CERBERASS, the Hell Hound Pokegirl

Type: Near Human - Inhumanoid (Canine Animorph)
Element: Dark/Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivore, preference for spices
Role: Guard, Hunter
Libido: Average - High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Ice, Plant, Psychic, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Howl, Crunch, Faint Attack, Shadow Spear, Tenebrous Strike, Fire Blast, Flame Tower, Warm Embrace, Fireball, Fire Strike, Ignite, Sabre Claw
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Olfactory) (x10), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Durability (x3), (Some individuals: Multi-limbed (4 arms))
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Hound (Fire Stone or Canine E-Metal)
Revised: July 2012

It is unknown if the Cerberass was used during the War of Revenge, though there were many reports of fire wielding canine types. Discovered during normal evolution stone testing, and later re-discovered accidentally during routine shipping of E-metals, this breed evolves from the Hound through two different methods, the Fire Stone and Canine E-Metal. It is debated among researchers that if the breed were used, their more intimidating subtype would be the more logical choice. In modern times, the Cerberass is known for being a canine breed of pokegirl that can have multiple heads, much like that of the Chimera breed.

Ranging in height from 6' to 8.5' (1.83-2.59m), this evolution of the Hound has a range of appearances even wider than that of the Milktit. At the breed's most human appearing, individuals have dark triangular ears and a tail that usually reaches mid-calf. Skin tones may be dark black to a fiery red, and any number of combinations of dark and warm colors, with human skin tones being rare. The most inhuman appearing members of the breed are large anthromorphic canines, complete with full muzzles and a digigrade gait. They also have the possible addition of up to two extra heads and a second pair of arms. The breed is highly variable, and have a multitude of appearances, including mixing and matching traits. Notable to the breed is that instances of multiple heads are usually the result of an evolution of the Hound via a Canine E-Metal, though hereditary factors are also involved.

Common to the breed is the often touted canine loyalty, and many tamers have described their Cerberass as affectionate or passionate. Most data indicates that passionate may be a more accurate term, as the breed often takes to tasks with energy to spare. Guard duty, especially for those individuals with multiple heads, is often favored by the breed. This also seems to hold out in the arena, where many members of the breed have been known to throw themselves entirely into any conflict. The breed often does well against foes due to a combination of relentless offensive and intimidation, though they are still often bested by elements that trump their own. Tamers and announcers have often remarked how odd it is to see the huge three headed pokegirl whine and whimper after being defeated by an inexperienced water type.

While this breed is often described as skilled in bed, it is recommended that heavy restraints be used on the breed as a precaution. Some members of the breed are known to be safe to tame due to learning to control their strength, though this should be tested thoroughly on a weaker pokegirl before a tamer decides to risk their own life. It bears repeating that taming accidents are the second cause of fatalities and only slightly below feral attacks. As the Cerberass breed tends to conform their preferences to their tamers, use of restraints quickly become a preferred method of taming.

For those members with two or three heads, it should be noted that most are the same in personality. This can lead to some disorientation when holding a conversation and getting answers from two or three separate heads. The breed also has the ability to hold as many separate conversations at once as they have heads, though it has been proven that same personality brains are not connected in any way, and even these individuals will hold conversations with themselves to fill the other head(s) in on what was seen or heard. Very few of the breed have different personalities according to their heads, and like the Chimera, may or may not always get along with themselves. Due to this, many multi-headed Cerberasses should be taken on an individual basis as to how they would work in a harem.

Though the breed is known as the Hell Hound pokegirl, most domestic members of the breed are in no way infernal, they gained their monicker early after the war due to the breed's feral state. The breed prefers to lair in hot areas, often mountainous or desert areas. They often superheat rocks in an area, and chase prey into the superheated area. Most prey expires from heat stroke, or collapses from heat exhaustion. This is why to hunt the breed was often called 'walking into hell' when a Cerberass lair was found. Though Water types are used to defeat the breed, surprisingly Ice types are helpful in cooling the temperature so the area is less dangerous for the human tamer.

Threshold directly into a Cerberass is a very rare occurrence, and varies greatly depending on the appearance of the pokegirl they become. Noted as uncomfortable to painful at times, the rearrangement of bones as the body shifts often leads to accidental breakage if the thresholder attempts any activities outside of bed rest. Most of the changes are accompanied by a high fever, occasionally high enough to endanger the transitioning human and ice packs are required to keep them from literally bursting into flames. The process is typically fast, usually lasting 2-5 days depending on the amount of changes that happen. Fortunately, the high fever usually means most of the very anthromorphic pokegirls are either delirious or unconscious for the transformation process.