AMAZON, the Martial Artist Pokégirl

Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human style
Role: Fighters, scouts, bodyguards, dancers and physical trainers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Arm Thrust, Chain Throw, Chi Blast, Counter, Counterstrike, Dance, Double Kick, Flying Kick, Focus Energy, Gatling Strike, Spincut, Stone Palm, Strike, Taunt
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhancement Shift, Institutive Aptitude (Martial Arts Techniques), Reduced Feral
Evolves: Grand Mistress (Normal), Armsmistress (Battle Stress), Heroine (Psi-Crystal + Delta Bond), Kishi (Dragon Scale + multiple weapons training)
Evolves From: None
Revised: 11-2012

Amazons were among the most common of Fighting type pokegirls found in Sukebe's armies during the war. They are largely indistinguishable from a fairly tall human women (averaging five and half to six feet tall) other than that their hair colorations tend to be outside the human norm. Amazons also typically have athletic but not overly muscular bodies and have natural tans although just how dark their tan is can vary a lot. Early on in the war Amazons would use their near human appearances to their advantage and would infiltrate cities and would use their close combat skills to assault small groups of off duty soldiers. Later Amazons became one of the most common pokegirls fighting on the side of humanity, especially after a large group of Amazons made a deal with the World Council to help them in return for what is now known as the Jozetsuzoku Preserve being set aside for them.

Amazons are capable of learning most martial arts techniques however the more advanced chi and ki techniques are usually beyond their skill. Further most Amazons specialize in a particular style of combat and will only seek to learn techniques suited for that style. There are four main styles that Amazons use being those of the chan, lee, kapoeraa and wu. Practitioners of each style have a fairly strong rivalry with each other as each sees their style as being the best and if they see an Amazon of another style they will often demand that their tamer allow them to fight her so that they can prove it. Amazons will upon choosing a style will use a combination of training and their lesser version of the enhancement shift ability to slowly change their enhancements over a period of a couple months to better suit their combat style. To most Amazons adherence to their chosen style is so important that them that almost nothing, including their tamers, can make them abandon it. In fact so important is an individual Amazons' style to them that they will actually say it along with their breed name should they go feral. Because of this researchers initially identified them as separate breeds of pokegirls and even today it is more common for tamers to call them Amazonchans, Amazonlees or so on than to simply call them Amazons. Further for some reason an Amazon's chosen style seems to give them some unique characteristics from each other and while some of these traits are understood others continue to baffle researchers.

The combat focus of each style and differentiating characteristics of each are as follows:

Chans will use martial arts techniques that focus on the use of their hands and arms as their primary weapons. Their training centers around increasing their upper body strength and because of this they tend to be the most muscular of the Amazons although they are not body builders by any means. Their training also typically results in them having smaller breasts than other Amazons something that members of other styles, particularly the lee, tend to tease them about. The chan style also has a philosophy that stresses patience and caution to followers making Amazonchans tend to want to observe and evaluate a situation before getting involved. Chans, like all Amazons, become severely ill if they eat or drink more than a small amount of anything with alcohol in it. Chans however can and quickly do become intoxicated if they drink milk for some reason. They can also become drunk from eating milk based products such as cheese but it takes much longer to do so.

The lee style of Amazons focus less on strength and more on speed as their combat skills revolve around use of their legs. They can learn almost any combat technique that involves kicks or jumps. Their physical training usually involves a lot of running and they seek to be both strong at short burst running and at more endurance focused long distance running. Partially because of their focus on lower body training lees tend not to lose the extra padding that is stored in their breasts meaning they typically have the largest breasts among the Amazons, something they tend to use to annoy chans with. Lees also tend to be a bit impatient and are always wanting to be doing something which sometimes causes them to be at odds with the more contemplative chans at times. However unlike the kapoeraas they do understand that sometimes they need to think things through before acting. Lees react badly to food products with large amounts of sugar in them as it causes them to become extremely hyper for a few minutes before passing out for as long as a few hours. Some tamers have used this trait to their advantage when seeking to capture feral lees leaving a pile of candy for her to find and then capturing her after she falls asleep.

Kapoeraa Amazons use combat techniques that focus less on direct offensive tactics but more on dodging, outlasting their opponents and on counterattacks. More than a few people after watching them in combat have commented that kapoeraas do not appear to be fighting but rather dancing around their opponents. To accomplish this the core of their training is focused on improving their agility and endurance. In fact many kapoeraas are hardly stronger than those of a normal human and their counter blows are used mostly to infuriate their foes into wearing themselves out rather than directly take them down. Kapoeraas also use both their arms and legs for combat considering them to be equally of use. Mentally they are perhaps the most thrill seeking, fun loving and impulsive of Amazons wanting to experience new things all the time and always seeming to be on the move. They also don't seem to think much about the consequences of their action which can get themselves and their tamers in trouble at times. Like other Amazons they have a peculiar dietary habit in that carbonated beverages get them drunk.

The fourth major Amazon style is that of the Wu. Amazonwu's seek balance in their training believing that versatility is the key to combat. Also they tend to find a single weapon that they will focus their combat style around but they will use both kicks and punches to compliment the weapon they use. While swords or staves are by far the most common of weapons for a Wu to chose some have been known to pick more exotic armaments although they seem to shy away from firearms. Personality wise they are a balanced mix of being both fun loving and overly serious. As such Amazonwus generally seem to find every moment of being alive thrilling but also understand that they must carefully consider their actions. Because of this mix they tend to make good confidents and betas in harems. The dietary oddity of Amazons of the wu style is that caffeine products make them drowsy rather than energetic. Most will quickly fall asleep after drinking anything with a lot of caffeine in it.

Most tame Amazons fall into one of these four styles with chans and lees making up about a third of the total population each. Wu and kapoeraa pokegirls each make up about another 15% of the population and the reaming 3% are usually younger Amazons who have yet to pick a style to be a part of. These Amazons that have not picked a style to focus on are traditionally called Tyamazons. It should also be noted that almost all feral born Amazons are actually Tyamazons but most quickly chose a style after becoming tame.

When it comes to taming most Amazons are open to most anything and tamers do not typically need restraints for them. However each style of Amazon does seem to have a slight bias towards certain types of tamings. Most chans seem to better enjoy slower paced encounters while lees prefer them to be faster paced. Kapoeraas tend to want to have music with a strong beat playing during taming sessions and have slight preference to wanting to be on top of their partner. Amazonwus while certainly enjoying the physical aspects of taming seem to equally care about the emotional and spiritual aspects of the act. As such they generally prefer positions that allow them to look into their partners' eyes and seem to greatly enjoying kissing.

Feral behavior among Amazons is fairly typical for near human pokegirls. They have lowered intelligence only being able to communicate using basic sounds and gestures and typically live in small roving groups of hunter-gathers. They also typically use a wide variety of basic martial arts techniques and a few might find or craft a primitive weapon to use. However should an Amazon that has already selected a style go feral they will instinctively remember it despite their loss of intelligence and their increased power often causes them to end up the leader of a roving Amazon band and the rest of the group will typically 'chose' and learn the basics of their leader's style by watching her.

One oddity dealing with feral Amazons is that are actually considered to be a rare while such but are among the most common of breeds for tame pokegirls. This is due in no small part to ranches breeding them heavily as they are extremely popular Fighting types and because they are one of the most common result for a girl thresholding into a Fighting type pokegirl. Threshold itself is relatively easy process with the girl only having some mild muscular discomfort for 3-5 days as her body rapidly becomes stronger and more flexible.