FIREMAIDEN, the Fiery Belle Pokegirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human style foods. Has a fondness for spicy dishes such as Kimchi or jalapénos.
Role: shock assault trooper
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Firestorm, Ignite, Flame Sniper, Firewind, Fire Scythe, Flame Sword, Burning Hands, Rage
Enhancements: Heat Field, Enhanced Agility, Speed, and Strength (x2 each)
Evolves: Foxymaiden (Fox E-Medal), Magic Knight (Delta Bond + Heavy Metal)
Evolves From: None

Firemaidens began making their appearance around AS 90/CE 2082 when the first Blood Gifted Tamers began to breed with various Fire or Fighting-type Pokegirl breeds. This pokegirl breed was born as a result of human and very near human pokegirl DNA mingling, resulting in the Firemaiden breed. They remained a popular harem breed right up to Mao's Rebellion. Though some Firemaidens were subverted by Mao's forces against their Tamers and humanity in general, many others, most of them being affiliated to the leagues which later joined forces to create the World Alliance of Pokegirl Leagues, stayed with their Tamers. However, it is unfortunate to note that even after the end of Mao's rebellion that the Firemaidens fell in popularity in many leagues, though Tamers in them still found them to be desirable Pokegirls, despite their newfound stigma.
There hasn't been a feral Firemaiden found in over a hundred years anywhere in the world. When feral, according to the last times that they were documented, the Firemaiden would normally torch just about anything that might startle her. When confronted with water-types, the feral Firemaiden tends to run away immediately. Their low heat-field intensifies drastically, and according to the literature, scorched footprints can be an indication as to where the feral Pokegirl would run off to. After Mao's Rebellion, these Pokegirl types were sometimes looked upon with suspicion, but as a whole remained popular throughout the world.

Taming a Firemaiden can be troublesome- when they become aroused, their heat field intensifies and gets much hotter, which can result in very bad burns for the tamer if the Firemaiden can't control herself. It is highly recommended that unless the tamer possesses certain fire-resistant blood-gifts that various anti-burn cremes be involved, or that an ice-type be in attendance during the taming session to keep temperatures down to acceptable levels. In battles, Firemaidens are equally at home in standard combat and in sex battles, and often use their Burning Hands technique in both to bring about victory. It is highly unwise to anger a Firemaiden without good cause (such as being capable of dousing their fires)- Firemaidens tend to be very easily pissed off and difficult to calm down before they can vent their rage on something or someone.

These Pokegirls are also highly valued in the Ruby, Opal, and Scarlet Leagues, since all of these leagues are the most frigid areas on the planet. Their heat field, normally keeping the temperature at a decent level, extends for about ten feet in diameter from their bodies and can increase the average temperature around her by as much as ten degrees normally. When she is aroused, the heat field closes in on her, and the temperature increases exponentially- a tell-tale sign as to how aroused she gets, or how startled a feral Firemaiden might become. When she is angry, on the other hand, her heat field expands and becomes less strong- this is because her control regarding her heat field falters, and she is quite likely focusing her heat and energy for a fire technique that she is about to let loose with.

For the most part, Firemaidens are shapely young women possessing flame-red hair and bright-colored eyes. Save for their hair and eye shade, plus their love of “hot” food, there is nothing that marks the difference between a Firemaiden and a pure-blood woman unless she uses her powers. When calling on their powers, a Flame Aura forms around the Firemaiden. The Aura heats up the air around the Firemaiden, thus serving as a quasi-shield against weak Water-based attacks. However, the shield breaks down quickly when struck by water attacks, and is negated by Pokegirls that emanate colder temperatures. Unlike some other Fire-based Pokegirl breeds, Firemaidens can call on their powers in the blink of an eye; they don't need to keep something aflame to act as a “trigger” to activate their powers. Socially, Firemaidens are quite loyal and protective concerning their Tamer and their Tamer's friends. Firemaiden are breeds that are born as such, as in that they do not evolve from another breed. Currently, there is no known way to evolve another Pokegirl into this breed, although research is being done in various locations around the world.

One thing that all Firemaiden have in common is a dislike of the Watermaiden breed, one that seems to be genetic for some strange reason. Researchers are completely uncertain as to how this could be, but some theorize it is because of a fundamental conflict in their overall personalities. Airmaiden seem to able to act as a mediator between the two, however, but tamers are warned not to have a Firemaiden in the same harem as a Watermaiden for the reason that the two will be fighting in the same manner as Neo Iczels and Demon-Goddess’ do, unless an Airmaiden is present. Strangely, Firemaidens for the most part seem to enjoy the company of Icemaidens, especially during taming sessions.