CYNDACUNT, the Fiery-Tempered Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Rare, Common (Johto League)
Diet: vegetarian-based diet
Role: Firefighting duties (due to resistance), creating fire breaks
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flame Floor, Flame Tower, Ignite, Wildfire Tsunami, Power Drive, Rage, Pounce
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility & Speed (x4 each), Heat Aura
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Quillara (Fire Stone)

One of the first elemental types that Sukebe experimented with was fire. An 'invention' of which the original discovery of this element was lost to the annals of history, fire has played a role throughout the ages. It was one of the offensive elements that humans learned to wield, with torches, arrows, and even flamethrowers. The element itself was a catalyst within many vehicles that were created before the Revenge War, using small explosions in internal combustion engines, which in turn fueled human advancement up until Sukebe's Revenge War began. Shortly thereafter, the first fire-type pokégirls came into being. Among the several breeds that utilized the fire element was the Cyndacunt.

Typically short for a pokégirl at less than five and a half feet tall, the Cyndacunt undergoes several changes from her previous evolution. The most obvious change is the pokégirl's hair, which becomes a much darker shade of what it once was (normally black, brown, purple, or red). Some Cyndacunt have all four colors in their hair, though this is rare. Tamers with such individuals of the breed sometimes call the coloration 'hypnotizing'. All Cyndacunt have gray eyes, though that color changes only when the pokégirl becomes angry, turning red when her temper flares. Normally, the pokégirl's height and build hardly change in the slightest from her previous form. Her other major change with her appearance is often less obvious. Unusual circles form upon the pokégirl's body, often of a darker shade than her skin coloration, which are edged in black and deepen to a dark red (much like a sunburn) in the center of each circle. There is one circle on each wrist and elbow, one on each of the back of her shoulders, two pairs along the side of the pokégirl's spine near her mid- and lower-back, and also a circle on each knee and the back of her calves.

These circles, often called 'burners' by most tamers, glow when the pokégirl's ire is roused, and during a battle. They flare up as if on fire, but do not often actually cause flames. Instead, intense heat escapes them when the pokégirl loses her cool. This can sometimes lead to burnt clothing, but some inventive tamers have been known to use the Cyndacunt's 'burners' as a stove while out in the wilderness. As a whole, the entire breed seems rather self-concious about their 'burners' and prefer to keep them covered when possible. It has been noted that the Cyndacunt tends to be timid and almost constantly embarassed when out in public with her burners obvious to all, but when she covers most, if not all of them, they become more relaxed and comfortable. Oddly enough, however, most of the breed enjoys wearing tight-fitting clothing.

In battles, the Cyndacunt begins by coating herself with her heat aura and then using Ignite. This odd combination actually serves a dual purpose- one, to keep the igniting of the flames away from the pokégirl's skin, thereby saving any clothes she may be wearing, and two, to increase the chances of any physical contact with her opponent causing a burn. This is often followed by using Rage. When she cannot close with her opponent, the breed often uses Flame Floor and Flame Tower to both increase the power of her attacks and recover strength while attempting to trap her target with fire. In sex battles, the breed is not very useful, as her erogenous zones are inextricably linked to the pokégirl's burners and once her clothes are off, those burners are basically targets that any pokégirl not called a Chickenlittle can easily focus on.

Within a harem, these pokégirls are easy to anger, hard to gain trust, and difficult at best while around most water type pokégirls. When the pokégirl trusts her tamer, she can make for a good Alpha, but the breed's easy-to-anger nature makes them a horrible choice for any supportive roles within a harem, such as a Beta. When being tamed, the Cyndacunt can be a difficult prospect without anti-burn salves or cremes thanks to her burners, which may heat up when the pokégirl becomes aroused. This doesn't happen all the time, but the chance of second-degree (or worse) burns often makes tamers buy the salves anyway, just to be safe.

Feral Cyndacunt can be discovered in many areas, and are often marked by singed foliage, grass, bushes, and trees from the pokégirl's Ignite technique, which ferals seem to use constantly when awake. This makes capturing the pokégirl when she's asleep the best choice overall. Ferals are territorial and defensive, but are lenient with trespassers that do not truly threaten her. Threshold cases are few, but not unheard of. Though the change takes about a week total, the girl's body becomes very hot during the transition and the girl becomes very foul-tempered and easily harmed during that time as her body undergoes the changes. Some threshold cases tend to be less self-conscious about her new burners, but not all.