of Taming will find a much more eager and much more confident Pokégirl. Anal, oral, they’re willing to do anything for their Tamers. They get along very well with Leopardesses and Pengals, other Pokégirls who value their Tamers greatly. In terms of sex battles, they become great competitors. So great, in fact, that in some competitions their trademark Sex attack, Pleasure Spark, has been banned due to unfairness.

    To top things off, BoobTrios also gain light psychic abilities. They don’t become a psychic element Pokégirl, however they do gain the ability to read minds, as well as perform some hypnosis. They aren’t on par with a great many true psychic element Pokégirls, but they can use their hypnosis and mind-reading to great affect, especially on opponents who aren’t expecting it from an Electric-type Pokégirl. Studies have shown that the reason BoobTrios gain psychic abilities is because of the advancement of the Delta bond upon evolution.

    It would be unrealistic, however, to say that there are no downsides to this Pokégirl. For one thing, having three tremendous breasts causes great stress on the backs of the BoobTrio, forcing them to sacrifice some agility for strength. A Tamer willing to give backrubs will go far in keeping their BoobTrio’s loyalty. Also, sometimes the tremendous size of their breasts causes unwanted attention. Smaller-breasted Pokégirls, especially those who teased a BoobTrio while they were still a Littletit, have a tendency to get jealous of a BoobTrio’s prodigious breasts. On the flip side of this, many bisexual or lesbian Pokégirls will also become overly amorous towards the BoobTrio because of her oversized breasts. Also, male Tamers tend to want to fight BoobTrio owners more frequently to get salvage rights for the Pokégirl, something that gets annoying to most Tamers after a while. It’s best, in case of the Pokégirls, to try and encourage BoobTrios not to flaunt their amazing assets too much, especially against those who once teased them. Still, the pros of a BoobTrio far outweigh the cons.

    As a final, rather interesting note, research into the BoobTrio has discovered that their breasts are actually the source of their ability to absorb and store electrical power. There is a specialized organ in their breasts, present also in their pre-evolution, the Littletit, that allows them to absorb, store, and convert electricity for various purposes, making them a versatile and useful Pokégirl.

    BoobTrios, surprisingly, do not occur in the wild. Also, as all recorded BoobTrio Tamers are more than willing to keep them Tamed, their Feral state is a total unknown for now. No cases of Thresholding into a BoobTrio have been recorded.